Atarashii Prelude


Ore no Meido Shin Konna ni Kimoi Wake ga Nai

Folks, it is no secret that I am a faggot. That is why I strive to push the boundaries of my faggotry to great heights in order to become a faggot like no one ever was. The opportunity to up the ante of my faggotry levels presented itself in a form of maid outfit loaned to me by a cabal of self-styled trolls, led by the ubiquitous Eighteenth Guest.

I'll say it first, this was a rather half-assed attempt at crossplaying, which can be attributed to it being all done last minute, not to mention the fact that I wasn't sure if the benefactor for the outfit was going to follow through.

It wasn't until on the morning of the second day of the convention did I have confirmation that I would be receiving the rest of my kit. That alone wouldn't have been an issue had I bothered to prep up, which is to say that I forwent shaving.

As with my other attempts at faggotry, the purpose of this venture has always been to incite lulz, but I was somewhat pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. While there certainly was the intended reaction of setting people's retinas on fire, I too had a fair share of "Not bads" and "Almost theres" Certainly words of praise, considering it was all done in good fun. Sadly, the children were less accepting of queers, as I scared them away and even made a baby cry.

There were also those who chose to express their approval through less subtle means, by fondling and groping my nubile body, though I was mostly okay with it as they were, for the most part, girls. Being sexually harassed in public had a certain excitement to it. I sort of now know first hand what it feels like to be a character from one of my Japanese rape comics.

Props to impeached blog author Setsuna who, during his exile, went on to ply his trade in photography. That wasn't the only reason why I had faith in him taking photos of me of course, as by virtue of having associated with the site for so long, he has forged the mental fortitude strong enough to withstand the full force of my faggotry. It also helps that his camera's lens were less likely to crack once I showed up in its viewfinder.

I would also like to think that it has reached the point that the reaction images that linger his mind no longer include why.jpg nor sonimdisappoint.jpg, but rather imokaywiththis.jpg, or at least that is what I hope for. Then again, this is hardly his first time :lol:

Yes, I attempted something similar in the past, which was a good three years ago, when I was still an undergraduate. Looking back at those photos, also taken by an albeit less proficient Setsuna, I was hit with a certain sense of nostalgia. I have certainly come a long way in my journey into becoming a faggot my parents could be proud of.

Where do I go from here? I would certainly like to try this again, but with more effort going into the areas I have neglected this time around. After all, this has been a great way to meet people, especially women, who had no qualms whatsoever pressing their bodies against a cross-dressing pervert. And for some reason or another, I even got a flood of friend requests from females who liked what they saw. Come to think of it, isn't this how gay men are so popular with women?

Credits to Setsuna, my son Pirorin, Big Chizzu, Green Tea for the wig and a generous Oyaji for the photos.

Posted by Shin

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  1. LIKE!!! :mrgreen:

    But be prepared and shave next time, than that’ll be AWESOME! :razz:

  2. I came :<

    [ur bloggy said my comment's too short so I'm adding some smileys: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: ]

  3. I saw this on facebook and I was like sonimdisappoint.jpg, but now I’m like imokaywiththis.jpg

  4. Almost made me regret not going to CF just to share in the lulz and trolling.

  5. Disappointing lack of erect nipples.

  6. WhatisthisIdonteven.jpg

    …Shinn, what have I ever done to you, to deserve such an eye-raping?? :cry:

    Now jokes aside, if you shaved and used some make up (I’d suggest getting some of those new female acquaintances to aid you in that department. I swear it makes wonders and you’ll be making them happy for having a new boy-toy to play with. Two birds with one stone!) You’d definitely be Princess Princess material. Oh how I wish to see you personally when that moment comes…

    Oh, and some shiny cute shoes, because those you’re wearing? Not working at all.

    God, I can’t believe I just saw all your pics, read all this and wrote in this post.

  7. I’m not ready for this

  8. I can’t believe my eyes

  9. Lol, it’d have been fine if you had just shaved.

  10. That’s the way Shin ! So… when will you have your operation ?

  11. Lol! Where did you order the outfit?

  12. Not half bad :)

    My only complaint is that I hate the word faggot, and think you should be prepared and shave next time.

  13. Not bad. Almost there. Just need to shave a bit more.

  14. I thinks the words would be “MINE EYEEEEEEES” except that after years of exposure to anime I can only find it highly amusing. Would be laughing my head off if it weren’t for a toothbrush in my mouth.

