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The iDOLM@STER 22: The Miki Who Hijacked Christmas

Stare at it, I dare you...

Nee, producer-san, am I popular yet?

No Haruka, you should have expected that they'd all be busy on Christmas. Man, I thought they would not have been able to top Chihaya's suffering but in retrospect, all she had to do was overcome her past to secure her future. She did, and all was well.

Now Haruka's suffering on the other hand is a bit special, in that she herself is anything but. Every other idol other than her has something that makes them stand out, and no matter how you look at it, Haruka is just ordinary in every aspect. Her primary role has been always the glue that ensures everyone sticks together, but as this episode has highlighted, Haruka is slowly losing her purpose, as they are all able to stand on their own two feet, especially Chihaya. Everyone else but Haruka seems to have shot to the top while she herself is just managing to get by. Then again, she is the face of iDOLM@STER and the role of the supportive leader would seem like a perfect fit for her.

Ah but you see, if this was just limited to the anime, it wouldn't have been that bad. Remember how I said the idols and seiyuus were extensions of each other? The fact of the matter is that this is also the case in real life. While I personally think that Nakamura Eriko is plenty talented, she is somehow overlooked for bigger roles and is stuck with supportive ones instead. Sounds familiar? It would seem as though Eriko's career is not going anywhere, while the people around her are overtaking her. Best example is of course her lesbian comrade Imai Asami who is increasingly having more prominent roles, in both anime and video games. What's even sadder is that this is not only limited to Chihaya, but Mio as well. Oops, I meant to say Hikasa Yoko, who is Eriko's co-host in their internet radio show, Odoroki Sentai Momonoki Five(listen to it, I guarantee you'll laugh your ass off) And guess where Yoko's career is at now? Oh Haruka, buffing everyone in your party with Career Advancement except yourself :cry: I can only imagine >her face when she was handed the script wwwww

I can see how people can come to dislike Miki Miki, since she is not only the epitome of the perfect idol but also the perfect girl. Unfortunately, her flawlessness is also her biggest flaw as she seems to be able to have her cake and eat it as well. To an outsider, her reaction to winning the Shining Idol award would border at being irritating ; Did Miki get something? Yes Miki, you got the MVP prize, the one award everyone has been working their ass off for, which you got without much effort. Of course, Miki has not got a single mean bone in her so she really is just being straightforward and honest with her feelings. Still, if the other girls were not already popular idols in their own right, I can see how their self-esteem would be affected. Someone like Haruka for example...

The image that's burned inside my eyes was
The smiles of you and that girl
Though it really hurts inside
It's not that easy just to (confront you and) ask

The above is an excerpt from Miki's image song, relations. Yes, the one playing at the beginning of the episode. Long story short, it's a song about (Miki) getting NTR'ed. Oh the irony. You cannot imagine how many times I went "OH SHIT NIGGER" at this scene. Poor Haruka, having the opportunity to express her gratitude to Broducer stolen right before her very eyes. What's more, she is the only person who actually had a present for him. Miki truly has a knack for hijacking; she practically just 9/11'ed Haruka with that.

It's one thing to watch someone like Chihaya suffering and be aroused by it, but to see Haruka having her Genki armour being chipped off bit by bit while she slowly (but surely) falls into despair just gave me a boner that could cut other boners. I so cannot wait to lick the tears off Haruka's face next week :roll:

Posted by Shin

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  1. :cry: plz 2 remove the top image; it’s terrifying :(

    Haruka rising on my list, too. Based on what I got from having her as leader in imas2, she seems to bond with Broducer more than the other girls. It could be, as you say, because of her mediocrity she feels like she owes the most to him for making her successful. This ep was great, but I’m enjoying the buildup to 23 immensely. (But I guess it will be Broducer and not Chihaya peforming the save.)

