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The iDOLM@STER 17: Bros And Hoes

Now this is how you do a character episode! In terms of doing the character justice, I personally feel that this attempt was the best one thus far. They have pretty much nailed it and got Makoto down to pat - the shounen heroine repressing the unfulfilled little girl who is begging to manifest herself. To be quite honest, I was expecting an action sequence to be thrown in for good measure as well, since they got the guy who animated the Lord Genome fight in Gurren Lagann to work on this episode. In retrospect, I guess that episode 8 sort of covered that already and they wanted to highlight the other side of Makoto rarely seen.

More so than that, Broducer was quite the smooth operator this episode too. As you already know, iDOLM@STER isn't all dancing and singing as there are visual novel elements to it as well. Just look at all the 'choices' that he made; standing up for Makoto against 961, protecting her from the goons with his own face, winning her heart over with the most perfect set of words to the conversation towards the end. This flawless navigation of 'choices' is also known as a Perfect Communication in the game, which is pretty much the equivalent of raising flags. Seventeen episodes worth of experience must have finally paid off. That or he had a walkthrough in hand :lol:

You know, after this episode, I have been wondering why Broducer is uncomfortable with Mikimiki's Honey antics, but he has close to no qualms about Makoto clinging onto his arm and clearly going on a date with her. Is Broducer still treating Makoto like one of the guys or perhaps he is more comfortable in the company of men :???:

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  1. Makoto treats the Product more like a favourite uncle and he acts according, she’s just playing around and not actually interested in him. The twins are exactly the same.

    Miki-miki is a whooole other kettle of fish. :swt:

  2. Hey! that image is wrong! it was Makoto´s father the one that enrolled her in the idol business when she told him she wanted to be feminine. THE INACCURACY!

    Loved Makorin´s outfit for the episode, very good.

    Producer took a punch for Makoto even though Makoto could handle the situation, can´t tell if chivalry or sexism :???:

    Makoto is tough enough to handle Jupiter´s Justin Beaver sorry asses to them.

    I tend to left click your images so I can see with what kind of silly names you upload them. Why cucumbertrio?

    BTW, saw Chihaya picking a call and then no more, her parents?

    Chihaya fangirl for Yayoi at the end.

  3. I loved this episode. The Jupiter-961 Pro stuff is still silly as hell (how can those three idiots not know anything?), but the rest is plain goodness.

    • Touma seems to have some idea, but like he said, he doesn’t really care. Even if they called out on Kuroi’s shit I don’t think they’ll actually leave for other agencies, since 961 has the connections they need.

  4. I thought this episode was quite average compared to the other ones. It played out exactly as I expected and it’s similar to Mikimiki’s episode of having Broducer as a date.

    Or maybe you hyped me on the sakuga goodness of the episode because an action animation director is going to direct this. All I saw were teasers lol, as if the director was trolling us into thinking that way. Still, nice Makoto episode overall.

    • After Hibiki’s episode and taking into account the people who did this episode, I got really hyped up, thinking it was going to be an over the top balls to the walls episode that would be similar to episode 8 :razz:

  5. Originally Posted By Lectro Volpi

    I tend to left click your images so I can see with what kind of silly names you upload them. Why cucumbertrio?

    Oh…it seems you don’t have any idea =X I will let Shin tell you what this means :roll:

  6. Makoto makes the cutest faces.

    Also, when are the Asian versions going to restock?

  7. There’s a town around an hour or two south of where I live called Mankato. I chuckle every time I see it’s name now. :/

    Also I instead of ero, I want all Idolmaster doujins from now on to feature Jupiter dying horrible painful deaths.

  8. Touma was clearly jealous that Broducer had reverse trap like Makoto-kun tagging along when he could always get real sausage from himself!

    And ’tis clear now that Broducer is bottom; no matter how much he pretends to be a prince the fact won’t change.

  9. Caved in and bought the special box from NCSX yesterday. The $280 price tag isn’t as bad if you try to itemize all the things you get in it. Should arrive Wednesday; are they all guaranteed to have a filmstrip, or is that only for preordered special boxes? Guess I’ll have to wait and see…

  10. “Is Broducer still treating Makoto like one of the guys or perhaps he is more comfortable in the company of men”

    Loll. Broducer seems like one of those spineless guys… So yea…

  11. :swt: Musr stop calling Makoto a boy.

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