  15. Leg hair = pig disgusting.

    Also, cute men don’t shave. THEY PAINSTAKINGLY PULL OUT EVERY SINGLE STRAND, ONE BY ONE. You, therefore, are not that cute for a man yet.

    Keep it up though.


  17. If only you had panty hose to cover up those leg hairs, seriously

  18. You’d do surprisingly well as a trap if you shaved and put some make up on :o

  19. Dude, even I shaved, and I was wearing pantyhose.

  20. meidoshin5.jpg < so fucking GOLDEN

    Needs more fanservice shots.

    -Hats off to Setsuna.

  21. I’m just glad my camera survived this. :lol:

  22. Shaving is not enough, you need to wax… And how about some makeup next time??? :evil:

  23. If you don’t want to shave, at least wear black stockings next time. Dear god.

  24. I think I still respect you. Not that you really care about it :???:

  25. There’s no way my maid Shin can be this hairy

    and please shave your armpit too

  26. There’s no way my maid Shin can be this hairy

    Also please shave your armpit too next time

  27. Shave your damned body hairs. My shota can’t be this hairy. :P :roll:

  28. Oh dear. Hair is a sign of MANLINESS. Go dressed as Kogarashi next time.

  29. You actually look half decent, that is until I saw your legs. Next time I would invest in some black hosery and some comfyf lady flats all under 20 bucks to be successful. But nice try.

    When I first got onto the site and skimmed over the picture I thought you were a chic.

  30. I no longer need eyes . . .

  31. Wow Shin… :lol:

  32. Shave the armpits + black pantyhose + cuter glasses = I’d hit it. :kiss:

  33. I died…
    You are indeed need some major, major shaving.

  34. Needs longer sideburns and hairier pits imo.

  35. So, how did Rinko felt about you getting all the extra attention from those females? :swt:

  36. May I fap now? :roll:

  37. MY EYES, IT BURNS LIKE A LAKE OF ACID WITHIN A THOUSAND SUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  38. You know, I used to have this bunch of yaoi fangirls amongst my otaku circle back in Junior College – your equivalent of high school, and a number of them had this hobby of stuffing guys into meido uniforms. Thank goodness they didn’t get me.

    But here’s a tip next time you attempt such endeavors: get a girl to help out with makeup. At the end of it, if the girl knows what she’s doing, you’ll be so fucking ambiguous that Pico would be proud.

    Not that I’m speaking off experience, of course…

  39. Shin, if I ever get a Death Note, you are the first person I’ll kill.

  40. Who wants some Shin’s Shimapan? Jon might take it on auction

  41. …. words fail me to describe this disaster…

    *crying* at-… at least… SHAVE YOUR GODDAMN ARMPIT!!! :cry:

  42. Oh god why am I aroused. Shinn please be maiwaifu.


    You are now classified as “Giant Faggot” under the LULZ category.


  45. Mine eyes! These wounds, they will not heal!

    Also, I think the fact that I was only momentarily shocked, and then went staight to lolthisiscool.jpg says terrible things about me.

  47. Who do you think you are? Kayo Police?

  48. I just noticed the shimapan hanging from your feet. (οΊ§η›ŠοΊ§)

  49. Well, thank you for the hints on how to improve on my next attempt. I’ll be sure to go the extra mile as I am now prepared to not only shave but to wax as well and put makeup on. As for those who lost their sight, there’s nothing I can do, considering that you should always prepare when coming to this place :lol:

  50. damn… i came by xmas day and i got my eyes ruined X_X

    well… i guess itz shave and get better shoes i reckon.. and get some1 to do makeup for u XD

  51. In all seriousness though (what?) you’re a pretty cute and passable trap. Next time shave your legs and armpits, and wear some decent shoes dammit. Also lose those black socks under the pantyhose. The hair is beautiful and your glasses work well. If you ever trap again for a con, give me a call and I’ll tell you my room number.

  52. Nice attempt, “Toshiko”. I would have given it A+ for the fashion boy, if you dig what I mean, had ye done a bit more detailing with your Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide…..what I’m trying to say is that if you want to seriously come across with Sanada you’ll have to do more with that razor than shave your grill.

  53. I didn’t think i could throw up this much..i just burned through two trash bins.. thanks shin!

  54. no words…impossible…to…describe….can….only…fap….hard

  55. wow! shin u got the look! hahahaha! seriously if you wax and use the lady shoes with makeup, u will look like a super hot chick! :kiss:

  56. I saw a photo of you on Facebook and I was wondering who it was..until I checked your site for updates, I only found out it was you.

    I must say, you got guts..

  57. I wanna be the Faggot… :roll:

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