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Girls Everywhere, But Not A Single Waifu

Folks, I am outraged. Outraged by the ongoing slander that I am unfaithful lowlife who changes waifus and husbandos every new anime season. I posted a certain chart not too long ago to see which of the qualities listed described me best in terms of my loyalty towards my object of affection, and also elicit response from others to see where they themselves belonged. Instead, I got hecklers who were besmirching my good name. For the record, I do not change waifus or husbandos, I merely make room for more, because I am capable of loving all of them equally, not to mention the fact that the monotony of monogamy is too much for me to bear.

Since this is after all, the new season, there is no better time to welcome a new addition to my ever growing harem, but as always, all candidates must adhere to my stringent prerequisities before they are inducted into the glorious lineup of Shin's Loved Ones™

Also worth noting is that the winner gets to grace my top banner and avatars for ONE ENTIRE anime season. That's approximately 4 months, just to put the duration into perspective. Can you imagine a greater honour and privilege than that?

Joey Jones - Heroman

Joey witnessed her blue-collar father dying in a tragic mining accident, forever scarring her mentally and emotionally. Lacking a dad and thus a strong male figure in her life, Joey began living as a boy, believing that only a strong male could take care of a household. I admit, the dire lack of traps this season has driven me to the point that I would render the slightest effeminate character into my object of lust. Unfortunately, Joey's female attributes does not extend beyond his voice and outward appearance, although I eagerly await the prospects of a crossdressing episode in Heroman to seal the deal with Joey, because otherwise it would be awkward if I had an actual guy in my harem now, wouldn't it?

Azusa Nakano - K-ON!!

There is no real reason for me to reintroduce Azu-nyan into this, considering the fact that she is already a permanent fixture in my harem. However, she still has to fight for bragging rights as the most featured character on the blog next to Ranka Lee, so I wish her all the best in winning me over this season.

Nino - Arakawa Under The Bridge

There is a thin line between plain retarded ℳℴℯ characters like Hirasawa Yui and austitic ones like Nino, who is cute in her own deadpan, mentally impaired fashion, exhibting just enough intelligence to avoid being lumped alongside the former. Either that or, under the influence of recreational drugs, she is just being a troll. I would imagine that having conversations with Nino akin to posting in a troll thread at an imageboard, whereby each and every one of her posts and replies being logical fallacies, to which you could only react with profusely jamming the F key. And from experience, I can tell you that the next best thing to receiving a reach around is to be given the round about by a master troll.

Hattori Junko - Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Junko's show of origin is as cliché as a series can get but that did not stop me from falling for her character the moment I gazed my eyes on her... fundoshi. Forget your generic white cotton panties or blue and white shimapans, Junko breathes new life into anime female undergarments by going really old school, never mind the fact Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is set in the 30th century. I have been trying to avoid describing characters using the big T, but Junko's traits encompasses all the characteristics you would find in your everyday tsundere. Having her clothes literally explode twice in the first episode alone, she also serves as the fap fodder of the series, which should not come as any surprise, since she is voiced by the same person who did Mio.

Umenomori Chise - Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Precocious little rich girls who are just so eager to step into adulthood, without fully understanding its implications :cool: Admittedly, there is nothing original about Chise's character, but let's face it, there are only so many variations of a loli that the anime character design mill in Japan can churn out. Just to further increase her popularity with esteemed loliconnoisseurs such as myself, Chise is also an otaku. Fancy that. Just like my favourite little girl of 2008.

Taneshima Poplar - Working!!

Her character gives rise to a subset of my fetish for prepubescent females, in that it also made me a minicon, which you may argue as really just a poor excuse for me to fawn over her, despite the legality of Poplar, at least in terms of age, if not appearance. With that in mind, you must admit that the premise of petite, lightweight girls that are somewhere about the age of consent is quite enticing, to say the least. Pity she's got quite a nice rack though :oops:

Yamada - B Gata H Kei

Eradicating the notion that a waifu should be pure and not an aspiring slut, it is a joy watching Yamada reverse the gender roles in pursuing virgin boys. Her earnest attempts of trying to hook up with a male partner reminds me of Ranpha Franboise, incidentally also voiced by Yukari Tamura, and mai waifu hall of famer. Much like the former, Yamada's assertiveness which quickly diminishes into her having second thoughts when it matters most is all but too familiar. If those attributes are anything to go by, Yamada would make great waifu material if she ever settles down, since she would be most expressive of her affections than any of the contenders. Every night would seem like our first. Growl.

