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My Ship Can’t Be This Sunk

Abandon vessel, shippers, as the show ended last week with Manami winning the war. Hard to dispute that result if she gets pregnant from all that hand holding, right? This is the Clannadman we're talking about after all...Who am I kidding? Manami didn’t win, and she is never going to. And the last thing I want is being reminded of that.... :evil:

Imagine with me for a moment, folks, that you stumble upon a series that catches your attention. Little of it has been translated, as it is only in light novel and/or manga format for the time being, though it is slowly gaining ground in terms in popularity in Japan. Updates for it come once in a blue moon, though you adamantly follow the series with dedication despite the fact that the source material is light-years ahead of the translations.

Now imagine that the series has been suddenly added to those anime season guides on blogs you normally do not care about otherwise. You tent you fingers and go “Eeeeeeeeeeexcellent... Now maybe the translations will be churned out faster and I'll be able to actually discuss it with other fans!"

Nope. Instead of waiting for actual translations to be released, a sizeable portion of the new fanbase looks up spoilers for the upcoming episodes. While doing so is entirely within their right, they do so just to flaunt their "in-depth" knowledge over you despite having only watched the anime. Some even go to the extent of passing off that newly acquired knowledge as "speculation", which only serves to reinforce that false sense of superiority. You are now forced to choose between going back to avoiding discussion or dealing with having everything spoiled for you which you had so patiently waited a year for. In the end, you are left worst off than ever before as now you are unable to discuss it with ANYONE without some twat telling you that your predictions are wrong all because they have read summaries for a series that they never intended to follow in the first place.

That is what my entire experience with OreImo has been like so far. I usually have no problem with people who hop on the band wagon, but I think I can finally say for once that bandwagon-ers have legitimately ruined this series for me. And not in the usual "The fanbase is shit" kind of way.

To anyone that read the light novel summaries and then come waving your dick in my face: I hate you. So much.

P.S I am not actually mad over Manami losing.

P.P.S This was originally scheduled as last week's post, but got delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, like me being boned by my ISP :oops:

Posted by Shin

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  1. come get some hrrrngnhhh~!!!!!

    :kiss: we love you too Shin!

  2. We know the wincest route is the only way to go. Manami will be a good consolation prize as she is a cute meganekko.

  3. I can see it if manami became pregnant:

    Manami: Kyochan, you have to take responsibility
    Kirino: BAKA ONIICHAN! *I* wanted to be your fir…
    Papa: YAY! My son is not a worthless otaku afterall.
    Mama: ^^
    Ayase: YES! Now Kirino can be all MINE! MINE MINE MINE!
    Ruri: sex maniac

  4. I never wanted Manami to win, I found her annoying. Cute, but annoying.

  5. Truth in television. Childhood friend always loses. Yes its sad, but its true nontheless. :cry:

  6. This anime has prompted so much blogging over its fan base.

    Well, about Manami. There is a thing called the “friend zone”. Childhood friends never hook up, especially when they’ve been friends forever.

  7. Maybe Amagami’s Rihoko will win as a childhood friend this week, giving courage to all the osananajimi’s out there.

  8. Well, the anime could end up differently from the LN right ?
    Okay, chances ar slim but not non-existent.
    Anyway, Manami just sucks, Kuroneko shall prevail ! :cool:

  9. Shipping for Saori x Kyosuke :roll:

  10. @Shance – NO JUST FRUSTRATED :evil:
    @bunny – ;_;

    @Di Gi Kazune – She is also best waifu material.

    @yamada – I am just angry at twats that rub spoilers in my face, that’s all :oops:
    @Chenoan – Well as long as we agree she’s adorable.

    @Setsuna-san – I usually ignore these types as well, but I felt so sorry for Manami when Kyonsuke told her that he would turn down anyone who confesses to him

    @Yi – What I talked about can really apply to a lot of things, but yes!

    @Booto – Ah yes, the beacon of hope for that archetype, although sadly not many share her fortune, as even Rihoko had to go through 4 alternate universes to get to where she is.

    @Mereck – Kuroneko is my second favourite, so I can actually root for that ending.

    @SnooSnoo – Worst pairing ever!

  11. You mean those people who will rush to any kind of spoiler, stupidly posting the last page of the manga/ending/important plot revelation/twist in a first post without any kind of warning whatsoever or page-cut so people who didn’t watch it yet get an eye raping first thing in the morning because a retarded moron couldn’t contain the fact that they already know what’s gonna happen and shoved it on your face conscious or unconsciously?

    …Yeah, I know of those too.

    Seriously I got the FMA manga fucking spoiled because some bitch felt like posting the last manga page and a nice explanation of what happened on the top of their blog without a cut. But I know you won’t do such a thing that’s why I keep on reading yours, Shinn. You’d never do such a thing, right? RIGHT?!?!?! O_=

  12. Nice one, I remembered that holding hands…

    and it was not in Oreimo.

    Anyways, I was kept there guessing if Manami and Kyousuke will become lovers(as of now, definitely not!) and if they would really do what was written up on the post.

    overall, that was one of the ‘minimize Kirino Exposure’ that gave OreImo a break over otaku pandering and Kirino disease which anyways killed the inner half of me.

    Just put Manami back to the screen!

  13. @Yaku – Yes, my example applies to many instances, not limited to just this. I may post all sorts of disgusting content, but spoilers are the last thing I will ever resort to :roll:

    @TroytheSkull – I wish I could promote this comment.

    @~xxx – My rage is compounded by the fact that the producers gave us that one measly episode as consolation for future episodes when she is going to be sidelined for the rest of the series.

  14. ISP is getting tired of dealing with your lolicon bullshit, better start using public wireless for that stuff.

  15. sorry, GARham Akerman , thanks.

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