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Tick Tock

Posted by Shin

If you have dropped by in the past day or so, you would have noticed that the site was inaccessible, just one of many instances that have been taking place. Apparently, according to my hosts, this site has been overloading their CPUs to the point that they have no choice but to suspend my account. As my hosts would(could?) not actually trace the root of the problem and give me a clear idea as to how to resolve the matter, the blog is now essentially a ticking time bomb that is prone to suspension at any given time.

This time however, my hosts have finally given the ultimatum that if this was to occur again, they will remove my account permanently, unless I switched to dedicated hosting. No deal. To cut to the chase, I am now considering pulling the kill switch and starting anew with free hosting.

My hosts probably foresaw this and have kindly provided a zipped backup of the blog, so I can fondly reminisce all the stuff that has been posted here, therefore reducing the emotional attachments I have to this site. It has been fun messing around here, but I suppose it is time for me to return to being a plebian :lol:

For the time being, the site is still under observation and I am still paying for monthly hosting, but given how volatile it is now, do expect the site to be down soon. Forever. By then however, I would probably be getting ready for the transition back to Do keep a lookout on my Twitter account though, as I would be announcing the rebirth of this site there, should it come to that. Cheers.

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3 Years Get!

Posted by Shin

Or I would like to call it my yearly apology to my senior and co-founder :oops: Folks, people say that I am funny and I believe them, because the quality of the content in this blog is laughable at best. That said, I would not have wanted it any other way. It is no secret that I pride myself in my 4chan origins, a fact that is reflected in almost all, if not every post that I have made thus far. 431 and counting. With it comes all the memetic shenanigans that can be overbearing at times. You would not believe the number of people I have irked with my imageboard mentality, where I basically made a nuisance of myself by doing things such as spouting unfunny one-liners to blatant trolling. The sad part is that even though I am well aware of it, I just cannot bring myself to stop.

My Bahasa Malaysia language teacher in secondary school put it best when she described my writings to be syok sendiri, a term used to define someone who derives pleasure from an act only he or she is able to. In other words, I write simply to pleasure myself. Kind of like masturbating, if you will. However, I personally feel that it is this seemingly conceited attitude that has kept me afloat in the blogosphere, where a good number of my peers who started roughly around the same time as me have burnt out and thrown in the towel. I also think that this approach has aided my attempts at differentiation, if only because not many have considered solely on churning out gimmicky posts. Above all else, I find this to be enjoyable, and as someone who gets bored almost too easily, that is an accomplishment on its own.

Of course, while I have made myself sound self sufficient, the fact of the matter is that I consider myself to be very fortunate, as I have been able to get away with the things that the average anime blogger would not consider or might think twice about actually pulling off. All the more to be thankful, I say, as too often have I noticed others struggling to find their niche, while I am blessed with the luxury of doing whatever I please. Keeping that in mind, I do give it my best to garner your attention, with what limited resources I have in terms of writing ability, bolstered only with cheap lulz and Photoshop. If you were entertained even for the slightest bit, then I can give myself a pat on the back and consider my work done.

If you are reading this as a frequent visitor, you cannot begin to fathom my gratitude towards all of you for being so accomodating and supportive in spite of my selfishness. My thanks also to other bloggers for allowing me to feel at home and acknowledging me with your pingbacks, blogroll additions and comments. Finally, as for my team of contributors, well, fuck them. They all abandoned me :evil:

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Of Tradition And Honour

Posted by Shin

My ancestor blogging his anime.

I come from a long line of anime wordsmiths that predates the Qing Dynasty. My father was an editorial blogger, as was his father before him. They blogged about mature anime for mature people such as themselves and were heralded as prodigies in their field during their time. As the firstborn of the eldest son, the responsibility of upholding the family name was weighed on my shoulders. However, as I did not wish to be constrained by traditions and forced to write up editorials, not to mention enjoying ℳℴℯshit anime, a genre frowned upon by my ancestors, I was branded a heathen and ostracised by my clansmen. I never regretted my decision venturing into other discourses of anime blogging, and thus hope to one day restore my honour in the eyes of my family and ancestors, proving to them that eliciting lulz by way of image manipulation and cool stories is also a form of blogging. As I work my way there, I seek the benevolence of you, the reader, by voting for me in the Aniblog Tourney, in hopes that my clansmen would acknowledge the path that I have chosen.

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Posted by Shin

Ever since the implementation of threaded replies, the quote function that came with WP-Comment Remix seems to have lost its purpose. As such, I've decided to revamp it to fit the nature of this blog's personality, if you would, by introducing >greentext. Oh boy...

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New Blog Get!