Ayuzawa Misaki

Is it wrong that I was initially attracted to Misaki's character because I was anticipating blackmail rape :razz: ? There is not much that is particularly endearing about her character for me at this point, though it could be attributed to the fact that I was expecting someone who isn't just another one of those bossy, domineering president types. It does not help that Misaki is a dead ringer for that girl in Special A, in that she tries so hard(and got so far) to top the male lead, only to falter anyway. That said, there is still room for redemption and improvement on her part, since Kaichou wa Maid-sama is the only Chinese girl cartoon that I actually care about, now that I just finished Kimi ni Todoke.

Remember, this post serves a preview of mai waifus-to-be, and not an indication of who my choice pick is going to be, or even an accurate breakdown of their personalities, for that matter, meaning that I might even go for someone who is not even on the list to begin with. I would also really appreciate it if you could introduce me to some potential candidates, and by that I mean anime to watch :lol:

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  1. Also worth noting is that the winner gets to grace my top banner and avatars for ONE ENTIRE anime season. That’s approximately 4 months, just to put the duration into perspective. Can you imagine a greater honour and privilege than that?

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  2. …For the love of that is holy on God’s green Earth, please, teach me how to be like you. I want my own trademarked harem…

  3. misaki f yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  4. Pure LOYALTY – You have only had ONE waifu forever and you ONLY fap to her.

    No matter how you argue this Shin you’re still Unfaithful. Shoulda edited that chart for loopholes you can exploit.

  5. People criticize your loyalty because they don’t understand what a harem is. Harem inherently implies simultaneity of relationships. Thus, when you have someone new, that does not mean you’re forgetting the old. Nothing unfaithful about that.
    Anyways, I do believe you’re one of the few with enough love to attend to all these girls/ traps at the same time though.

    Azunyan and Chise!

  6. You’re not unfaithful, you’re just faithful to a whole lot of people at once, nothing wrong with that.

    Also, Azu-nyan must win. :evil:

  7. All great choices! -nod- you know how to pick them ;P

  8. “Don’t LIE man, don’t you dare LIE. You’re a PIMP and you’re just this far apart from the likes of asshole-ish Makoto from School Days or indecisive wimps like Keitaro from Love Hina. You’re no better; labelling yourself as PURE LOYALTY when you’re two-timing all the husbandos and waifus who RABU YU. Just think about your them, if they only knew of the existence of the others! You disappoint me Shinn, I thought you were better than this!

    …That’s what I would say but I have a harem of my own, lol.

    ….Doesn’t change the fact you’re an backstabbing two-timing pimp though.

  9. I lol’ed at Hattori Junko.

    As for loyalty…you, loyal? Maybe in terms of “how much I fap to this particular person”. I also almost stopped reading at “Shin’s Loved Ones.” Urgh.

  10. Wait Joey Jones is a guy not a girl :eek:

  11. my votes in for Joey and Poplar C:

  12. Anyway… Isn’t one season 13ish weeks, or closer to 3 months than 4?

  13. Hell hath no lust like Shin doth. You’re going to hell for your adulteress, SHin, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :eek:

  14. Oh man, you sound just like that manslut SHiN tripfag. Well, at least you admit that you are a slut.

  15. Well, Poplar is a really cute name. I’ll say that much.

    “I merely make room for more, because I am capable of loving all of them equally,”
    Are you sure there’s no copping out in that? I can’t help pressing this matter with you, because your chart makes me feel guilty.

  16. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

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  17. No Angel Beats girls? Aww

  18. I think the issue is not that you get rid of your waifu but more that you actually add to a harem. Think about it like this, Shin. You have one heart, as you are human. That love (your heart) is shared among your waifu. As your harem grows, each waifu gets less and less. See where I’m going with this?

  19. Yamada might be my waifu, so stay away! Poplar might be my imouto, so have at it! There is cake and it is good.

  20. Don’t be stingy. Just take them all! :lol:

    Isn’t Joey Jones a guy?

