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First off all, my image host's bandwidth has been killed so I have to host images elsewhere now. 197.gif

Well, it seems that my previous comment has made it to the local papers in lovely Singapore and has gotten Mr Sing's attention to the extent he's apparently shaking in his boots. Lawl. In any case, here are some newspaper clippings that bear mention to it.


With a downloader? More like "double-6-ed so many downloaders~ serve them right!" to me. Also, I guess he's under so much stress he couldn't remember when he posted his comments...



More random clippings. Yes, that's the wanted posted I made. XDDD


Anyway, for more info, head over to the EDMW section of for more comedy.

Link 1

Link 2

Okay, back to watching StrikerS 16 and 17. Damn kacau wei. Shin out.

PS; Mr Sing, if you want to track my IP or anything through Singtel or Starhub ; 210.gif Save it please. I'll let you know now that I'm from Malaysia. Wiki-linked in case you don't know where it is. Kthxbai.


how do i gotten pwnt

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If found to be genuine, the following is pretty much the epitome of divine retribution; as I've mentioned in my other post on how Odex have been going around busting downloaders, it would seem as though that they're slowly being suppressed into submission. A glimmer of hope comes in a form of some great detective work from the members of the Singapore based Hardware Zone forums, as they've managed to track down one of Odex's directors, Stephen Sing Xin Yang, who has carelessly left traces of himself gloating about his deeds.



The alleged posts by the head honcho himself.

And just like an episode of CSI, the evidences kept coming in, all leading to Mr Sing himself, everything from his contact details to his picture.


The most hated man in Singapore's anime community.

Wanted: Dead Or Alive. Preferbly dead, from the looks of it. Lawl.


As of posting, the reactions to this revelation are what you'd expect from the community, mainly disgust and disappointment at how a man who doesn't look any more different from your average otaku could do something like screwing his kind to that extent over money. Do visit that topic from time to time for more updates and such on this finding(hopefully it does not get deleted) Well in any case, if it does turn out to be true, Mr Sing is going to have great difficulty walking the streets of Singapore safely, as there might be some scornful otaku at the corners waiting to ambush him. The thought of it alone excites me. Shin out.


Saimoe 2007

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Well, here it is; matchups for this year's Saimoe tournament have already been determined. Group stage matches are underway and this will commence everyday with up to 3 characters battling it with one another at once during the preliminaries. Expect more updates when the tournament reaches round 3 onwards, but for now, head over to the official Saimoe 2007 site and start voting! Haruhi dog unrelated. Shin out!


Rozen Maiden Best Album – Leer Lied

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*I feel like killing myself to write this entry all over again. What is wrong with wordpress!?!? I am to blame as well for not saving it first. T^T*

It is impossible to write back the exactly same one as I had written earlier. Rather, I am quite unmotivated right now since the whole thing is gone! *sobs*

Basically, this album is like a collection of the EDs for both the first and second season of the series; a few character image songs from the Character Drama albums; and a few other tracks that I have no idea whether it was newly composed to fit in this album or it's from other Rozen Maiden's albums.

What I really like about this album is the voice of Shimotsuki Haruka which sounds sweet and serene to me. The heavy usage of string instruments and choir singing gives me the cozy ambience. Yuu know, the one that makes yuu really wanna laze around either on the bed or comfy couch on a rainy day with a cup of hot chocs and a book.

Here's the list of the tracks.

01. Utsusemi no Kage (Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre ED)
02. Kanata Kara no Chinkonka (Suigintou's image song)
03. Pizzicato Hiyori (Kanaria's image song)
04. Midori no Yubi (Suiseiseki's image song)
05. Hachimitsu
06. Toumei Shelter (Rozen Maiden ED)
07. Chikakute Tooi Yume (Hinaichigo's image song)
08. Monochrome Sekai
09. Utsutsu Yume
10. Leer Lied
11. Eden
12. Hikari no Rasenritsu (Rozen Maiden: Träumend ED)


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I'm sorry for the lack of updates from me and my partner, Shin have to keep this place alive on his own.

I will update but not really often and slow because I hardly had time to watch any anime.

Besides that, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Shin for bearing with me. Arigatou gozaimashita.

Thanks to all of yuu who visited here!


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Seto no Hanayome – 18

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Comment: Seto no Hanayome - Ep18 - Now with 300% more quality and 1000% more eechi & hentai!!! @​_@

That was the description I read when I first saw Seto available on Tosho, and I thought to myself, "Meh." It starts off pretty normal just like any other episode, but things start heating up during a particular scene, somewhere at the beginning which was a hint to what that comment was referring to(hehe)

Anyway, the show kicks off with Gozaburo announcing to the entire class that they will be going on a field trip to Kyoto. After arriving at their destination and visiting the Pure Water Temple, Nagasumi gets some rare alone time with Shiranui as San spends time with her family.

The entire family album consists of similiar images.

