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The iDOLM@STER 14: Lady For Change

Allow me to first say that Change is as good as I hope it would be, though I shouldn't have expected any less from a 26 part commercial for the the game and its downloadable contents :oops: Surprisingly the scene that got me most was actually the part where Chihaya was singing while her former loli self was doing the same, minus the suffering. It almost made me feel bad for all these poorly-conceived jokes targeted at her. Almost.

Even though I've totally given up on Project Fairy to ever be formed, trust A-1 to persistently tease at the possibility. It is also a reminder that this song (watch it) isn't part of the initial catalogue of free content for the PS3 version of the game. And at apparently 10,400 yen a pop for the entire set of clothing, accessories and song, it's one expensive reminder.

More trolling from A-1. As I have mentioned two episodes ago, Miki was supposed to only go into "Honey" mode after a series of events. Instead, we have ourselves a pime taradox - not that I mind of course. As you already know, Miki has grown quite a bit on me, and I'm okay with her slutting it up to Broducer (and so is he). If anything, it looks like she will still play a major role yet again in the second cour, since it sort of seems she has taken the lead role away from Haruka :lol:

Why the big fuss over a magazine you ask? Za terebijon is the equivalent of Rolling Stones in Japan, and having your face plastered on the cover with their trademark lemons pretty much means you're a bona fide celebrity. If you're curious, the cover of the inset of the actual magazine features Morning Musume, the one time de facto all girl group who has since then plummeted in popularity, bowing out to the likes of AKB48 :oops:

Rare shots of a pair of Chihayarus Fanus, although I did thought they were related to Chihaya for a moment. Did a double take and remembered that her only sibling is rotting six feet under somewhere. For once, I actually do want them to get this whole suffering thing out of the way, if only to focus a lot more instead on the final boss, now that he's shown his voice.

While the pacing felt a bit sluggish, it was a decent transition between the first and second half of the series nonetheless. Now that everything has been set up, there is that inevitable showdown between the two idol groups and resolution for certain characters to look forward to, interspersed with dedicated episodes for those who have yet to get their own. And by own, I meant that me and Miura want another Yayoi-centric one. Please?

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  1. The Force is strong in Chihaya… My young apprentice shall purge all of the other idols… >:3

  2. I lold at the back-and-forth between Producer and the idols who want revenge when the other idol company played dirty. Their arguments were repetitive and the scene dragged on like forever.

    Oh Chihaya, so much emo

  3. I’ve watched episodes 4 to 10 and I gotta say I want Chihaya to just GTFO. Her angst is grating on my nerves. Hell give her some drugs or something so she can be happy for once!

  4. I will die happy when my Hibiki episode comes out.

  5. >Miki saving the day again
    Other idols are you even trying?

  6. Hokuto holding peaches works, because he’s a peach (…mmm, to produce him for just one day…)
    But what in green hell is Touma holding? Ostrich eggs?

  7. Miki cockblocked Haruka with the Jupiter affair.

    Haruka: “Damn that Miki! stealing my biggest grace! I need to do something… ah, Otonashi-san! what are you doing?”

    “Her only sibling is rotting six feet under somewhere” ah, you took it too far this time Crayon Shin-chan… by the way your name is Nigel

    I was moved like Hitler with the letter from Chihaya´s fanus.

    When did Miura stated that Yayoi was her favourite? I am not following it.

    • You’re the second person who has made that Thornberry reference. Come at, at least link me to Nigel.. Nevermind, I just realised there are no famous Nigels out there :oops:

      I recall that it was on his blog and it was quoted on 2ch that his favourite was Yayoi.

  8. BROducer did prove himself to be useful to Miki at least, hence Miki starting to call him honey.

    Also it’s the start of the makings of BROducer’s potential harem. Which will get promptly idolzoned.

  9. Broducer still has the most style.

    Dat tie.

  10. Chihaya is like a hipster: everything she loves is underground. :roll:

  11. Fuck you all with all your Chihaya-hate. :evil: Just you wait, Chihaya will move you all to tears. :razz:

    Speaking of AKB48, I just saw a crazy late night game show featuring them, and one of the games involved them using a microphone to measure the very faint sound decibels of their farts (yes, even idols fart it seems).

    They then collect all the “samples” them in a balloon, and have the one with the loudest fart hold it in a gas chamber enclosed room while they pump the balloon till it bursts.

    What. The. Fuck. :eek:

    (I totally am not making this up. In fact, that program was shown just before this episode of IM@S aired, as I was leaving the TV on waiting for it to start. )

    Edit: That’s strange, I have no idea that I’ve suddenly relocated to Australia. Either my IP address is screwed up, or your blog’s provider is screwing up everyone’s country of origin. Because my last post in the previous episode blog was still showing it correct. Let me open a new post and see if it’s still malfunctioning.

  12. Testing testing testing

    Yup, I’ve moved to Australia. >.>

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