Atarashii Prelude



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I’m Glad Sengoku Basara Became The Anime Instead

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Having played Koei's Sengoku Musou long prior to Sengoku Basara, I had accepted the former as having the "official" designs and history(regardless of how loosely based) That said, I like Capcom's take on the whole epic (for the most part) and felt theirs are far more suited in an anime. Here are comparisons of certain key characters from both games, and by the end of it, hopefully you'd agree with me the Sengoku Basara would have translated better as an anime.


To The One Girl Whom I Have Ever Truly Loved; Koda

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Chihara Minori LIVE @ DaiCon

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Copied from DaiCon's official website

On her tour to South East Asia for the first time, Miss Chihara Minori will be holding a Q&A panel with the fans on Saturday, 11th July 2009 and a special performance on Sunday, 12th July. Be sure to witness this historic event at DaiCon!

Check out the video here. 

Will this be as great as May'N's live at AFA08? I can't wait to find out. Rest assured i will be snapping up VIP tickets regardless of the price. Hopefully the organisers won't be such an ass when it comes to photography as with what happened during AFA08.  



Eden of the East 03: Mass Naked NEET Events

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It doesn't get any better than this! Every week, there is this feeling of familiarity that can be derived from the obvious nods made by this anime towards, among other films, including:

  • The Bourne Identity
  • Paycheck
  • Total Recall
  • Taxi Driver
  • Eagle Eye
  • While it seems there is the insinuation of plagiarism on my behalf, I for one, do not mind at all, as I thoroughly enjoy spotting these references, being the self professed pop culture junkie. While the story has begun revealing its grittier side, Eden of the East is still able to put a smile on my face with its humor and light-hearted moments that hardly seem out of place. Further insight into the Selecaos' objectives and purpose was certainly intriguing but the revelation of the cleansing of the NEETs that shuddered me, since I am able to identify with them :shock: Pity Kondou had to die so early, but I suppose it was to move the story along, by introducing the "Supporters", whose roles apparently are to eliminate the likes of Akira and the others once their credit runs out. And speaking of the phone:


    K-ON! 04: Help, Mai Waifu Has Boobies!

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    PIG DISGUSTING OPP- Oh screw this. Why do you torment me so, Kyoto Animation? In just within a single episode, you've negated all that defines me as an anime otaku, including my oath to never love females with anything bigger than delicious flat chests. After this episode, I became so conflicted that I am unable to confidently proclaim myself as one of the true zealots of delicious flat chests.  Do I betray my beliefs and continue loving Mio unconditionally and embrace that one flaw, or do I remain true to my ideals and be bound forever to my preferences. Why Mio? Why must you possess above average sized breasts that needlessly go ボイン ボイン, for every bounce of your mammaries translates into a stab into my heart :cry:

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    Feels bad man. I hate to admit it, but I guess I have no choice but to go against my own word; I will love Mio unconditonally, accepting whatever (physical) flaws she may have :oops:


    Who’s The Retard Now?

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    Would Genderbending K-ON! Work?

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    I've always been a fan of the whole genderbending concept, since among other things, it makes being gay for certain characters acceptable... K-ON! is the latest Kyoto Animation offering to go through this treatment, though whether or not its popularity will ever reach the feverish heights that Suzumiya Haruhi attained remains to be seen. I'm not particularly hopeful myself, but here is my 2 cents anyway: