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Son, I Am Disappoint

If I was the father, I would have whooped his ass too.

First off, the dad was completely right, she was playing an R-18 game about knocking up your little sister, and that is just plain wrong. And then this dumbass tries to be a white knight and say that game was his. I would have kicked his sorry ass for playing an eroge about impregnating his little sister on her computer, disown him and then throw him out of the house.

There was NOTHING Alpha about what he did.

People look up to what he did simply because I am certain that they get off to loli porn and want to sniff their sister's panties. I will pretend that the show ended with the father killing him and the little sister before turning the gun on the mother and himself.

Even animals know imouto love is wrong. Are you lower than animals, Japan?

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  1. Still like the playing imouto eroge on your imouto’s computer in your imouto’s room part the best.

  2. You’re just jealous of Kyousuke’s WONICHAN GAR :P

  3. Maybe I’m really lower than animals. Not for Kirino though.

  4. I have come to the conclusion that Shin is a verbal tsundere. Always saying the opposite of what he loves. :roll:

  5. I wish I have the courage to explain my hobby to my dad like Kyousuke, really.

  6. It’s kinda a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy over here. My dad actually offered me pr0n secretly planted somewhere in the house. Sadly since he’s a generation behind he doesn’t understand my fetish.

    Hey if I have a sister who’s a minor yet having R18 stuff I’d be angry too, even if it were H anime or eroge. Kyousuke’s defense of the imouto is cool but fail.

    Think about it. This girl does gravure, and she has pr0n. By 18 she’s going AV.

  7. You wouldn’t be saying the same things if Kirino was 4 years younger.

  8. Reverse psychology post detected.

  9. Brothers should cover for their sisters.

    Cause if a girl gets kicked out of the house, she’ll be TOTALLY unable to adapt, being out of her natural environment.

    A guy could live off recycling from garbage cans with the best of them.

  10. Won’t somebody please think of the sisters! :cry:

  11. I think our resident tanuki would save the sisters.

  12. @bluemist -

    QFT if I ever found out my sister does this shit I’d be the first to tell the parents..for her own good

  13. LOL at the jokesubs, taken straight from that “Kawaii means cute” sad-otakutard gag 4-koma.

    Made even funnier by the fact Kyousuke’s dad is voiced by Tachiki Fumihiko, AKA NERV Commander Ikari Gendo. :lol: (And this isn’t even the first time Tachiki has played the strict dad of a closet-otaku daughter. )

    “Yeah, so I love playing sis-con eroge in my sister’s computer in my sister’s room! So what’re you gonna friggin do about it?” For some reason it sounds both pathetic and epic at the same time. XDD

  14. yet surprisingly I’m totally okay with this is it’s an imouto as cute as Kirinrin

  15. I think it was very cool of him, I’ve played a number of lil’ sister eroge’s thanks to some suggestions from friends, I can’t say I enjoyed them, but I didn’t hate them either. Regardless, if I had shit like that hanging around and my bro did something like that for me I’d be abso-fucking-lutely ecstatic. Though, for the record, my brothers consist of narrow-minded bogans’ that would find the idea of cartoon porn laughable in itself. Though I’m sure having lived ’round these parts a while you’d have come across a number of them. Particularly Sydney. So I’m in favor of his actions. Brotherly big brothers are the best.

  16. Methinks the Shin doth protest too much

  17. I am in a public place leeching wi-fi, please don’t make me laugh like a crazy person in front of strangers, pretty please uguu~

  18. Sarcasm or not, you are still my hero… gotta watch the episode! :thx:

  19. I’m surprised Gendou didn’t punch Kyousuke sooner.

    Also talking the big brother thing a bit too far with claiming the disturbing imouto eroges were his – Kirino should really have those things taken off her

  20. If you are serious about having an sister i totally understand your words…

  21. If I had a little sister who was as cute as Kirino? Yeah I’d bite the bullet for her. Show ▼

  22. @DFC – Living the dream.

    @Aorii – Not sure I can be envious of someone who threatens to hit his own dad over porn games…


    @maru – Ayase then? :roll:

    @SnooSnoo – I draw the line at incest!

    @yamada – It’s okay because we’re Asians.

    @bluemist – You are the most level headed person here! It is about morales and the way Kirino is heading, she will end up having cocks shoved up her in no time :oops:

    @Kurogane Shiroikaze – Make that 2, but that’s besides the point.

    @Panther – I may be a pervert, but I still have principles.

    @ToastCrust – Kirino could support herself through compensated dating. Damn, now I’m hard.

    @Numbers and space – Think of them in what manner, may I ask? :???:

    @Di Gi Kazune – He seems to be in captivity, so I will help him round up the little girls :kiss:

    @Kinny Riddle – Thanks for bringing that up, I would be worried if someone missed the reference :razz: Still, I foresaw the opportunity to shoop a Gendo even before this episode aired :roll:

    @TheNewHorde – Incest is not wincest!

