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Bye Bye Amagami

Posted by Shin

How long has it been since you had that feel at the end of an anime series?

You know that feel I am talking about; It is like waking up from a really good dream, or finishing a great book or RPG. It starts off unnoticeable when the ending theme(or sometimes opening theme) begins to play. You first realise it has been there when MPC-HC stops and something seems out of place.

Throughout the following day, or at least the next couple of hours, that impression is going to suck you in and dominate your thoughts. Your mind will keep trying to return to its proper place, but that is not possible, because that expectation for the next episode that you had grown accustomed to every week no longer exists. You are unable to shake off this nagging sensation of having nothing more to look forward to.

Despite all that, you know that you had enjoyed yourself a lot. Soon enough, you start getting used to that uncomfortable feeling and return to your normal self. From now on, you will always remember this show fondly. The longing might never disappear completely, but you will quickly learn to live with it. After a while, you might find yourself suddenly recalling things that were on your mind when watching it and talking about the show, and you'll feel good about it.

That sort of longing, call it an emptiness if you would, I had not felt it for quite some time like I did just now.

I had always loved Amagami's self-contained "What If?" arcs, where all the girls were given an equal amount of development as well as a good ending(with the exception of fatty). Better yet, the entire show has been an animated representation of my entire sadfrog.jpg image folder with all its "You will never..." scenarios :cry: Even though Ai is girl of the year, all years, and with the exception of the stalker, I truly felt attached to all the characters, even the Chinese girl swimmer senpai. No matter how you look at it, Miya's arc is essentially a "bad end" of sorts, since you will only ever trigger it if you had like a single heart point for all the other girls :lol: Still, it could not have been more of an appropriate final episode, since it does somehow reassure ronery faggots such as myself that even though I might not be able to score my own kuudere swimmer kouhai in real life, I have people around who still care for me.

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Plight of the Osana Najimi

Posted by Shin

Gaze your eyes upon this visage before you, folks. Cease everything and observe. The expression of shock, despair, and a beautiful yet timid helplessness that hides behind her strained features. This is the face of the childhood friend. This is what every single harem in Japanese cartoon history is built upon, what it advocates, because of the indecisiveness of the harem lead poorly passed off as "denseness".

The look that only lasted mere seconds, forgotten by most, brought stinging tears to my eyes; tears she herself could not express because of her own strength of character and the feelings he could only guess at. That she could only guess at.

Most of you would laugh at her face; "STATUS: Told □ Really Told □ Tic-Tac-Told ☑", you scoff, while others ship their own parings. I begrudge not of you! I begrudge those who know her as the childhood friend, and so their perceptions are fixed in stone! "The childhood friend never wins". "To hell!" I say, with conventions and those who look at her face and say "It Can't Be Helped!"

Folks, I ask of you. Do not judge the childhood friend. Spend a moment to look at her face ,that extra second the show just would not spare, instead spent on France's breasts and other fanservice scenes, and feel something for her. Continue hating her, if you will, for her desperate abuse of someone she loves, her attitude, her archetype, or have your heart opened to something you never saw before. I only request, nay, plead - that you spend an extra second considering her. Love her, hate her. I won't say which, it could be either, in my case as well. But look into those eyes, into that soul, and see more than she is being forced to be. Do not forget the childhood friend. She will never forget you.

It can be helped.

In other news, I just received this (you damn Chinks know what that is, and yes that's my name in Chinkrunes) from mai osana najimi whom I have not seen in FIFTEEN YEARS. Out of nowhere I get an invitation to the wedding? The pathetic thing is that is the only reason I even got the card is because my grandmother and mai osana najimi's obaachan are friends, which is also exactly why I can't decline ffffffffffff The whole ceremony's going to feel like one huge fucking NTR fest, and there's nothing I can do about it. This is nothing like my Japanese animes :cry:

P.S I still love China even though she is officially an obsolete character now. 你就是我的唯一 :cry:


Amagami Challenge Status

Posted by Shin


As the clock struck the twelfth hour, I knew I had lost the challenge yet again. Maybe next year. Maybe.

P.S Merry Christmas!

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Amagami SS 20: It’d Be Nice…

Posted by Shin

Hehe… photos of you and me since we were small are pinned up on the corkboard in my room.
It’d be nice if I could pin up more and more photos of our memories from now on.
And… if, someday, there’d be a photo where you and I are more than just childhood friends…
If I could pin up a photo like that…
It’d be nice.


It took her a total of four lifetimes, four resets to get to where she is now, and yet Rihoko is still somehow swindled out of her Best End. I am usually one who can express his feelings through reaction images, but after staring at my folder for an hour, there is not one image that can be used to describe my dismay at how the producers have blatantly given Rihoko the shaft, and not of the Junichi variety, mind you. Perhaps it is the producers way hitting us where it hurts most, as Rihoko's unrequited love for Junichi may, in some way, reflect our own experiences. Either that, the producers are venting their own frustration for being friendzoned themselves. Up until now, I have accepted the producers' handling of each arc, as even though they have taken quite a few liberties, we were ultimately given the best possible ending for each girl. This sudden U-turn was a low blow of course, as I jumped the gun into thinking that the childhood friend archetype had finally won. Sure the ending may have implied the possibility of an off-screen, soon-to-bloom romance, but denying Rihocchi her much deserved outcome even in her own arc is just too much.

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Goodnight Sweet Yui

Posted by Shin

Oh god, what have I done??! :cry: I swear, if I had known that Yui's one true wish was to get married, I would have obliged her. I cannot believe that I turned her down because of my own superficial biasness towards traps and little girls. The one person who loves me for who I am, and I rejected her! I do not think I will ever be able to come to terms with myself in this life or after.

Do not make the same mistake as I did guys; Somewhere out there, someone loves you. Even if that person is crippled and impotent/barren. If you do not act on it quickly, you may never get the chance to :cry:

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Posted by Shin

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Took about 4 hours in total, including time spent on learning the goddamn software. Could never figure out how to mute the original lines, so I gave up and just overlayed them. Youtube not working on my end, so I uploaded the video to the server instead. If the video loads too slowly(it will), just download it, though I'll eventually upload onto Youtube, considering what little bandwidth I have. Hope you like it!

[EDIT] Minor updates. The boring bits in between have been trimmed out. Added a new splash screen.


The Starcraft Champion That Never Was

Posted by Shin

There have been speculations abound regarding the origins of Tachibana Kanade, as to how she gained the title of Tenshi and the secret behind her repertoire of maneuvers that were beyond human capabilities. It is widely theorised that T3nsh1, as Kanade is known throughout, was an aspiring Starcraft athlete, who met her demise just short of achieving her dream of becoming a world champion.


Sawako And Real Life

Posted by Shin

Sawako: How she feels about herself.

Real Life Girl: What she actually looks like.

Sawako: What she looks like to her classmates.

Real Life Girl: What she looks like to him.

Sawako: What she looks like to him.

Real Life Girl: What she thinks she actually looks like.

What I imagine she looks like when I fap to her :roll:

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