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The iDOLMASTER 04: Crawling In Her Skin

It is all too easy to dislike Chihaya - her clinical depression, mood swings and callous attitude makes you sort of wonder how she even passed the initial auditions in the first place. But more than that, her apparent insomnia and obsession with singing hints at an unstable mental state that is not only detrimental to herself but to those around her as well :oops:

At least Chihaya can sing, which is how I got to know discover her in the first place. When I first listened to Aoi Toori, little did I realise that person who could carry such an emotional song was being bogged down with just as much baggage. And then it hit me - after getting spoiled by my dear Setsuna, only did I understand why her character is as such. Chihaya is essentially a KEY heroine who somehow managed to sneak her way into the iDOLMASTER. Apparently she Show ▼

, so I assume if you do not go down her route she will die. More than ever before, I wish they actually went ahead with the omnibus format, so as to just see Producer-san save her. In retrospect I guess this the true appeal of our little ℯℳℴℯ-chan; While it seems like she's basking in self loathe, Chihaya is really just waiting for her White Knight to come rescue and sweep her off her feet. Damn, I think just fell a little in love.

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  1. Actually, its less of key-aids and more of a throat infection that will cause her to lose her voice permanently. Since singing is what Chihaya lives for this is equivalent to a death sentence for her.

    Her FOREVER ALONE ED this week made me want to reach out into the screen and comfort her. :cry:

  2. Ghost cures aids. Heads up, bro.


  4. You are being pretty diligent with this show… it is kinda creepy.

  5. Ahhhh, Chihaya is love…

    Did that spoiler stuff happen to her in the first game or the second? I’ve only played the first with Yayoi, so I don’t know…

  6. It is all too easy to dislike Chihaya – her clinical depression, mood swings and callous attitude

    Don’t forget lousy cook *BA DUM PSH*, though I will admit her voice was lovely; ♫ IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST LISTEN, GOTTA LAY A KISS ON HER BOO-BOO KITTEN!!! ♫ :kiss: *CRICKET* Other than that, this episode was okay. I liked the copious amounts of sniffing (e.g. Hibiki sniffing her frog costume, durian-sniffing… that’s pretty much it). There better be some HamHam fanservice next episode!

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