As they stroll the temple compounds, Shiranui shares some of her experiences traversing Japan as a transfer student as her occupation requires it, and manages to break into a smile, much to Nagasumi's surprise. Everything goes well until Maki, ambushes the pair and sprays water on Shiranui, in an attempt to make her transform into her mermaid form. As a sign of her strong will, Shiranui resists the effects of water, albeit with much difficulty. From the audience's point of view, it simply looks like she's getting horny. Yeah, there, I said it.

Wet Tsundere = WIN!

Angry, flustered Tsundere on verge of tears = WINx9001!

Maki's actions are interrupted and is caught by San, although at this point Shiranui assumes it was Nagasumi's plan all along and is mad at him. Moving on, after a really funny exchange between the trio sardine fish guys with the innkeeper and fanservice scene between Mawari and the class president, we finally arrive at the best point of the episode when Shiranui approaches San to discuss something.

Why not?

So you see, Shiranui wants San's company so they can both attempt to keep their mermaid transformation even after making contact with water. With the utmost bad timing, both Mawari and Nagasumi walk past the room the pair were both in and overheard a conversation that sounded like they wanted to lez out or something.

If you know what I mean.

Mawari, being the self righteous person she is, takes it upon herself to stop their inpure actions (...) and barges in while they were training, so to speak. Then, after a spectacle that you can only see once in your life, Nagasumi quickly drags Mawari out of the bath and orders her to and I quote "Just look at me and not chase this any further" which surprisingly enough worked and Mawari obediently nodded her head as though Nagasumi confessed(sounded like he did to her). And thus, San and Shiranui's identities were kept safe.

An unusually moe moment from Mawari.

With his actions, he has regained Shiranui's trust, with the incident earlier in the day all but forgotten, leaving her somewhat impressed. Nagasumi earned 5 Love Points! Shin out.


Word Of The Day : QUALITY

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Not to be mistaken for quality, the word QUALITY originated from /a/ and is used to describe images and/or screen captures from anime that horrendously poor and sub-par in nature from various aspects. Obvious signs of such QUALITY can usually be seen on characters, who usually have, and not limited to, distortions in facial features(non intentional), eyes that look into the wrong direction, limbs that are out of proportion and so on. QUALITY also applies to various environmental objects with odd perspective issues or as seen in Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na with what /a/ calls the QUALITY CABBAGE, which lacks resemblance to a real cabbage whatsoever. Signs of QUALITY can nowadays be seen in animes such as Naruto and Bleach, especially during filler episodes. More examples as follows;

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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – 04

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If there's one reason why I like SZS a lot, it would probably be because of the twisted and inane nature of the main characters and how they are portrayed each week. For this episode, we are introduced to another 2 of the Pink Supervisor's students, first being Abiru Kobushi, the bandaged character so to speak, who is a suspected victim of domestic violence. The teacher is then asked to speak with her father regarding the matter and spots him shopping. Being the paranoid person that he is, the Pink Supervisor stalks him instead and watches as he makes purchases. As he enters a kitchen utensils shop, the Pink Supervisor immediately draws the conclusion that the father is buying things to abuse his daughter, no matter how unlikely these items can be used to hurt someone. The result? Every retailer in the district is informed about this matter, and they refuse to sell anything to Kobushi's dad and come up with weird theories on how the objects will be utilized to torture her.

We then shift our focus to Fuura, who has fallen into a tiger pit. While most people will be panicking and screaming for lives, Positive-tan remains ever so calm and at first insists it's a bad dream. Even after realizing it's not, she remains steadfast and states that it's okay to eaten alive, as did Buddha in the holy scriptures and claims she will become a god for doing so.

Just as Fuura is about to be attacked by the tiger, she is promptly saved by Kobushi, whom we discover actually got all her injuries when she interacts with the animals, mainly by pulling their tails. We also find out that she is also an avid tail collector. Haha, oh wow. On another note, the show slips in a parody on the Billy's Boot Camp exercise program featuring Kobushi's dad.

Yes, it's as gay as it looks.

As did the previous episode, we're introduced to the more interesting character in the second half, and this time around, we get to see Meru Otonashi, at first glance your typical shy soft spoken girl. Keeping in mind the show we're watching, it does away with the stereotypes and Meru-chan is actually a verbally abusive person, although she can only communicate through her cellphone, probably a representation of online flamers and trolls. While we've seen a glimpse of her nature in previous episodes, this time she goes all out and flames everyone in her class, sparing no one, well except for Maria, since she only owns a pager.

Meru's spot on analysis on Kaera's character.

If you notice the pockets in her blouse first, you're gay.

Sneak preview of future episodes?

Her SMS'ing tyranny is put to a stop when she swaps places with Fuura, whose location is out of coverage area. And if you deprive an obsessed person out of something, this is what happens. Without fail, Fuura steps in and says that Meru's current status is similar to that of her mother's during that time when, well...


The episode comes to a close as Fuura smack Meru in the head with a gigantic cross and calms her down with a little prep talk, although in truth it actually had a reverse effect, scaring Meru out of her wits. Another week of random fanservice and weirdness! Oh, do watch out for the Final Fantasy reference at the end of the episode. Shin out.