Atarashii Prelude


An Introspection into the Blonde Bitch and the Black Cat

Putting aside my voracious sexual appetite for girls voiced by Kana Hanazawa, what makes Kuroneko that much more endearing in my eyes now is how well she is portrayed in contrast to the likes of Kirino, whom I feel at this point has little redeeming qualities left other than being a cumdumpster. Even at the very beginning, the differences between the two in regards to their taste in anime has really been emphasised, so it was an eye opener of sorts to see that this is extended to their lives at home too, particularly Kuroneko, whose haughty nature turned out to be but a facade for her otherwise caring and humble character.

What I really liked about this episode is the obvious disparity in terms of wealth between the two. As a poorfag weeaboo who is surrounded by affluent peers, this really hit home for me. On one hand, Kirino is a lavish spender who hoards and indulges in over-priced goods to savour the otaku experience. Despite seemingly well off, she is stuck buying merchandise in order to fuel her selfish interests. Kuroneko on the other hand is an interactive otaku who draws, writes fanfiction, delves into cosplay. Stuck in the lower-middle income bracket, she deludes herself with fantasy by taking on a persona she acquired from her favourite anime that only she can embrace from her otherwise mundane and difficult life. Story of my life.

The alternating sequences below say it all:

Kirino's anime merchandise collection: DVDs, CDs, figurines, the works.

Kuroneko's anime merchandise collection: NOPE :cry:

Kirino's television: A 50 inch LED HDTV with HDMI + DVI interface.

Kuroneko's television: A 14 inch CRT, with S-Video only :cry:

Kirino's computer(s): A Sony L and P VAIO series

Kuroneko's computer: A 10 inch Acer netbook she got for a bargain from Amazon Japan, barely enough to run her visual novels :cry:

Kirino's Comiket loot: Doujinshis, Doujin music CDs, the works.

Kuroneko's Comiket loot: NOPE. <- THIS! Just ask the people I go out to conventions with, and they will tell you that I enter and leave the vicinity in the same state. And then in colloquial English they will ask, "Shin, you no buy anything ar?" FFFFFFFFF


I love Kuroneko because she is poor like me :cry: I would ask her hand in marriage and we will start a small family where she is the stay-at-home mom who watches anime and blog on Mixi all day neglecting our child while I slog from 9 to 5 trying to make ends meet like any other poverty stricken household. Living the dream.

Posted by Shin

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  1. www.

    I feel you…poorfag. I feel you.

    No i lie. I have a job as a hot underwear model and you don’t.


  2. oh teruknya shin

  3. So… After seeing Saori in this episode. Still think Kyosuke x Saori is the worst pairing ever? :roll:

  4. Aha! I’m not the only poor otaku!

  5. Wow, I actually am reading a post by Shin that is serious and actually enlightening! Without coming off laughing!

    Ah how I know well those days going to ‘cons and wanting to buy nasty Chinese knockoff posters and figurines, thinking that is the way a real fan should be.

    Thank god I discovered blogging instead.

  6. For once, I agree with you…except the liking Kuroneko and Hanazawa Kana parts.

  7. That is why you work and make moolah so that you can move from kuroneko category to kirino category. I think kuroneko should go into gosumodelling and make moolah to fuel her habits!

    I used to use the common vcr/tv to watch my animu. Now I have 3 PCs to do the job. >_>

    Remember, it’s the working class middle aged otakus that fund the industry.

  8. I believe Kuroneko’s laptop are the Sony Vaio E series because I can see that its the same as mine. :swt:

  9. I wonder what would happen if Kuroneko hit it big with one of her novels. Would the money change her?

  10. Kirino’s computer(s): A Sony L and P VAIO series


    Putting aside my voracious sexual appetite for girls voiced by Kana Hanazawa

    You said it brothe-

    Suou Pavlichenko


  11. Kuroneko = better than Kirino in every conceivable way.

  12. Kuroneko’s right about one thing: Kirino really needs to be kicked down the stairs a bit more often. While everything gets handed to Kirino on a gilded platter, Kuroneko has to work hard to get what she wants. As someone who appreciates good work ethic and caring personalities, that puts Kuroneko by far and away the best character in that show.

  13. Dat Kuroneko can’t be this amazing. :cry:

    I am pleased to be with such fine gentlemen with such fine taste!

    I was actually moved when I saw Kuroneko in casual clothing, she is such a… muffin?

    Thanks for the light Mr. Shin, much appreciated.

  14. >Shin, you no buy anything ar
    For the record I do not speak like that.

