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Amagami SS 15: Forever Alone

Damn you Amagami.

Posted by Shin

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  1. You forgot the butter. Shame on you.

  2. Ajisen ramen >>>> Sakae

    Maybe you’ll get better results there…

  3. You should have stucked to making offerings of meat buns.

  4. Damn that lucky bastard Junichi! :cry:

  5. hahaha, yea you gotta have the butter too. I see we use the same keyboard/mouse, razer ftw.

  6. Look at it this way: your ramen was Nanasaki, but due to lack of vocal cords she could not talk to you. In the end you ate her all up deliciously, and now you’re together FOREVER.

    …And I can’t believe I just watched this episode to understand your angsty ramen tale.

  7. The best part of this episode was your post, honestly!

    I was not really happy with this week’s episode, I did not “hate” it but it didn’t make any sense either!

    Thanks for your light-hearted post Mr. Shin, soothes my soul after this week’s episode :cry:

    Your mouse has lights on it? if so… damn! I am jealous!

  8. You forgot to stick your thumb into the bowl! That’s why she didn’t respond to you. :roll:

  9. Better luck next time…

  10. did you order at the stand where they bought ramen?

    If not, try again…

    but, if can’t furnish good results, Good luck on your next attempt.

  11. Sakae food gives you stomaches.

  12. Never forget that we too are forever alone….

    Great, I’ve managed to depress myself.

  13. Have you touched it with your thumb?

  14. @Kherubim – I am not sure where the Malaysian branch for Ajisen is :swt:

    @DFC – Why would I want to have anything to do with meat buns??

    @cryskolt – Wait till next episode, you will jelly even harder :roll:

    @Tandris – Razer Master Race!

    @Yaku – It makes me so happy that you would take the trouble to watch this mindless episode for the sake of understanding this even stranger post :cry:

    @Lectro Volpi – Glad you had fun reading! Also, yes, the wheel scroll does light up, not to mention the glowing logo, being a fancypants Razer mouse and all.

    @Setsuna-san – Goddamn it

    @Yi – This time I will be prepared!

    @~xxx – I don’t know if I have the will to give it another shot…

    @Valence – This is my second time too. Never again.


    @Walker – I failed at the butter stage already, so it makes no difference :cry:

  15. This episode when they go to Pharaoh haunt house is the most absurd. I don’t get it. Is there any haunted house that spread LSD gas that made guess suffer some hallucination?

  16. @Shin – FYI the Malaysian branch of Ajisen is in Sunway Pyramid.

  17. Coal desk, aniki.

    I’m jelly of your spacious, sugoi desk.

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