  21. Oh, I see. The polygamy solution, eh? How convenient.

    All hail Sultan Shinn the Magnificent and his glorious harem. :wink:

    Though where does your Hideyoshi fit into your court? He can’t be consider as the court eunich as he still has that thing under his pants. :neutral:

  22. @aiM – I…uh…ermm…well…

    @Solarius – That isn’t too hard to accomplish, start compiling them now!

    @maskawaih – For now, oniichan…

    @SnooSnoo – You’re right, but still, I rotate between all my waifus and husbandos enough to treat them as a single entity each and every time :razz:

    @MattWatson – Oh, she has a good chance of winning this, after all, she’s won me over before, and this season around, she’s a lot more prevalent in her series, so that’s a good thing :lol:

    @foshizzel – I let my libido guide me :razz:

    @yaku – Does it still count as cheating if I love them all EQUALLY? I know the concept seems implausible, but I know I just can!

    @Panther – U Mad Coz U No Harem


    @Toiski – Ah, you’re right, though somehow saying roughly over three months didn’t have the same effect I wanted, so… Besides, waifus and husbandos generally grace the site a little longer after the new season anyway, so that’s about right.

    @kBetter to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven :cool:

    @bakayarou69 – We could be the same person…?

    @Ningyo – I never cop out under any circumstances.

    @Skribulous – But he’s last season, and already in my harem, so I didn’t mention him :swt:

    @sage – Well about that… I have on interest in the Haruhi clone nor the Yuki clone. I am still waiting for the Pink haired Mikuru clone before I decide:

    @Gin – I see your point and I guess that would be true if there was some means of measuring the amount of love that I would impart to each and every one of my waifus and husbandos :razz:

    @paparaharaha – Yamada wants many husbandos anyway, so I don’t see the issue :cool: I might have to call you bro-in-law soon then…

    @Funk@shockerz – Does it strike you as odd that I would include a guy in my harem…?

    @Kinny Riddle – Speaking of a sultan, if I converted to Islam, no one would say anything! :lol: He would still be my precious little prince consort :kiss:

  23. Really wish I tried to make a good harem like yourself.. I feel by now I’ve missed out on so much harem building that I’d be depressed if I started now.:(

  24. you should feature Katja from Seikon no Qwaser. you weren’t watching SnQ at the beginning of its run so she never got considered. Though I don’t quite think she would be able to compete with Hideyoshi; she easily blows all the girls of this season out of the water. How could you say no to a russian loli lesbian sadist? HOW?!

    That being said. Don’t try to force yourself to get a waifu. If it doesn’t click with any of the girls don’t try to make it click. you gotta ease into it. If you don’t go with Katja just feature Ranka for a season. Can’t go wrong there.

  25. Misaki =)
    Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  26. What about the nekomimi loli in mayoi neko? >_>

  27. Lol, wtf?? :lol: Haha, you just made my day, Shin! :mrgreen:

  28. LOL half of tha list are tsundere Chara :???:

    and what about Twins in KissxSis?

  29. shinn i waiting spring quicklooks in special b gata h kei,kiss x siss,ichiban,angel beats,mayoi neko.

  30. @Epi – You just need to know who you really like, since there is no such thing as a “good” harem and all :razz:

    @Taka – True, even at this stage, I’m still inclined on just leaving Hideyoshi up there. Ranka, well, her birthday’s coming up soon, so I will revert then, if I still have no waifus from this season :razz:

    @Fabrice – I really had to ignore that misandry of hers.

    @Di Gi Kazune – Thought we established that I don’t like those Yuki Nagato types.

    @cryskolt – I try!

    @Neo – Really? Half? Just a quick glance, I would say only Misaki and Junko fit that role to a tee, the others may just encompass certain traits, but aren’t true tsunderes.

    @dark-kyon – But I’ve not done episodics in like…?

  31. ..I thought you were gay for Hideyoshi….. :roll:

    Anyways, you are making me want to revive my own list…..(And steal Yamada for myself…)

  32. Obviously Poplar, you fucking disgusting lolicon.

  33. @jopchan121 – Yes, well, it’s only for the season, unless I induct her into the hall of fame :razz:

    @Kurogane – >implying I’m disgusting

  34. Honestly Shin not really seems to be right up your alley. :roll:

  35. Iwasawa (Angel beats!) would be perfect for MY harem …. :wink:

  36. So which ones had penises again?

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