    On the topic of moolah however, Saori is much more loaded compared to Kirino and Kuroneko but she flaunts her wealth in a much more sophisticated manner while Kirino hoards merchandise and treats them like some sort of barbaric trophies. :oops:

    In any case, Kuroneko>Kirino in all departments.

  15. @wolfx – >he wears Renoma

    @RangerKarl – Feels bad man.

    @SnooSnoo – It isn’t “worst” per se, just that she’s way out of his league in regards to almost everything, but then again anime logic dictates that she craves for his (relatively speaking) poorfag cock anyway.

    @Kurogane Shiroikaze – I am but a disgruntled poorfag voicing out his frustrations.

    @Panther – I would think that you would agree with those parts at the very least w

    @Di Gi Kazune – I do not comprehend your lavish lifestyle :oops:
    @yamada – Damn richfag!

    @Kabitzin – I would like to think that by virtue of being poor her whole life that she has been instilled with enough good values not to be influenced too much by wealth, so while it might certainly alter her lifestyle, she wouldn’t be a bitch overnight.

    @Jesus159159159 – Problem, officer? I would Suou, especially Suou :twisted:

    @Caraniel – If anything, Kuroneko’s cute loli imouto beats whatever Kirino has already.

    @zzeroparticle – And looking at the way this series is geared, Kirino might walk away with it all at the end when Kyousuke picks her over Kuroneko :cry:
    @Lectro Volpi – I personally have a weakness for tsunderes like Kirino, but she has gone past the point of redemption for me, especially in the presence of other, better characters.

    @Setsuna-san – I wasn’t being specific :razz: A similar vein of flaunting is prevalent in places like Danny Choo’s w

    @Winbox – Fucking poorfags!

  16. The more I think about it, the more I feel for Kuroneko. I had always wondered why she kept wearing that same loli goth outfit, and at first I assumed she had a wardrobe of identical ones. Turns out that is her only pair :cry: Funny though in a certain Kuroneko doujin I read, she tells Kyousuke that it is her favourite outfit but he ends up cumming all over it. That fucking asshole :evil:

    Also, I shouldn’t have gone NOPE.AVI for Kuroneko’s collection, since technically speaking, downloaded anime count for something :roll: Don’t see the problem of her passing a flash drive to Kirino episodes of her deepfag anime :lol:

  17. It’s called one to watch on, one to use to troll you at the same time and one to pr0n while travelling. :D

    Kirino is being the typical teenage girl who has spending power. Use Beverly Hills 90210 as your example. Instead of funneling it towards boys, she channels it towards her secret hobby. Makes perfect sense of her behaviour.

    PS. Kirino is more an otaku than this board combined. Now THAT’S scary.

  18. This episode confirms another thing aside from Kuroneko awesomeness:

    Kirino’s character was intentionally crafted in such a way so they can cut her down to size…and I think it will hurt.

    Also…poor Shin…I feel for you.

  19. You’re just after Kuroneko’s little sister, aren’t you?

  20. You’re still being too generous to Kuroneko. I don’t think her TV has S-Video, more like RGB composite inputs. :cry:

    This episode redeemed the trash that was the previous episode (where Kirino landed an anime deal) because it gave complete context to Kuroneko’s ranting.

    The story of my life is in the middle. I have a monster PC capable of two-Crysis games running at the same time, yet I download my animus and have the same amount of clothes.

  21. Kuroneko’s TV is like how I used to watch anime… on some crappy TV we got for $100 on Black Friday which only had S-Video. Ah the memories!

    I agree with Kurogane though, good post!

  22. I understand that Kuroneko indeed is a poor girl with a heart of a mature lady.
    Though Kirino got a [hd] Tv and kuroneko only got a TV that we had 18 years ago… I think the quality of the show must have been hard since it is not as sophisticated as the clear view on kirino’s side.

    At least Kuroneko’s got a little sister who got her 100% support.
    and Kyosuke got it also.


    …Nah, I’m a poorfag too. But I do some things which help me afford my anime-related nonsense.

    Like saving money. :wink:

    My Life: pretty much what bluemist said.

    And don’t you think Kuroneko’s a better sibling than Kirino ever was, or could be?? :cool:

  24. Get your corrupt hands off my Ruri, you deviant.

  25. Kirino is become more and more annoying. She was cute in the beginning being all tsun and dere but now she just acts as a douchebag. Kuroneko all the way! :oops:

  26. Down with the Bourgeoisie weeaboos!! We must control the means of otaku production!

  27. Kuroneko knows her powerlevels.

    It’s not being poorfag, it’s being in without spending a single cent on it. And that, is ausum.


