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Children’s Day

Folks, it is no secret that I like children. Even as a wee lad back in the day, I would more often than not favour the younger cast members in the anime I watched, and this remains unchanged even till today. However, in this time and age, my fondness for the little ones is misconstrued to be malicious in nature. In order to dispel some of that prejudice, I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate Children's Day, by listing five of my favourite children in Japanese cartoons.

Kinomoto Sakura

I had the unfortunate privilege of watching Cardcaptor Sakura dubbed in Malay back in the day, but because I was not a full-on weeaboo at that time, it did little to stop me from loving this show and its main character. Sakura was the closest thing I had to being the first waifu, though as fate would have it, her seiyuu would eventually voice my true love about a decade later.

Azmaria Hendric

By the time I watched Chrono Crusade, I would have seen quite a number of little girls in anime, but this was probably the first time when I would consider one to be so... erotic. Then again, silver-haired albino lolis tend have an unexplainable allure that makes them seem more enticing than others. It does help that she was designed by the legendary Kuroda Kazuya, whose works I would come to appreciate in many a fap material later on.

Fate Testarossa

The only nine year old in existence who is bestowed with the bottom which could rival even the curviest of adult women. By now I already threw all sense of morality out of the window, so I had no qualms whatsoever savouring Fate's ass to its fullest extent. Then StrikerS came along, and I could only pull a Tony Kornheiser. The show itself was not a disaster per se, but everything I came to love about her vanished just like that. Still, I will fondly remember Fate as the only little girl who made me put on my shades and bite my lower lip.

Hachikuji Mayoi

It would seem that my depravity knew no bounds as I could still be attracted to the dead, as long they were cute and underaged. Ghost lolis are not exactly a new concept, but Mayoi comes mostly melodrama-free, so any guilt associated with wanting to take advantage of a child in spite of her unfortunate circumstances is all but diminished. Also, ghost blowjobs.


Turns out I have trace amounts of decency left after all. Out of the children listed here, only with Koume do I want to shower with love of the parental variety. While others I want to bring screaming into womanhood, this tiny tot is someone I would like to raise into womanhood instead. She is the daughter I aspire to have, yet I am faced with the conundrum of having to stop liking children in the manner which would land me in prison, in order to even stand a chance of persuading women of birth-giving capacity to copulate with me. I want to believe.

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  1. Sure is flaunting your meme knowledge here dad :oops:

  2. Children? Where are the shotas?

  3. I almost raged when I scrolled down to the last gif picture, until I read the text below it.

    In all honesty I’m disappointed at the lack of shotacon when Children’s Day is supposed to be a holiday for male children. THINK ABOUT THE SHOTAS

    Also, Justice and… who’s that guy. they should join forces and say “I LIKE DOUJINSHI OF SMALL CHILDREN”

    ….Something’s wrong with me.

  4. I want to believe

    We wish you the best in your endeavors, as does the correctional system.

  5. This is kind of… creepy.

    But yes, Fate-chan is the best.

  6. You are my hero. Always and forever.

  7. Chris Hansen would like you to have a seat over thar.

    This post disgusts me. So do you. Disgusting. Utterly.

  8. “She is the daughter I aspire to have, yet I am faced with the conundrum of having to stop liking children in the manner which would land me in prison.”

    No risk = No life ¿huh? :lol:

  9. You sir, are my hero.

  10. >screaming into womanhood

    As always, you have an incredible gift at picking the exactly perfect (read: most disturbing) methods of communicating your ideas and desires.

  11. @otou-san – You know how easy for me it is to avert the problem? Changing religions.

    @Yi – I am being honest!

    @FlyingFridge – I am glad I could inspire people :cry:

    @Panther – That’s who I am!

    @Lectro Volpi – I’m not getting any younger, so I am more risk-adverse

    @Sforza – I try to set an example!

    @ToastCrust – I like her, but she’s from a different medium.

    @vendredi – Well, I try.

  12. Wow, why did I click on this page.

    Now I’m going to have nigthmares.

  13. Stop being such a fucking pedophile you giant sack of shit.

  14. Annoying spike in normal people visiting on this article.

    Lolicon pride, bitches. :roll:

  15. @Shin – You and me both, dawg.

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