    @Chenoan – You really seem to have bros that are in the truest sense of the word :wink:

    @EvilDevil – Just pointing out how disgusting incest is

    @yaku – Even I would not browse this site in public :roll:

    @Lectro Volpi – Sarcasm? No one ever takes me seriously… :cry:

    @Caraniel – If it was my dad I would have gotten floored the moment I even talked back

    @Karuroso – I actually have a sister :roll:

    @Setsuna-san – Your family seems rather supportive of your hobbies, I don’t think that will ever happen :razz:

  23. If you’re trying to convince us of your protest against imouto love and eroge, this post is too little, too late.

  24. Darn!, indeed that was something.

    Anyways, I think the best part of the show is the part where aniki dodges all accusations against kirino…which making him the hero of the season. anyways, in the end he died[left speechless] after police-dad said something really unspeakable. In the end Dad takes round 1… I hope there will be a rematch.

    Kirino, is still the best imouto in anime.

  25. “I would have kicked his sorry ass for playing an eroge about impregnating his little sister on her computer, disown him and then throw him out of the house. ”

    Yeah me too, because he should stop jerking off on those shitty game and DO HIS SISTER’S ASS INSTEAD !

    Whatever, I have a “friend” of mine who happen to have a little sister… she was really close too him. and, quite after I “uncovered” this (obvious) fact, I asked her directly and she didn’t even denied it… nor was he. So yeah they had an (un ?)healthy secret incestuous relation and they enjoyed it (talking in past tense since they aren’t together anymore).

    And now for my own personal experience, I have an OUTOTO. And eroge about little shota. And my OYAJI knows about it. And said nothing (about that… they complained a bit about the tengas because I was letting them laying around… whatever). I know I’m a lucky HENTAI, and I wouldn’t mind doing my brother if he was moΓ©/kawaii.

  26. If your sister not cute as Kirino, are you gonna abandon him :roll:?

  27. I do not approve of brother-sister incest either, seeing how I am a brother with a younger sister. It’s wrong.

    However, even though I have a couple super-cute little girl cousins, cousincest is not just a-ok by me, but highly encouraged. Uncle-neicest would be even better.

  28. You know you secretly harbour dark desires… Give in to the Dark Side.

  29. If Kirino was my sister, I would probably do the same.
    If she was my daughter, …….I’ll kick the hell out of him..

  30. urusai na…. kono siskon yaro! =D

  31. Show ▼

  32. >> Even animals know imouto love is wrong. Are you lower than animals, Japan?
    I can’t understand you, man!!! :???:
    hobbies are hobbies, they’re different with real life. So, with your method, can i say that if you like watching killing scenes then you’ll go out and kill someone on the streets?
    If she doesn’t mix 2D with 3D and manage her life perfectly, then it’s fine, right?
    I can understand the dad. Because children are angels in parent’s eyes, so he don’t want his precious daughter to be tainted by anythings. But it’s his fault to unable to understand his own daughter, that’s why she have to hid her hobbies like this.
    Whatever i say, this is just an anime. I really like it (and after this episode, although i’m already 20, there’s no way I can let my parents know that I’m playing eroge, lol :mad: )
    sorry about my bad english :cry:
    and btw, i thing animals don’t know about that, lol :lol:

  33. Animals? Paltry. My depravity rises below mere loli-poon.
    My dad had never once said anything about my dakimakura and other items, but he did replace every instance of my name with ‘pussy’.

  34. Shin, you just made my day.

  35. So much siscon this week! :D

  36. @Psyco – In a blink of an eye!

    @paparaharaha – You lead a rather exciting life, dear friend.

    @Di Gi Kazune – I am the paragon of purity.

    @Kyonpachi – >daughter



    @Pudding – If someone could convey this to Kyo-kun over there.

    @CoolstoryShow ▼

    @long – She says that, but parents know best. How can she be playing all that imouto secksing games without wanting her brother’s penis?

    @Ningyo – At least you’re still both on talking terms unlike my father who would not even look me in the eye anymore.

    @Stifler – Took you a while! :razz:

    @Di Gi Kazune – Posted!

  37. @Shin: i’m sure that you haven’t played any eroge games before, right? you should play some before saying something like that. They’re not porns, you know? I myself recommend Kana Imouto – yes, an imouto – and you’ll understand.
    Her father is the same as mine. He’s not listen to me at all and always think that he’s totally right and others, like me, is wrong.
    Do you think a father like this can understand you??

  38. Do you think a father like this can understand you?
    Do remember that we’re talking about a old-generation oriental father here.

  39. It’s been too long since I’ve been here.
    What a great set of posts to come back to. :roll:

    Glad to see you’re still online here.

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