Posted by Shin

Maestro's house got foreclosed earlier in the week and in order to help him sustain himself for coming days, I offered monetary assistance in exchange for one of his hosted blogs. After browsing through the catalogue, I decided to go for Kurogane's. While I'm its brand new owner, I'm having trouble coming up with a name for it, so that's where you guys come in! Help me come up with an awesome name that reflects my blogging style! Yes, something that has me written all over it! And in case you're wondering, yes, I'm letting Kurogane guest blog on it from time to time, so you'll have your Negima and Hayate updates :roll:

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A New Prelude

Posted by Shin

I had wanted to do this for the longest time, but due to traumatic experiences in upgrading WordPress, I've always been hesitant when it came to tinkering with the administrative side of the blog. As such, I would have actually left it as it is, if it wasn't for what I initially thought was a corrupted database following a failed upgrade attempt, turning out be nothing more than a minor issue. At that point in time I was already in the midst of undergoing a fresh restart, and with hoshi's backing, I decided to go for it.

Eve though I've only ever used Mandigo, it's safe to say that few can rival it in terms of functionality and robustness, though refreshing the page to see the same old design eventually got to me :lol: Was hoping to keep light blue as the central theme color this time around as well, but I eventually decided on LightWord for a somewhat modern look with its black and gray motifs.

For the most part, the changes are cosmetic in nature, though with a WP 2.8.2 engine running under the hood, I hope to introduce a slew of cool features, though here are some of the more noteworthy modifications:

Twitter Header: Easily my favorite feature in the upgrade cum conversion. I love Twittering and the idea of integrating it beyond the sidebar in the form of a dialogue box hit me while I was browsing for themes. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without hoshi's technical know-how.

Threaded Comments: I've been considering this feature, since it makes replying a lot more organized, though I'm comfortable doing so in a single swoop. Giving this a trial run.

That's it, really. I'll be implementing everything else along the way. For the time being, enjoy the new Atarashii Prelude! Same shit, different coating!

Addendum #1: Implemented both old and new reply formats. Feel free to use either one!

Addendum #2: Fixed minor alignment issues.

Addendum #3: Updated the favicon.ico

Addendum #4: Need to implement a rotating banner plugin.

Addendum #5: Commentluv not working?

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Two Years Old; Feels Good Man

Posted by Shin

Obligatory two year anniversary commemorative post! As of last week, July 14th to be exact, Atarashii Prelude turned two, which also marks the 800 over days I've spent blogging. Would have posted it sooner, but I had to weather out the (shit)storm :lol: Heartfelt thank yous to everyone, be it fellow bloggers, readers, commentors or the occasional passersby, who've supported the site directly and indirectly for the past two years m(_ _)m

Once again, I must also thank my senior and co-founder, gaiden, for making it all possible in the first place, and the writers who have graciously dedicated their time to contributing content. A special shoutout to co-admin and good friend in real life, hoshi, whose expertise has been invaluable to the general maintenance of the site and some of my more well received posts, which required his superior Photoshop-fu and Moonrunes comprehension.

It didn't feel all that long ago when I first started blogging, but it is times like these that I tend reminisce on my origins. Long gone are the halcyon days when this blog use to serve episodic summaries on a weekly basis, as I became more brazen and nonchalant in terms of the content I post here. In retrospect, seeing as how my roots stem from that god forsaken imageboard, it would have been only a matter of time before my true colours became apparent. I sometimes even wonder if I had irked my senior by desecrating the site and turning into an outlet for my depravity :razz: There is also of course the backlash where I am ostracized for being a creepy bisexual lolicon by my peers in the blogosphere, renouncing all forms of credibility in the process :oops: Still, thank you all so much for making me feel right at home and tolerating my absurdity in doing whatever and however I wanted for the entire duration thus far :thx:

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Updates, And Things Such As That

Posted by Shin

The Site

As you might have noticed from visiting the blog in the last couple of days, I finally took the initiative, got down on my ass and upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. And by latest, I really mean 2.6.5, since the entire process was all handled by my server hosts. Yes, because I screwed up the last three attempts, I managed to solve my upgrade woes by asking the most obvious bunch of people. That said, the Comvatars plugin is still messed up, and I've taken it off until I find a fix for it, so you'll have to make do with Gravatars for the time being. I miss my nagitsurupettan.gif already... Also, thanks to otou-san and Kabitzin for guiding me through with the process, putting up with my incessant queries and whatnot. Still not too used to the new dashboard, considering I've been on 2.3.3 the whole time until only recently, but I think I'll manage just in time before I ask my hosts to upgrade again to 2.7.

Because the site is currently running on a much newer platform, I've decided to add certain functionalities, such as the very convenient Quicktags, which allows you to format your text with the click of a button, along with a spoiler tag. Also, added the sweet Shadowbox plugin which enlarges thumbnails seamlessly without having the user to navigate away, similiar to the one you see on Sankaku Complex. Retouched the Useless Info page a little bit since Setsuna's officially on board, though I'm not quite done with the descriptions, with changes done to the Contact page as well.

All I need now is a decent image uploader plugin thingamajig to handle all my screenshots, since I find the new one a little too slow for my tastes. Suggestions anyone?

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