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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 01: Titillating Tilts

Posted by Shin

Otherwise known as babby's first normal SHAFT anime. Call me a newfag if you will, but up to this point, all the SHAFT productions that I have watched looked as though the team used Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 to "animate" their shows. Thing is, I did not even realise this was SHAFT until 5 minutes and 46 seconds in when that fucking headtilt popped out of nowhere. I have always wondered what SHAFT did with the money they got off selling Bakemonogatari Blurays, so I guess this confirms that they finally invested in a decent piece of animation software. If anything, this show looks absolutely beautiful, and I am not simply piling on the praise like hipsters who considered SHAFT's slideshow efforts to be a work of art; This has actual animation, and that is saying a lot!

Enough of the technicalities. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is pretty much standard boy meets girl fare. However, while most other shows make this first encounter a special affair, the boy here meets the girl wrapped up in a futon, which anyone would mistakenly pass off as a corpse. One would also consider this a form of child abuse, since the girl is under the care of a dangerously attractive MILF resembling that one character from Toradora! who decided to settle down and start a family. Turns out boy and girl are actually cousins, or so the plot goes.

The plot also dictates this is to be comedy and because being male lead is suffering, the funnies are mostly at his expense as he has to put up with the all the girl's eccentricities. The girl claims to be an alien, and if this is anything like that SHAFT show about homeless people living under a bridge, I am inclined towards calling her a bluff. Well, branding her a liar would be harsh, since I believe, much like the show I mentioned in the previous sentence, she believes that she is an alien. Delusions resulting from years of abuse in a household she ran away, from no doubt. Not that any of that matters of course, since this girl, who goes by the name of Erio, is a walking pillar of sex wrapped up in a mattress. Unraveled, there is something about that unkempt appearance and half-shut, near orgasmic eyelids that gave me a raging hard-on; Like she was having intercourse with herself in that futon while simultaneously engaging in everyday activities.

Oh god I love Erio and this show so much already.

P.S The OP is so bad I cannot stop listening to it. It is like that cute girl you took to the karaoke and thought could sing but turned out to be horrible, yet she is so adorable trying that you went "Fuck it" and asked for an encore anyway. I had the song on loop as I wrote this post obviously.


Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? 01: I Recognise That Bulge

Posted by Shin

When an anime pays homage to one of the best distance games in existence, I knew right away that I would be in for one hell of a ride. For the lack of a better description, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is a drop dead hilarious attempt at slapstick comedy, coupled with some outrageous death scenes à la Dokuro-chan. Instead of employing bullshit deus ex machina like resurrection to bring the protagonist back for more punishment, the show exerts realism by keeping him dead the whole time, which, as you would have guessed, is the premise of the show. It works well of course, since despite the title, this show has little to do with actual zombies other than having the main character become a meat sponge for the violent gags. Call me asinine for finding it funny when a person dies or gets hurt in the most ridiculous fashion, but it is certainly a nice change from all the umpteenth comedy anime that exclusively use tired tsukkomi and boke routines and/or otaku references that only weeaboos would enjoy.

While I also can't shake off the feeling that this is a cleverly disguised harem anime, the two girls that have graced the screen so far are unique and interesting enough in terms of their back story and designs, which I consider as a fresh take on tried and tested archetypes. Imagine playing a Western RPG with a built-in character randomiser, where the silent Necromancer from the netherworld and chainsaw wielding Magical Girl from god knows where were byproducts of someone mashing the GENERATE CHARACTER button until he or she finding something to their liking. A Vampire Ninja? With big breasts? Shut up and take my money!

Furthermore, the timing of this show's release couldn't have been more appropriate. I would even go as far to say that I have been preordained to enjoy Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, not merely because it has been one of the most entertaining first episode of this season's offerings. Little coincidence that, much like my other potential favourite of the season, Magica Madoka, it contains magical girl elements to a certain degree as well.

One highlights the methodical process of makeup application, while the other has a spot-on graphical representation of a crossdressing man, and I mean that in the least complimentary way possible. Yes, cushioned beneath that rather fetching pink striped panties are the testicles of a male teenager at the height of puberty. I know, I was expecting trap penis too. Alas, as much as I hate to admit it, the obvious masculanity permeating from the protagonist's sweaty balls is reminiscent to my own attempt. Clearly, the combination of the two shows is a sign from the Crossdressing Deities for me to tread where both Ayumu and I could not!

A definite keeper, no doubts about it. Even if this show was to somehow fall flat on its face, I still need references for costume designs! Then again, with the all that money DEEN received for product placement, they have no chance of failing!

P.S If Subaru's adverstisement wins me over too, I will proclaim this mahou shoujo season


Now I Can Be The (Magical) Little Girl

Posted by Shin

And now you know what my crossplay plans for the year is! I realise one of the many shortcomings of my previous attempt was the absence of makeup. Not anymore, as the guide even provides the order of when to apply them. However, I would do without the eyelid glue, since I have natural double(check 'em) eyelids, like a real girl, and the thought of putting adhesive on my eyes feels irritating.

P.S Puella Magi Madoka Magica seems like it will easily be one of my favourite shows this season. My penis engine has yet to undergo mechanical failures, but Madoka won me over already, though it could use more naked loli transformations like the OP suggests. Yuki Kajiura seems out of place here considering the theme of the show, but I expect that to change when the befriending sessions come into the picture.

Standard mahou shojo fare so far, but as a quick fix of little girls, I couldn't ask for more.


Autumn Quicklooks: The Sacred Blacksmith; Miracle Train; Sora no Otoshimono

Posted by Shin


Autumn Quicklooks: Kämpfer; Kobato; Nyan Koi

Posted by Shin


Seitokai no Ichizon 01: Notto Disu Shito Agen

Posted by Shin


The image sums it all up, so you don't really have to read the rest of this post.


Hachikuji Mayoi Is Mai Waifu

Posted by Shin

Quite the statement I am making with the title, but if you've been around these parts, you probably saw it coming a mile away :lol: In a show that deals with double meanings and convoluted word association, it is nice to know that SHAFT has in store, themes that someone such as myself could I identify with. Being a pedophilic degenerate never felt this good :cool:


Canaan 01: Mystic Adaptation Of Familiar Plot

Posted by Shin

The most unfortunate thing about this show is that they're both girls.

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