Atarashii Prelude


Amagami Schutzstaffel


Himmler suspects that there might be an SIS agent among the ranks of the Schutzstaffel and has ordered newly promoted officer Tachibana Junichi to be assigned to senior officer Morishima Haruka on a top secret mission to hunt down the British spy.

While seemingly professional on the exterior, Haruka is in fact very playful and teases Junichi a lot, which often times impedes their investigation. She is also very excitable and will arbitrarily use English phrases such as ‘Blimey’ and ‘Jerry tossers’ at inappropriate moments, although Junichi does not pay too much heed since her line of work as an intelligence officer requires her to speak multiple languages.

Unbeknownst to Junichi, Morishima “Lovely Bird” Haruka was the spy all along.


Nicknamed ‘The Warhead of Munich’, Junichi’’s war kumpel Taneshima Kaoru instilled fear within the Schutzstaffel, intimidating even the higher ranking officers due to her aggressive character. She is however, less volatile around Junichi as they swore to be bad friends for life, whether either of them like it or not.

Their relationship is put to the test when Kaoru discovers that her mother, a highly ranked and respected Nazi official fell in love with an Allied officer and has defected. To make matters worse, Junichi and Kaoru were given direct orders to capture and kill Kaoru's mother.


Nakata Sae is a newly enlisted officer under Junichi who dreams to be part of the Hitler’s elite Praetorian Guard just like her parents. But as Junichi soon finds out, Sae is as green as they come, has never been through any military training whatsoever and is frightened by the sound of gunfire.

In addition to that, Sae claims that she keeps hearing voices in her head, where a suave, deep-voiced Yellow Aryan man narrates highlights of her life. Unable to turn down a fräulein with a formidable pair of Schwerer Gustavs, Junichi takes it upon himself to help train Sae into a competent officer worthy of the Führer.


Junichi is reassigned to the Kriegsmarine led by Grossadmiral Tsukahara Hibiki, to help supervise the newly enlisted U-boat crew recruits. There, Junichi meets the cold and distant Nanasaki Ai, who showed a lot of potential but is plagued by a recent string of poor performance caused by suspicion that her younger brother may be leaking information to the Allies.

After pressure from the Grossadmiral that might see Ai being dropped from the crew, Junichi must help her regain confidence and composure if she was to be eligible to be among the first to man the U-99.


As part of their North African campaign and formation of the Afrika Korps, the Third Reich had recently developed and deployed a new line of heavy tanks known as the Tiger. Tank Operator Sakurai Rihoko is selected to be one of the first few to operate the Tiger Tank due to her excellent service record at the Eastern Front.

Unfortunately, she is known for having trouble getting into a tank and on many occasions, getting stuck when she tries to exit. The introduction of the even heavier Tiger II meant that Rihoko would practically render the tank immobile due to sheer combined weight. Fearing that it might jeopardise her chance to operate the Tiger Tank, she desperately seeks her childhood freund and fellow war kumpel Junichi to help her lose some weight.


After the successful invasion of Poland, Second Lieutenant Ayatsuji Tsukasa volunteers to organise a Nazi celebration in honouring victory for the Wehrmacht. Junichi, who was incidentally assigned to assist Tsukasa in the preparations, manages to pull off the event successfully together.

Due to her innate talent for managing human resources, Tsukasa is given the opportunity to head the Auschwitz concentration camp. Things go well for Tsukasa until one day Junichi picks up a small notebook that she always carries around with her. Curiosity got the better of Junichi and he flips through a few pages, only to discover a list - Jewish families who Tsukasa helped escape.


News of a fearsome marksman reached Berlin, where advancing Nazi troops were being massacred by a lone female sharpshooter at the frontlines of Stalingrad. Personally requested by his former instructor Major Erwin König, Junichi heads to Russia to put an end to this menace.

An unfortunate turn of events saw Junichi being betrayed by his girlfriend, who led him straight into a sniper ambush. However, Junichi manages to entrench himself safely, waiting for an opportunity to take out the enemy sniper. At the end of a four day standoff, Junichi successfully tricks the sniper and incapacitates him. As he goes to confirm his kill, Junichi is shocked to discover that his opponent was none other than Kamizaki Risa, the sniper who had been terrorising Nazi troops previously.

Risa, while injured, is very much alive. Due to Junichi’s weakness for cute fräuleins, he is unable to finish Risa off and instead patches her up. He then leaves Risa to her own devices and no news was ever heard about the sniper again. Fast forward two years into the war, recently promoted Officer Junichi is unable to shake off the feeling of being watched and kept in (telescopic) sight at all times...


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  1. Not enough moe Hitlers. I came into this post expecting a harem of Hitlers and what do I get?? Girls. God dammit shin, there is a LIMIT to possible human depravity and you just broke it

    P.S. I thought this background music was some FANCY html schtml, but instead, all you did was embed a youtube video that automatically plays that’s hidden because you set its width as 0….

    ……the amount of commas in this comment signify the amount of respect I still have for you

  2. Shin, I fucking love you.

  3. And the Academy Award for Best Sound Directing in an Anime Post goes to…Shin! Genius.

  4. SIEG HEIL !!


  6. >SS officers
    >not glorious Aryan master race


  7. You magnificent bastard, probably should have went from late 1943 to 1945 to draw better connection. Still nice of you to try and you seem to know more than most. Now I feel terrible for getting a kick out of this, thanks.

  8. Thanks, now my knowledge of history is totally ruined.

    Love the Omake, although it looked like it came from Shakugan no Shana.

  9. P.S – I just realised, Amagami Schutzstaffel = Amagami SS. :razz:

  10. Why?
    Why did I awesome.jpg?

  11. Now onto the real question of what the SS in Amagami SS stood for

  12. Sex Starved? -w-

  13. Finally an Amagami post you faggot, fegget, ferret, furret, turret, tourette. :???:

    By the way, who is your favourite Amagami girl? if it is Miya say the second best.

  14. @Mushyrulez – I showed this to my Jewish friend and he loved it

    @Kurogane Shiroikaze – Hitler loves moe

    @reiseng – Thank Hitler

    @ExecutiveOtaku – I’d like to thank Hitler for forming the SS. Without him this anime would not have materialised

    @Setsuna-san – I like how Tsukasa is canonically a Nazi

    @Kherubim – It’s inspiration!

    @KING OF NIGERIA – They’re all Yellow Aryans

    @Crusader – Sounds like remark from my history teacher :cry:


    @cryskolt – That sort of crossed my mind, but Tsukasa is more moe than Shana!

    @sage – You’re a Neo Nazi!

    @aiM – People say it’s side stories, but it doesn’t really make sense for the first season

    @Vinchester – That only describes some of the girls w

    @Lectro Volpi – I think I’ve mentioned it back then but my favourite Amagami has always been Ai as far as waifu material go. Miya^2 is good for imouto I supposeOh

  15. So, does this make Miya Hitler-chan?

  16. Good post but there’s no Miya so it isn’t That Good.

  17. I was watching a documentary on my other monitor and I kept thinking “what an odd choice of music for a documentary about Apple. Actually, it does kinda fit” until it kept playing during a commercial break.

    Thank you for reminding me why you are my favorite aniblogger.

    Also, is Inu x Boku SS similarly Aryan?

  18. Risa sounds so much more scarier with a scoped Moshin Nagant than glacing peeks from odd corners in school. Epic post.

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