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Amagami SS 07: Kaoru Story Bro

I do not usually look forward to drama in my Japanese cartoons because I am not a woman.  I guess I can understand if the show required some form of an impetus to test the bond between Sexhair and Junichi, even if the seemingly arbitrary plot device involving Kaoru and her divorcee(?) mother felt rather disjointed. While it has accomplished its task of injecting some conflict into the show, it does in some way highlight Sexhair's hypocrisy when it comes to maintaining the status quo. She is contemplating hooking up with Junichi but flips out the moment she finds out her mom is planning to remarry?  Whatever happened to just the two of us? :oops:

I was counting on more Sexhair fanservice this week as well, but it was not delivered, so I am pretty upset right now. Even the Miya peeping incident resolved itself rather uneventfully, with a pillow smother in the face. I think I can safely speak for all the Miya fans that we would have preferred that if it was her abdomen instead of the pillow :cry: Just a cruel way of reminding us that Imouto route is cannot have!

Damn it, even I would get my panties wet with that line. Sure, it may sound like Bad Friend to Bad Friend advice, but the fact there was neither a verbal retort nor physical punchline — Junichi receiving another judo throw (the chocolate could have been a distraction, but hey, all's fair), from Kaoru can mean only one thing; All the conditions for Sexhair's True End has been cleared :wink:

Look at the smug on this bastard; He is well aware that he just won Sexhair over, and his expression is that of a man who knows he is going to be rewarded with some sweet, sweet CGs later. While visual novel leads are able to pull off a similar act of flag triggering, it is usually accomplished unconsciously. However, Junichi's role was never that of a mere visual novel lead, considering, as mentioned last week, the obnoxiously high level of spatial awareness he has.

Ever wondered why he has yet to fuck up, prologue notwithstanding? Working within the boundaries of a work safe dating simulation, Junichi takes the concept of self insertion to a whole new dimension, as the spot-on choices he has made thus far mirrors the precision of a player armed with an Amagami walkthrough, transforming Junichi from generic harem hero to a true playa.

Only one more episode to go before Junichi raeps(sic) the cherry of his hard work,  not to mention if it is actually possible for Kaoru's after sex hairstyle to be ruffled up even further after a session of strenuous intercourse. My body is ready!

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  1. Whatever happened to just the two of us?

    According to game spoilers, the drama with her mother directly ties into her true ending though. Show ▼

    It’s interesting that in the second-best ending Show ▼

    Apparently you can’t get the best ending without triggering the drama.

    I have a feeling they will combine both, so that Show ▼

    • Wow, the endings are so realistic they’re making me depressed.

      • Yeah, Kaoru’s romance feels more realistic, more gentle than the crazy antics of Haruka’s romance. It’s probably because they’re already close friends – and just as important, equals instead of sempai-kohai.

        Some people are complaining about this episode being “boring” drama. Heh, well the series can’t be all about fetish fuel and wacky hormonal teens. Instead this episode is about friends being friends, which includes being there for each other (continuing the theme of episode 5′s prologue), and transcending mere friendship.

        I tried to post links to game spoilers on pastebin, both general and Kaoru-specific but the spam filter apparently won’t allow it, so you can see both just by Googling “pastebin amagami kaoru”.

        • (spam filter acting on me again, just an Imageshack screenshot link. Oh well, posting it without tags.)

          Looking back, she’s troubled by her dad potentially being replaced in her life, not merely the fact that her mom’s planning to remarry. A parental figure is different from a romantic partner, so I wouldn’t call it hypocritical. I don’t think she would be thinking that only she has the right to a boyfriend; the matter of her dad would drown that out and besides they aren’t “official” yet. One more episode to go.

          It’s also no coincidence the show uses very similar dialogue to describe her feelings towards both her romantic developments and mom’s.

          Screenshot mashup:

          The arc is full of parallel scenes actually. Like the whole of this episode is essentially a parallel to the prologue of episode 5.

  2. You got lucky this episode. Looking forward to your dysfunctional bladder next episode.

  3. They need to shaft the remaining 4 (okay 3 excluding Ayatsuji) and make a 12 episode Miya route.

  4. My theory is that Junichi is an extractor and he’s running around in the multiple layers of dreams shared by the girls… THIS IS WHY THERE IS NO IMOUTO ROUTE, she is part of his subconscious…

  5. My favorite character/arc shame this is not a whole TV series on her *sob *sob.
    loved the part when he spoke perfectly =D

  6. The only thing I’m yet to wish for is that Imouto arc, a wish that would never be fulfilled…What a cruel world… :cry:

  7. “transforming Junichi from generic harem hero to a true playa.”

    I bow to a true Master. Sensei Junichi, teach me how to create my own harem!

    “It is said that if you know your harem and know your flag, you will not be imperiled in a hundred meetings; if you do not know your harem but do know your flag, you will win one route and lose one route; if you do not know your harem nor your flag, you will meet The Bad Ending. — Junichi Pootang Tzu – The Art of Sex”

  8. “not to mention if it is actually possible for Kaoru’s after sex hairstyle to be ruffled up even further after a session of strenuous intercourse.”

    Yes, I’d like to see that as well… Maybe ahegao too. But since this is a televised anime, I think I’ll have to leave it in my imagination or a related doujinshi somewhere.

  9. This episode 7 feel just like flat line.
    No such event that makes me HHHHNNNGGG.
    If I watching this episode when sleepy, probably I will go into deep sleep :D.

  10. @SnooSnoo – iwanttobelieve.jpg

    @Kherubim – This suddenly all makes sense! But that would mean she would cockblock him in every arc :roll:

    @Fabrice Requin – Junichi is what all male harem leads should aspire to be, even though he only has to deal with one girl per universe.

    @PhantomPhreek – The few Miya doujins on the Internet are pretty good though :razz:

    @EvilDevil – He really neds to write his own book at this rate.

    @lightningsabre – Is it me, or are there almost no (good) Amagami doujins this C78?

    @Psyco – They had to insert drama at some point in time I guess.

  11. This post needed less focus on the male lead and more focus on the cute girl. I hate his smug face.

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