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The iDOLM@STER 13: Winning

I love this episode. I was never quite the Miki fanboy prior to this arc but you can sure as hell count on me being one from now on - proving that she can be very likeable despite being lazy, selfish, and petulant; traits which are pretty much par for the course in the idol business :wink: Watching her style all over Chihaya and win over Broducer was a big plus too! And of course, dat dance sequence! We knew it would top Ryuguu Komachi's Smoky Thrill, but damn, Rest@rt's was so much more exhilarating, which may have had the budget equivalent to Greece's GDP. What made it even sweeter was that wotagei, which was probably the first time I have ever seen it in my Chinese girl cartoons. The song, the fluidity of the moves and the participation from the audience made for one mouth-frothing, eyegasmic performance. Please say this will be a DLC.

P.S I really don't actually dislike Chihaya.

Posted by Shin

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  1. >I don’t actually dislike Chihaya

    Evidence says otherwise. :roll:

  2. Darth Chihaya will initiate the Great Idol Purge.

  3. I see you exploited your PS (or paint) ability there Mr. Charlie Shin. :razz:

    I know you just want to bully Chihaya.

    You posted that image on your twitter some months ago, from where is it?

    Miki delivering some blows to the faithless… serves you right!

    • I bully because I love her, the same way tsundere love interests abuse their object of interest.

      That image is actually just a page of fanart from what I know, but I would kill for a full fledged doujin of that :twisted:

  4. I loved Heart of a Marionette. Showed that Miki has some sort of range besides her disgusting cutesy singing voice.

  5. Congratulations dad, all the previous Idolm@ster posts up to this one convinced me of watching the show. I hope you’re happy :???:

  6. I think the Typhoon is a pretty cool guy.
    eh cockblocks Ryuugu Komachi and doesnt afraid of giving other idols a chance.

  7. REST@RT was BOSS. I can’t wait for this to come out on Blu-ray and FLAC or AAC audio. My monitor might as well just spew crack cocaine directly into my eyes.

    If Idolmaster keeps it up, its budget will bankrupt the nation of Japan. WORTH IT.

    Also, Chihaya is TOO EASY to pick on. I don’t blame you, though I do like her deep down inside, as well. I guess we are both reverse tsundere. You and I both, Charlie Shin.

    • Then Japan better plan for a bailout soon with the last episode.

      Someone who knows that feel! I genuinely feel part of Chihaya’s fandom consists of people like us who just like teasing her but actually care for her a lot :oops:

  8. Is Idolm@ster really this depressing?

  9. That first image looks like something straight outta Higurashi- is that the detective’s face? Urgh…

  10. Protip: add extra picture to end, Miki trollface.

    would’ve made my day

  11. Screw j00 about your disclaimer about really not disliking Chihaya.

    We get it already, your trolling is getting repetitive, pick on someone else’s fans to troll next time. :razz:

    (And yes, the flag next to my username is where I am at right now. Meaning I get to watch the episodes live on TV. )

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