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Amagami SS 05: Sexhair

Sexhair. Sexhair everywhere.





My body was not ready for any of that. A fan favourite (at least for the16 people who voted for her on the poll you see on the top right corner of this page) long before the anime even aired, Kaoru had a lot to live up to, and  it doesn't take long for her to start off her own arc with a titillating nod to the titular gentle bite. One of the things that make Kaoru's arc interesting so far is the way she teases the main character at every opportunity she gets. Not unlike Haruka of course, but let us clear one thing up; While Morishima-senpai knows how to work her puppy dog up, Kaoru takes it one step further by virtue of being "bad friends". A convenient relationship, as you would imagine, as it allows the two of them to be in close proximity when it would have been very awkward if they were just classmates.

Reminisce on your own highschool life for a moment; Were there any instances where you were so keen about someone from the opposite sex and the only way you could convey that feeling was through teasing them? I know I did :oops: And the status quo would have remained as it is. Until someone starts liking the other person for real. Let's face it, boys and girls can never be true best friends as the sex thing always gets in the way. In Kaoru's case, as she becomes aware of the relationship she has with Junichi, her tsundere tendencies start to manifest itself, and she would fluster red to the top faster than it takes for blood to engorge my bottom half. Eventually she feels the need to take it to the next level, which is fine and dandy, although in real life situations, it is, more often than not, unrequited :cry: Fortunately for Kaoru, she is bestowed the title of Sexhair, which also translates into Sex God(dess) in Japanese, possessing charms which can subjugate even the Natsuru-est of them all.

Next week: Stomachs!

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  1. So first we have kneepits now we have sexhair. We’re losing our loli-ism mai friends.

  2. I still need to know why she is called Sexhair

  3. Tell us when your nutbladder blows.


  5. I’ve never agreed about that bit of girls and boys can never be true friends, but I guess for hormonal laden teenagers it may apply, at least until they become full fledged adults.

    Also, Shinn you deviant heretic I am disappointed, turning your back on Hideyoshi with all these non-loli-adult-female-filth.


  7. Y’know? She’s the ONLY reason why I considered watching this series in the first place. So I’m totally screwed for the rest of the arcs. What do I do then? No more anticipation for Sexhair.

    Sigh, I guess I’ll just go all the way. The series itself looks to be pretty good so far.

  8. After I saw, “DAT THIGH”, the first thing I thought to myself: “DAT TABLE CORNER”.

  9. “She would fluster red to the top faster than it takes for blood to engorge my bottom half.” For some reason I disagree, shouldn’t it be the other way around? ;)

  10. “Bad friends” == “Friends with Benefits”???

  11. Sex Hair was so… whats the word…

    Although i realise it is only a 4 episode arc, its a pity shes been shafted towards the tsundere stereotype so early :cry: , regardless of how awesome she is.

  12. Still gotta watch this episode! looks great :wink:

  13. @Winbox – My penis engine mechanic is always on standby!

    @ScypherOh hi, I upgraded your sexhair.

    @yaku – That’s why I said boys and girls! At least that is what I experienced when I was younger :oops: As a true deviant, it is my responsibility to embrace all fetishes :roll:

    @Solarius – JUNICHI DUN GOOFED

    @Yamibakeru – See, I don’t know why people aren’t willing to give the other girls a chance even before their turn. I know people who have turned into overnight fans of Tsukasa after I told them what she was really like :lol:

    @Setsuna-san – When you change Sexhair’s hairstyle into something else, it is no longer sexhair!

    @cryskolt – You got me :roll:

    @Kherubim – I have to admit, I never made that connection :oops:

    @Winterblade – Reminds me of Kyou’s arc in Clannad actually :lol:

    @foshizzel – Sexhair makes everything great.

  14. My perception when I first saw Kaoru in some magazine long time ago is
    1. She’s gonna be older than you
    2. Onee-san type (matured etc)
    3. Something along Nene GREEN-type :roll:

    A bit disappointed when it turns out that she’s the same age as the protagonist, and wtf German suplex? Didnt see that one coming. But hey, I’m right on 2 things. :roll:

  15. I think even during a younger age (teenager to college age), guys and girls can be friends as long as their taste in the opposite sex doesn’t swing close to their own friends, or at least that’s how it is for me and one of my close dude friends. He is a frat boy who digs skank girls and I am a perverted geek who likes either uber nerds or wayyyy older men. I have known him for over four years and we have always remained platonic close friend (who can even sleep in each other’s bedroom) without getting close to crossing into the other territory.

    Enough with unrelated stuff. I LOVE her sexhair. I swear this is the kind of girls I would do if I am to jump a yuri boat :roll:

  16. This show really does have very sexy girls and titillating scenarios! Decided not to follow this earlier; that’s proving to be a mistake.

  17. she could rule the world! :twisted:

  18. Hands off the Sexhair! She doesn’t belong in your harem! :evil:

  19. Wondering if Sexhair has Sexpubes.

  20. @Czero – Funny that Haruka fits that description better.

    @Kaitune – I spoke from a personal experience, but I guess you may be right, though I will never be able to be “bros” with a chick, because of the reason I stated :razz:

    @Yi – The best part is, you can just skip the first four episode and watch Sexhair’s arc, since they are all independant of each other.

    @EvilDevil – Her medusa hair would mean you would turn into stone if you stared at her, and by stone, I mean get a boner.

    @Skribulous – Hey now, I never claimed her as a waifu! She is just too sexy for me to resist!

    @Hangmen – Only one way to find out!

  21. It seems I have a lot of catching up to do with this series.

  22. How the fuck could someone not know wtf sex hair is…really? I thought the stereotype of all us otakus being virgins was merely an unfortunate stereotype…but perhaps there is more validity to it then I had assumed. Seeing as some of you don’t know what sexhair is, you are either: A. 12 or B. A Virgin who wanks to 2D nightly…and morningly…. and whenever there is spare time.

    Seriously though…even if you didn’t know what sex hair is how could you not put 2 and vagina together and figure it out. you /fail

  23. Or maybe you are a girl who needs to come hang out with me. I didn’t think of that since this is such a moe otaku hang out.

    If thats the case please request my contact information. :thx:

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