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The iDOLM@STER 09: Two Top

Call me morbid, but I have always taken a keen interest in looking beyond the facade of any character in hopes of unearthing the darker aspects of their background and personality. That is why I take a perverse liking towards someone like Chihaya whose gloomy disposition can be attributed to certain factors such as a broken family. Of course, she is just one of the more obvious examples, which you can easily deduce just by reading up on their profile.

As mentioned previously, the Futami twins began show business by performing under Ami's name, though in the sequel, the Ami and Mami are their own idols. This has got me wondering if there exists some form of rivalry between the two that could have escalated to deep-seated mutual dislike. For better or worse, the only things I have to go on are pretty just fanart that reflect this sentiment :oops: Well, after watching this episode, I have come to realise the fact that I am a rotten person for thinking that Ami and Mami are fighting to be the superior twin. The dynamism of the this pair is really at another level, the way they are always on the same wavelength and are able to come up with impromptu skits - trust the two to turn another episode revolved around a misunderstanding into a full fledged detective noire masterpiece :lol: Really, the only depressing thing about Ami and Mami is that they are separated by Ritsuko.

P.S Why is Azusa so fat?

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  1. Producer-san is a lolic0n. Twincest is always the bestest.

  2. “P.S Why is Azusa so fat?”


  3. Azusa is not fat, Rihoko on the other hand is. No one is sayin’ anything about Azusa (in the Idolm@aster world) but Rihoko was raped by Junichi’s constant “You gained weight” comments. Only if an In-world character notes the change will be considered solid (not counting mind control/possession/Shinigami eyes or other changes that are for illustrative purposes). U jelly Rihoko?

    Yeah, I noted the ass thing too, I tried not to but failed.

    Say, Mr. Shin Goku Satsu, if you know about it can you spoil me Miki’s route? I looked but found tiny “spoiler free” bits. :???:

    • Everyone’s too afraid of Azusa because she’s the senior member in the group, and while they may make fun of Azusa behind her back, they usually abide by the hierarchy and pay her due respect :lol: Interestingly enough, most idols her age would have gone solo by now, since the two lolis are just holding her back. Azusa’s certainly got the looks and talent for it, but I digress :razz:

      Please, call me Charlie Shin.

      If you’re talking about her ending then I have no idea either, since she wasn’t playable in the version that I tried out. In any case, her route involves her going through a 180 degree character change that sees her being 100% dedicated to her Honey-chan. From then on, she is known as awakened Miki, and she sadly lost that lazy attitude and got a haircut(I remember this was optional) :oops:

      As for what really happens after that, read at your own risk (third post)

      • Much appreciated. :oops:

        You liked the Charlie Shin one? no wonder, one of my masterpieces (Crayon Shin-chan was good too)

        I was going to use Mr. Shintensatsu next, oh well… :cry:

  4. Maybe they’re really good sisters on the same wavelength or something. Constantly goofing around together, some rivalry but on the playful side and such.

    And then I remember your stories about Yui killing Mio and the such, and I shudder for a second. :???:

    • Thankfully the rivalry I had in mind isn’t at the same murderous kind in K-ON! (you must admit it’s more fun there, since the Yui is by far more innocent :cool: )

      What I’m looking at is professional rivalry which is no doubt more evident especially if it involves siblings. Ami and Mami does get into a minor bout on this in the game, with Takane intervening, but that’s all I know so far about it.

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