  28. I dislike that about Kirino too; she’s spending way too much money, money she obviously didn’t make herself. Plus it’s not only about anime shit, she also spends shit loads of money on clothes, jewelry and brand-name girly stuff. Bitch needs to start working instead of leeching of her daddy.

    While I understand the pain of not being able to get the merchandise you like, I can’t say I’m with you in this one Shinn since I try to indulge and get figures and doujins; like I always bring stuff from conventions lol. But for around 80% of what I have I used the money from my part-time job.

    BTW, your Kuroneko? she’s a fangirl (or fujoshi whatever makes you happy to admit).

    • @Yaku

      She doesn’t leech off daddy. She is spending her own hard earned moolah from pimping her lolicious (copyright stripey) 3D-self to 3D-lolicon loving freaks. Ah… the life of a young grauve idol.

      Makes you wonder who are the real piidous. The 3D loving ones or the 2D loving ones?

    • What Di Gi said.

      Also, I do admit that I am not as bad off compared to Kuroneko since I am able to afford a couple of luxuries every now and then :oops:

      Yes, MY Kuroneko, although in real life, an emo goth like her would probably a whale, so I don’t know…

  29. Hole crap, look at kuroneko’s desk chair; it’s not even a proper chair it’s a fold-up you can get like, stolen.

    Ok Now I feel for kureneko ;_;

  30. Hey, look at the bright side, everyone got screen time this eps. even Mana-….. wait. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  31. Man, this post is just begging for a “Show ▼

    “. Living the dream indeed OTL

    For the record, I’m quite lucky that my dad has a good government job and my parents have no expensive hobbies so I’m a lot more like Kirino than Kuroneko… on the flip side, it means that I’m obligated to actually make money when I graduate, which might be easier said than done (lol English degree lol). Either way, Kuroneko is the far more endearing of the two~

  32. Oh poor Shinn… you should open a donation box for ya to get some ERORORI-doujinshi and amagami-SchutzStaffel dakimakura. Oh wait…

    Whatever, at least you have good enough tastes to like Kuroneko-sama. But since I have moar okane than you I’ve got moar chance to get her as a waifu~

  33. i can be kirino and you can be kuroneko. lets go date or something? :roll:


    >me kirino



    on a serious note though, i dont own sony VAIO(s) and 50inch LED TVs wwww
    looking forward to buy a new 40-42″ inch LED + home theater system, but seeing the way i spend, that dream is ever so far away wwwwwwwwwww

  34. So unfair. I guess at least Kuroneko has more fans… albeit not in her world.

  35. I wish to give Kuroneko a hug. Stroke her hair and whisper “It’ll be all right. . .”

    Would Shin like a hug too?

  36. @Di Gi Kazune – But Kirino is just a richfag who thinks she knows about otakudom :oops:

    @Sforza – Donate!

    @FFVIIKnight – It’s part of the package!

    @bluemist – I still can’t run Metro 2033 :cry:

    @Epi – I used a similar television growing up too as my parents couldn’t afford a new one and even when we did switch it was because the old one got struck by lightning :cry:

    @~xxx – Kyousuke’s the only one having the short end of the stick.

    @Valence – Not just sibling, waifu even.

    @Skribulous – I just want to love her tenderly.

    @Nagato_Yuki – I never thought Kirino was cute, other than being a good fuck :cool:

    @EvilDevil – Down with the rich moefags!

    @Shance – Not that she could even if she had a chance :cry:

    @Yaku – The tears. They will not stop flowing :cry:

    @TroytheSkull – Her story ended in episode 5(?) Deal with it.

    @ETERNAL – Well at least you don’t have to work two jobs from home just to support your sickly sister :cry:

    @Mereck – I gave some of the money I made from the previous donation for Kuroneko to buy her Machera artbook.

    @Quazacolt – Will you be happy with Kirino as a waifu?

    @Yi – I will buy her Nendoroid scheduled this Spring.

    @Anonylol – Only if you’re below a certain age.

  37. I like to buy things, but not because I think that’s how a real fan or anything should be. It’s because I just like to have the stuff. I like to have the things that represent what I love most. Still, like you I’m a poor otaku, so I never do manage to buy much. Thus it seems all the more special when I do manage it.

    And like you, I blog.

  38. I, too, am a poor motherfucker.
    Even when I was younger, my parents would never spend a dime on statues on little girls and volumes of manga I’ve already read. And now I’m too busy fucking up at school and being unemployed to have any of the useless shit I so desire.

    Aside, I think Kuroneko’s sister might just be too cute to fuck.

  39. @Shin

    We can always . . . pretend.

  40. Mine eyes! THe live oreimo 3D pr0n x_x

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