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A Personal Appeal

Hello readers. I have been blogging Japanese cartoons for quite a while now, but I need to ask something important of you. My little sister has been sickly her entire life as she suffers from a rare condition known as Keyaidus Syndrome. I am currently commuting to work from home right now and can spare little time to attend to her. My mother homeschools my little sister, as she is unable to go out much due to severe lethargy.

She mostly spends her time watching anime and reading manga with me. She also enjoys immersing herself in the visual novels that I download for her, such as Kana: Little Sister. To cut to the chase...her condition is getting worse fast due to the aforementioned congenital disease.

Her favourite manga is Gunslinger Girl, as she is able to relate to the lives of the heroines. She loves to pretend that she is one of the cyborg girls where I am her handler and we are living an interesting life in Italy. We have both been waiting for quite a while for someone to translate Volume 12 and 13. If I am not mistaken, 13 is the last volume for the entire series.

If you are lacking the means of translating manga, I implore that you make a donation so I am able to commission scanlators for the task. Personally, I wish I did not have to resort to this, but my family is poor and whatever income that I make goes towards my little sister's medical bills and broadband internet.

Please, if I could ask for one thing of this world in my entire it would be the translation of the last few volumes to materialise so me and my sister can read it together.

Posted by Shin

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  1. Wait you have an editor?

  2. Oh god, i fucking lol’ed. Donated USD 1 for your effort.

  3. Well played sir, well played. :lol:

  4. YES. we could all use more Gunslinger Girls. :cry:

  5. Your sister can’t be this imaginary.

  6. 1. Shin, for the n-th time. You don’t have a sister!!!

    2. Keyaidus Syndrome –> Keyaidus –> Key Aidus –> KEY AIDuS –> Key AIDS. :roll:

    3/10 Try again.


  8. Shucks, x button doesn’t work :<

    and whatever income that I make goes towards my little sister’s medical bills and broadband internet.

    :kiss: :neutral: :razz: :wink: :lol: :cry: :grin: :eek:

  9. Donated 32¢. Hope it helps your sister!! :wink:

  10. /me hears PDRM incoming

  11. Oh look! Shinn needs some jinsei soudan! Let’s be a brotha~

  12. Is it tax deductible?

  13. You’re no Jimmy.

  14. Reading from the comments give me mixed feeling about this :???:

  15. Everybody lies.


  16. Keyaidus… it sounds adorably terminal.

  17. Wow, Shin, I didn’t even know you’ve decided to move to Nigeria to pursue a profitable career there. :cool:

    And that appeal thingy, makes it sound as though Atalude is gonna open its own wiki, like an entry for Shin: King of Lolicons.

  18. If you’re serious about getting someone to scanlate Gunslinger Girl, you totally have my $$$.

  19. Not sure when this became a meme but I lol’d anyway.

  20. Oh god roflmao. Shin, you never fail to amaze me.

  21. You didn’t need to mention your sister. Gunslinger Girl should be enough reason for people to donate.

  22. I completely believe this. I dont get much pocket money from my mummy but I will send what I can. :3

  23. If only I had such a loving onii-chan! ;_; oh wait I do.

    Sorry about the lack of funds, but as a poor student even a penny on the floor is an event to rejoice (in fact I believe I’m freaking my classmates out whenever they see me finding a penny).

  24. But is she crying in the snow?

  25. This meme is like ten thousand years old, Shin. You could’ve thought better shit. :razz:

  26. Oh shit, that was a real link.

  27. See this post > cry manly tears > decides to donate a couple bucks > realised that I have no paypal account > FFFFUUUU!!!

  28. I think having an editor just disrupts the flow of ideas… asides it’s pressure based experience.
    I think your sis needs more attention now., and you need to give her your gunslinger(I think it’s better not.)?

    Take good care of her.

  29. I’d be moved to donate if I could find any information on that disease.

  30. Shin you magnificent bastard, I wish I could read your book.

    That is, Paypal suspended my account due to ‘suspicious activity’. If you can somehow crack it open you can have all the stuff inside.

  31. :cry:
    I hope you’ll be ok man, work hard for her.

  32. Your the best older brother ever!! :D
    :wink: :wink:

  33. My gratitude to the kind souls who donated. I don’t know how to thank you all enough :cry:

  34. @DFC – I am the only staff member left, what do you think? :oops:

    @Kurogane – My gratitude to you, kind sir!

    @maru – Nothing to nii~pah about.

    @Setsuna-san – My sister is only second to that :cry:

    @Panther – If no one donates, then she will be :cry:

    @sage – I want to believe

    @Nano – I am part British

    @Jesus159159159 – If it did, no one would donate :cry:

    @Kei – What gave it away?

    @SnooSnoo – Thank you for your donation!

    @Di Gi Kazune – WHY WOULD THEY???

    @bluemist – My sister does, not me :oops:

    @Baka-Raptor – Yes, and if you donate now, you’ll even save 30% off your car insurance!

    @Chenoan – I am Nigel

    @otou-san – There is a cure, but I can’t be assed to collect orbs.

    @Kinny Riddle – I have a database, but with the government.

    @ToastCrust – Thanks for the monies!

    @kevo – That I am this caring? :cry:

    @Yi – It’s a bonus

    @A Concerned Child – Thank you for your donations

    @Yaku – I know what it feels like to be broke too :cry:

    @Epi – She is crying in the hailstorm :cry:

    @Shance – Has the disease :cry:

    @Valence – I am a professional NEET

    @Winbox – As real as Keyaidus

    @cryskolt – It is alright, I still appreciate it :cry:

    @~xxx – I will :cry:

    @Xewleer – It’s so rare that is has not been documented anywhere :cry:

    @Ningyo – That’s alright, it’s the thought that counts :cry:

    @peacefan – I will :cry:

    @foshizzel – Because she is the best imouto :cry:

  35. @Valence

    QFT we all know Shin’s a NEET

  36. i clicked donate. then i realized i am a poorfag.

    and no that doesnt mean you’re free from the ransom money :evil:

  37. Remember guys, Shin doesn’t have a sister. XD

  38. we need proof of your imaginary little sister shin…
    put up some pics and I’ll donate my air…
    pics you with her, not some random pedo fap material you have….

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