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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 01: Titillating Tilts

Otherwise known as babby's first normal SHAFT anime. Call me a newfag if you will, but up to this point, all the SHAFT productions that I have watched looked as though the team used Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 to "animate" their shows. Thing is, I did not even realise this was SHAFT until 5 minutes and 46 seconds in when that fucking headtilt popped out of nowhere. I have always wondered what SHAFT did with the money they got off selling Bakemonogatari Blurays, so I guess this confirms that they finally invested in a decent piece of animation software. If anything, this show looks absolutely beautiful, and I am not simply piling on the praise like hipsters who considered SHAFT's slideshow efforts to be a work of art; This has actual animation, and that is saying a lot!

Enough of the technicalities. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is pretty much standard boy meets girl fare. However, while most other shows make this first encounter a special affair, the boy here meets the girl wrapped up in a futon, which anyone would mistakenly pass off as a corpse. One would also consider this a form of child abuse, since the girl is under the care of a dangerously attractive MILF resembling that one character from Toradora! who decided to settle down and start a family. Turns out boy and girl are actually cousins, or so the plot goes.

The plot also dictates this is to be comedy and because being male lead is suffering, the funnies are mostly at his expense as he has to put up with the all the girl's eccentricities. The girl claims to be an alien, and if this is anything like that SHAFT show about homeless people living under a bridge, I am inclined towards calling her a bluff. Well, branding her a liar would be harsh, since I believe, much like the show I mentioned in the previous sentence, she believes that she is an alien. Delusions resulting from years of abuse in a household she ran away, from no doubt. Not that any of that matters of course, since this girl, who goes by the name of Erio, is a walking pillar of sex wrapped up in a mattress. Unraveled, there is something about that unkempt appearance and half-shut, near orgasmic eyelids that gave me a raging hard-on; Like she was having intercourse with herself in that futon while simultaneously engaging in everyday activities.

Oh god I love Erio and this show so much already.

P.S The OP is so bad I cannot stop listening to it. It is like that cute girl you took to the karaoke and thought could sing but turned out to be horrible, yet she is so adorable trying that you went "Fuck it" and asked for an encore anyway. I had the song on loop as I wrote this post obviously.

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  1. a dangerously attractive MILF resembling that one character from Toradora!

    Looking forward to MILF end, and glad I’m not the only one who thought she looked a helluva lot like Ami.

  2. Not rori enough for shin

  3. shaft’s another trademark

  4. Too denpa for you?

  5. You should also know that the OP is sung by Erio herself.

  6. >walking pillar of sex
    I completely agree with that statement, the look of her eyes alone are enough to turn me into a quivering wreck. :lol:
    I’d unwrap her futon if you know what I mean.

  7. @Nazarielle – I hate old women, but I am willing to compromise if it ends up being a threesome.

    @Di Gi Kazune – The only real downside to this show.

    @~xxx – Don’t they realise how uncomfortable it is to pull this off in real life?

    @Godslayer – This being SHAFT, yes.

    @Kurogane – No wonder I can’t get enough of it!

    @Setsuna-san – I want doujins where the lead does her while she’s still wrapped in the futon

  8. This could make another fetish : Futon Fetish!

  9. @shin – so unfaithful to your Ranka-chan. She’s filing for divorce.

    *Astarotte’s Toy*

  10. So is this a third version of head tilting, in addition to
    ? The turning to look at you tilt?

    It’s been two years, Ranka is an old maid now and her cucumber is all shriveled up.

  11. This is… kind of creepy. Reminds me of some horror movies I’ve seen with the awkward head movements.

  12. I didn’t even realize this was done by SHAFT, no crazy text flashing in anywhere at all. I completely agree with you about Erio, she’s just one of those girls who’s so cute/hot that you can’t just brush her aside.

  13. I like my headtilts, especially Senjougahara’s. That made her hot.

    I have to agree with you though that Erio is hot. And this is actually Toradora about 20 years later.

  14. I demand gif of her eating pizza

  15. @ahelo
    Good call! Senjougahara’s head tilts were surprisingly sexy! :mrgreen:

  16. @walker – Pixiv agrees!

    @Di Gi Kazune – I like Hoshizora’s shota more!

    @westrim – SHAFTILT needs its own entry!

    @Yi – I’ve tried it in real life and didn’t win anyone over.

    @Nopy – All that money from Madoka!

    @ahelo – But no one likes Ami!

    @guest18 – If I had to make a gif of every good scene…

    @SabishiiMiruku – It’s bad for your neck

  17. @Shin – revokes lolicon badge. Replaces with a shotacon badge.

    Kugyukarin is almost perfection. Only Sanadashiro beats it.

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