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My Little Sister Versus Kirino Kousaka

Posted by Shin

Would have been the more appropriate title.


Amagami SS 13: Peekaboo

Posted by Shin

He felt his heart in his mouth. That choky feeling in the throat which arose from fear, guilt and excitement. As he tilted his head in a peculiar angle for a better look, he was met only with soul-crushing disappointment; They were not panties. Not too dissimilar to Junichi's experience, though what I just described were actually recollections of my own school years.


Recettear: Capitalism HNNNNNGH

Posted by Shin

Also known as Loliconomics: The Game; where profit margins are inversely proportionated to the protagonist's chest size. Yayifications!


Discourse on Tentacles

Posted by Shin

An issue that has always puzzled biologists worldwide about Tentacles is their affinity towards coerced copulation with human females. Is this some strange and perverse fetish on their behalf or is there more to it? One would assume that Tentacle females are physically unattractive and have too many holes for the males to fill, as it would tire them rather quickly. This would imply that the female Tentacles are rather loose as well. Considering the tendency of these Tentacles to prey on young human females, it is also safe to assume that they have preference for virgins much like human males, who offer almost no form of resistance whatsover when compared to a Tentacle female.

Another popular hypothesis is that female Tentacles would devour the males after they are through mating. This is very similar to the behaviour exhibited by praying mantises and black widow spiders. The Tentacle males may have acquired some form of consciousness and through basic survival instincts, opted for human females instead of being consumed by the alimentary canals cum reproductive organ of the female Tentacles. Driven by what seems to be the human male trait of not wanting to bear responsibility, Tentacles have been known to derive pleasure from carefree sex, boasting to their peers the number of human females they have raped. However, mass extinction would ensue as a result of this recreational fornicating, endangering the Tentacle species as a whole.

Breakthroughs in the field of Tentacology have found new evidence suggesting that Tentacles are in fact, hermaphrodites. The Tentacles depicted in popular media are merely part of an entity that consist of both male and female reproductive organs, with the latter being where Tentacle offsprings are conceived. During the mating period, also known as rape time, the muscular hydrostat of the Tentacle would initiate the process of rape by restraining often unwilling human females and draining them of nourishment, which in turn fertilises the surrogate zygote implants of the Tentacle uterus. Tentacles also secrete fluids akin to semen to aid and accelerate the process of this complex process of artificial insemination.

Tentacology is still very much at its preliminary stages, and it is hoped that we would one day be able to fully understand these mysteriously aggresive, yet majestic creatures to its fullest.

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Amagami SS 10: Life-like Texture ;_;

Posted by Shin

Amagami status: Dropped


Got To Go, Australia

Posted by Shin

When I first came to Sydney, people asked if I ever got homesick, and my answer to them had always been a resounding "Nope." I guess this is partly due to the fact that I have experienced being away from home for an extended period of time before, and this was no different. Or so I thought.

I am currently undergoing reverse homesick syndrome, as I am now somewhat reluctant about leaving my host country after having gone through so much, despite my brief 1.5 year stay. More importantly, I have made friends with people whom I now regard as bros, so it makes this farewell that much more heartbreaking. I am most inept when it comes to saying goodbye, seeing as how when I left Malaysia to finish my degree, I only said "See you soon" to my parents and grandmother as they saw me off. As implied, this nonchalance is brought about by the fact that I knew I would see them eventually anyway.

If you have read my previous rants on Australia, you would know that I have almost no love for this country, as it are so adamant in keeping someone with my great stature out of their borders. However, at the same time, I have came to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals here, and at that point in time, the thought of parting ways with them was merely an eventuality that I would have to only ponder much later. Fast forward six months into the present, this eventuality soon became an inevitability, as I would have then completed my degree, and having unsuccessfully procured employment, going back to Malaysia became the only option.

Coupled with procrastination and a heavy heart, I kept the news of my plans of returning home to myself until the very last minute, which turned out to be a pretty bad idea, since I received a lot of flak for it. With two weeks left before I leave this country, I spent the remainder of that time with the bros, so I could leave with no regrets whatsoever. As I cough up this post in a bro's room, I think I have managed to alleviated the sadness to some extent, since, even though I did not accomplish as much as I would have wanted to, I had a great time trying anyway, and having really good friends to share that experience with is something that I would always cherish. There is probably much more to be said here, but I am afraid that I might start chocking up, not to mention that my flight is in about 4 hours w

Got to go, Australia.


Happy Birthday Rinko

Posted by Shin

Rinko is mai waifu. There are many like her, but this one is mine. Celebrating Rinko's birthday is one of my many job functions as a loving husbando, so I did my best to make her special day as memorable as possible.


Amagami SS 07: Kaoru Story Bro

Posted by Shin

I do not usually look forward to drama in my Japanese cartoons because I am not a woman.  I guess I can understand if the show required some form of an impetus to test the bond between Sexhair and Junichi, even if the seemingly arbitrary plot device involving Kaoru and her divorcee(?) mother felt rather disjointed. While it has accomplished its task of injecting some conflict into the show, it does in some way highlight Sexhair's hypocrisy when it comes to maintaining the status quo. She is contemplating hooking up with Junichi but flips out the moment she finds out her mom is planning to remarry?  Whatever happened to just the two of us? :oops:

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