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Plight of the Osana Najimi

Gaze your eyes upon this visage before you, folks. Cease everything and observe. The expression of shock, despair, and a beautiful yet timid helplessness that hides behind her strained features. This is the face of the childhood friend. This is what every single harem in Japanese cartoon history is built upon, what it advocates, because of the indecisiveness of the harem lead poorly passed off as "denseness".

The look that only lasted mere seconds, forgotten by most, brought stinging tears to my eyes; tears she herself could not express because of her own strength of character and the feelings he could only guess at. That she could only guess at.

Most of you would laugh at her face; "STATUS: Told □ Really Told □ Tic-Tac-Told ☑", you scoff, while others ship their own parings. I begrudge not of you! I begrudge those who know her as the childhood friend, and so their perceptions are fixed in stone! "The childhood friend never wins". "To hell!" I say, with conventions and those who look at her face and say "It Can't Be Helped!"

Folks, I ask of you. Do not judge the childhood friend. Spend a moment to look at her face ,that extra second the show just would not spare, instead spent on France's breasts and other fanservice scenes, and feel something for her. Continue hating her, if you will, for her desperate abuse of someone she loves, her attitude, her archetype, or have your heart opened to something you never saw before. I only request, nay, plead - that you spend an extra second considering her. Love her, hate her. I won't say which, it could be either, in my case as well. But look into those eyes, into that soul, and see more than she is being forced to be. Do not forget the childhood friend. She will never forget you.

It can be helped.

In other news, I just received this (you damn Chinks know what that is, and yes that's my name in Chinkrunes) from mai osana najimi whom I have not seen in FIFTEEN YEARS. Out of nowhere I get an invitation to the wedding? The pathetic thing is that is the only reason I even got the card is because my grandmother and mai osana najimi's obaachan are friends, which is also exactly why I can't decline ffffffffffff The whole ceremony's going to feel like one huge fucking NTR fest, and there's nothing I can do about it. This is nothing like my Japanese animes :cry:

P.S I still love China even though she is officially an obsolete character now. 你就是我的唯一 :cry:

Posted by Shin

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  1. But it’s the childhood friend’s fault (again) because she wasn’t straightforward (again). Damn you and your painful, stale tropes, Japan!

  2. Oh, I feel you all right bro. To not be able to see someone from your past for a very long time, and then finally getting to meet that person, only to find out that she’s not going to share the same type of elation as you during the meet-up. Nothing like the animes. :cry:

    In other news,

  3. Shinn, it’s like something out of a galge! Go to the wedding and whisk your osana najimi away in a bout of passionate eloping! take this opportunity to chase your dreams and make them come true!

    Or you know, make an absolute nutjob out of yourself and record the whole thing so we can secretly cry in our pure, otaku hearts at the cruelty and harshness of the world.

  4. I know… poor Cecilia.

    “Osana najimi” brought me to good old MC Anime (my favourite Spanish forum for anime download). Not exactly what I was expecting though. :???:

  5. Fap to the NTR.

  6. The poor osananajimi, her’s is often a difficult to impossible fight. But it’s not always so. Some do manage to win against their rivals. You have to have faith in their ultimate victory, like Manami in OreImo or Rihoko from Amagami. Though in the case of your osananajimi it seems it’s too late for you :cry:

    Thank you for you impassioned contribution to the osananajimi sciences! I wrote about it a while back and I hope that this important but underappreciated body of literature continues to grow.

  7. Lies and deceit every time you make a post or tweet about Country Wars. Nothing else to it now.

  8. But dad, aren’t you 15 years old? The numbers do not add up :eek:

  9. Mr Zhou, there a plenty of fish in the sea. You just need to keep fishing until you succeed. But having a guidebook like Amagami sorta helps, though. Also, as a corollary, observe how the osana najimi in THAT one didn’t get her proper end either.

  10. @ToastCrust:cry:

    @westrim – I support all childhood friends with the exception of Hiromi from True Tears. She is bitch incarnate and does not in any way represent the purity of a childhood friend.

    @cryskolt – It’s like mai osanajimi is just asking to be NTR’ed.

    @Yaku – Haha, you wouldn’t want to watch a Chinese wedding. It is by far the most torturous event ever conceived and I am not just saying it because I am butthurt. Trust me on this one. Time does not move in such an occasion.

    @Lectro Volpi – Between you and me, Brit-tan never stood a chance. I mean, when does the classmate character ever win anyway?

    @jpmeyer – No sir I don’t like it.

    @ExecutiveOtaku – Saved for posterity!

    @Panther – Go away Germany.

    @SnooSnoo – Heard of arranged marriages son? :roll:

    @Valence – Alone Forever.

    @Yamibakeru – The anime screwed her over, but not in the game, so I can accept it at least.

  11. @Shin D: Now I’m scared; aren’t weddings supposed to be an event to enjoy? D:

  12. >implying our glorious Lady Charlotte is inferior to Rin

    Your despair is punishment enough, heretic.

  13. But, isn’t it the osana Najimi was too shy to convey her feelings…
    Man, her character was in the sidelines already.

    But, I hope the beach episode will somehow change the race for character recognition.

  14. I am formulating this general theory that IRL Osana Najimi is an Advance Level of Friend Zoning. Call it a… “Super Friend Zone” if you will. I now need empirical and postulative evidence to support my proposition. Empirical I shall take from real life studies. Postulative, I shall conduct via a case-by-case analysis of various fictional works in which the Osana Najimi is a potential mate for the Main Character.

    I am hopeful and optimistic about findings.

  15. China will never win in a Japanese anime.

  16. When China catch up with Japan in anime,i may have been dead. :swt:

  17. I feel for ya Shin. Although at least you know who your Osana Najimi is… I never even knew the last name of mine and she is forever lost even in this facebook age :(

  18. The friend zone is a very real thing. Just accept it.

  19. I present counter evidence! I finally went back to New York, meeting up with old friends I had not seen or been in contact with for about 8 years. One girl amongst them, we eagerly embraced many times out of sight of the rest of them. I put on maximum denseness and resisted the soft petals know as her lips, though she certainly would not have complained. Oh, and she’s the younger sister of the girl I originally had a crush on all those years ago. Fuck yeah sorta-anime irl!

  20. @Turambar
    Woah. We meet here too?

  21. @Donutsonfire – Eh? Not sure if I know you. Turambar is a fairly well known Tolkien character so the username is all that rare.

  22. not going to make a twitter account, so might as well reply here to the ‘isblackmesareleased’ question: the answer is ln(2).

    And fuck the guys who made it. If I answer right, I should get to see the release date, dammit, not some stupid video…

  23. Lotte no Omocha.

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