    So… everyone’s popular now and making more moneys right? I don’t know how jimusho finances work. Hopefully Takagi and Broducer are not pocketing 90% of the profits and leaving the scraps to our idols. Would be nice if they moved to a new office in the last episode. Also, at this rate, when will Yayoi be not poor? :P

  2. Ok first image is a little cree–WHAT THE FUCK SHE LOOKED AT ME! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK–

    I have been so far very guilty of not paying that much attention to Haruka since she always looked genki (and not have the spotlight at all), but her kind of angst is the best, even better than Chihaya’s since the attention whore was always showing off her angst (oh look I won’t smile anywhere even though it’s part of the job to be fucking appealing) but Haruka’s is hidden behind a smiley mask. I cannot wait to see her getting more and more NTR’ed by everyone until she cannot take it anymore and goes yandere on their asses~… or getting so not-genki she resorts to gangbang by old men to escape from reality… and eventually lures all idols to become sluts… (*´Д`)ハァハァ(*´Д`)ハァハァ(*´Д`)ハァハァ(*´Д`)ハァハァ :twisted:

    I always resented Miki for cutting into everyone’s moment, and I’d say she isn’t flawless because she’s the kind of attention whore who is not aware of her own actions; indeed she is so self-absorbed that even if you told her what she was doing she wouldn’t change because of lack of self awareness. I can only imagine the ways to put her in her place (*´Д`)ハァハァ(*´Д`)ハァハァ(*´Д`)ハァハァ(*´Д`)ハァハァ

    I never knew the Idolmaster VAs career mirrored the 2D counterparts so much, it’s very interesting and sad in Haruka’s seiyuu situation because even though she’s technically the main character of the game she ended getting the short end of the stick… ganbare, Eriko/Haruka! :cry:

  3. I am really curious to see how this turns out. Considering how A-1 decided to focus on Haruka instead of Chihaya for the final arc, they must have something really big planned.

  4. If this turns out to be clash between Haruka and Miki, I don’t think my hear can take it :cry:
    Since it’s obvious Haruka is the more iconic one of the idols so she’d have the “Main Character” card at her disposal which she would use to curbstomp Miki’s perfection. All that buildup for Miki was gonna make it hurt more when the time comes.

  5. Thus begins the transformation of Haruka into Dark Haruka. :cry:

  6. @Setsuna-san
    I thought you were looking forward to being dominated by Dark Haruka :roll:

  7. We’re going to see a training montage of Haruka practising for the musical audition by herself with an awesome insert, and then see Miki just stroll in and crush Haruka after mentioning that she was too busy and this was just something she had to turn up to right? Right? :cry:

    As a Harukafag, I’m conflicted on whether to look forward to the next few episodes or not. I’m looking forward to some development for my favourite idol, but I’m not looking forward to the tears that’s going to come with it. I was very mad when Miki hijacked the Christmas party and forcing BROducer to say all those things to her. Now he will never receive the wallet he richly deserves :mad: :cry:

    It’s probably obvious on how the final 3 episode will roll out though.

    • If anything Broducer shares half the blame since he lacked tact and went ahead to say it was the best Christmas present ever, not realising that perhaps that might be someone else who had a present for him. Then again I guess he got caught up in the moment.

      I would really be laughing if Miki had already given a wallet to him.

  8. If only Idolmaster was directed by Americans…

  9. Oh the delicious Irony when Miki stole the limelight from Haruka during the gift giving… attempt :cool:

    But then again when she admits herself that her Trademark feature is her Ribbons it wasn’t that unexpected was it? :???:

    Originally Posted By Someone
    It’s probably obvious on how the final 3 episode will roll out though.

    Damn Straight, When are they finally going to have Project fairy perform Kyun! Vampire Girl :cry:

    • At first I thought you were going to link me Danketsu, but I came when I saw that video.

      Also, I would give up on Project Fairy already if I were you, though I did sort of expect the Sacchou to announce it when he called Miki up ww

  10. Dat gift scene… aw… :cry:

    “gave me a boner that could cut other boners.”

    Like me when Chihaya obeys when forced? I know that feel bro :oops:

  11. @Shin – I only skimmed the link last time you posted it, but yeah, now I flinch whenever I hear “jimusho”- which is like, every episode. -_-

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