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Bye Bye Amagami

How long has it been since you had that feel at the end of an anime series?

You know that feel I am talking about; It is like waking up from a really good dream, or finishing a great book or RPG. It starts off unnoticeable when the ending theme(or sometimes opening theme) begins to play. You first realise it has been there when MPC-HC stops and something seems out of place.

Throughout the following day, or at least the next couple of hours, that impression is going to suck you in and dominate your thoughts. Your mind will keep trying to return to its proper place, but that is not possible, because that expectation for the next episode that you had grown accustomed to every week no longer exists. You are unable to shake off this nagging sensation of having nothing more to look forward to.

Despite all that, you know that you had enjoyed yourself a lot. Soon enough, you start getting used to that uncomfortable feeling and return to your normal self. From now on, you will always remember this show fondly. The longing might never disappear completely, but you will quickly learn to live with it. After a while, you might find yourself suddenly recalling things that were on your mind when watching it and talking about the show, and you'll feel good about it.

That sort of longing, call it an emptiness if you would, I had not felt it for quite some time like I did just now.

I had always loved Amagami's self-contained "What If?" arcs, where all the girls were given an equal amount of development as well as a good ending(with the exception of fatty). Better yet, the entire show has been an animated representation of my entire sadfrog.jpg image folder with all its "You will never..." scenarios :cry: Even though Ai is girl of the year, all years, and with the exception of the stalker, I truly felt attached to all the characters, even the Chinese girl swimmer senpai. No matter how you look at it, Miya's arc is essentially a "bad end" of sorts, since you will only ever trigger it if you had like a single heart point for all the other girls :lol: Still, it could not have been more of an appropriate final episode, since it does somehow reassure ronery faggots such as myself that even though I might not be able to score my own kuudere swimmer kouhai in real life, I have people around who still care for me.

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  1. I just felt that at the end of Madoka Magica.

    Thursdays will never be same.

  2. My first run through the whole of ARIA (all 50+ of it within just a few weeks), when I loaded up the final Origination episode I had this feeling.

    Also, hey do not give up on the Amagami Challenge, I won’t. There’s another Christmas coming. Game on!

  3. Dat Feel.
    Clannad got me there at it’s end. So Sue me.

  4. Me too, I’ve had my fair share of animes that left this peculiar feeling in me. :cry: One thing’s for sure, True Tears didn’t. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t feel rewarded seeing Hiromi win the love triangle, if you know what I mean. ;)

  5. Shin don’t forget that the drama cds etc are being translated and currently Haruka, Ai and Tsukasa are finished

  6. I felt like that after watching Madoka Magica (in fact I cried during the last episode, and I cried the next three times I re-watched it). Of course I’m not pretentious, like those people populating the forums bragging about how their theory was correct or some bullcrap, and well I’m not a peadophile but a shotacon. That’s different right? right? :roll:

    I get that feeling though, it happened to me a lot when I was a kid (the end of the first season of Sailor Moon, thinking there was nothing else after it) but it gets harder and harder to get it. I think last time I got it was with the Gurren Lagann movies/series, and that was quite a while ago.

    Hopefully we’ll never stop getting this feeling after getting so involved with a story. …Look what you did now I entered philosophical-nostalgic mode! :cry:

  7. There’s a reason why I have so many RPG’s left unfinished, with only the final boss left to do ;A;

  8. feel.dat

    Also, prosecute any heretic that uses VLC, WMP or any other player besides MPC-HC :roll:

  9. Never say never! Amagami is romance! a man without girlfriend romance! :cry:

    It was last year, man that was good, a good feeling (sucked at school but damn, Amagami!)

    It… will… never… end…

    Ah yes, Amagami took a bit of your humanity with the Amagami challenge, hehe. :wink:

  10. WTF… you all are wusses.

  11. @Kurogane Shiroikaze – I figured you’d feel this way about Diebuster/Gunbuster instead!

    @bluemist – Maybe I should just go for my imouto.

    @FlyingFridge – Most girls didn’t get enough screen time, and by girls, I mean Kyou, and she got shafted, so i felt nothing.

    @cryskolt – I’m not sure why people would bring in True Tears, especially since it’s so short at only 7 episodes.

    @Karuroso – My one respite!

    @yaku – Being anime fan is suffering

    @ToastCrust – I got hit the hardest with Lunar 2. Man that epilogue brought me to tears.

    @SnooSnoo – I only can’t stand it when they say VLC is better than MPC-HC

    @Lectro Volpi – I will feel lonely every Christmas even more so now thank to the show.

  12. In honor of Amagami SS and Miya-tan :kiss: , here’s that video again:

  13. I seriously dislike that feeling, it’s like breaking up not because you dislike each other but because one is going away. It’s like an incomplete (though complete) feeling.

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