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This post is dedicated to a real life friend (you know who you are) whose obsession with Love Plus pretty much left him ostracising himself from the people he used to call his friends, because he could no longer take their jeers and insults against him and his waifu, Anegasaki Nene. What he sees in her I may never know, and by virtue of playing Love Plus, one is pretty much subjected to relentless ridicule, so that's alright :lol: What made me really DISAPPOINT is the fact that he took little to no effort in defending his waifu.

Yes, it is only instinctive to defend the one you love from defamation. Even if you are weak, even if you are afraid of backlash and harsh remarks about your character, even if you may not be able to defend her against the most caustic of statements, to try and fail is more virtuous, more honuorable, and more redeeming than to shy away in cowardice and fear.

Indeed, to stand up for your waifu despite the fear and shame that may follow in doing so earns you more stand in the eyes of those that recognise your love and devotion, and among those, you will receive neither ill will nor boorish words.

Ultimately, you will find bliss in knowing that you held the line and discover greater meaning in your relationship with your waifu for defending her. Even if you were not articulate enough to convey what you truly feel about your waifu, she will be happy enough knowing that you took the effort and was there for her when and where she could not.

P.S I love you Ranka

P.P.S I love you Rinko

P.P.P.S I love you Hideyoshi

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  1. HAHAAHA OH YOU SHIN OH YOU. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

  2. Where’s the love for Commander Shepard?

  3. I guess I know I played too much Mass Effect when I immediately thought about Captain Kirrahe’s speech when I read “hold the line”.

  4. I keep thinking that this Rinko is the one I know as the representation of the Aomori prefecture… > 3>

  5. I always wonder if the people that play the game feel that their waifu is “exclusive” to them when a ton of other people also have them as their waifu ^^;;.


  7. @Kiseki – A prefecture would never love me.

    @AS – Don’t go ruinining it for everyone now :razz:

    @Hau – >my face when I actually youtube’d it.

  8. You have the makings of a modest harem.

  9. Remember kids, defending your waifu (or a random girl you met literally 5 minutes ago) always ends with an increased bond between you two, even if you fail. And if your REALLY lucky, this will happen.

  10. Where’s P.P.P.P.S I love you Mio,

    and P.P.P.P.P.S I love you Azusa? I bet they’re crying for you now, Shin… :cry:

    Lol. :swt:

  11. enjoy you virtual, ugly, and gay wives Shin

  12. WTH SHIN.

    And where’s P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S I love you Cirno (boobs)?

  13. Not everyone can be as shameless…. I mean as awesome as you though.
    j/k. If it were me, I would come to her defense anytime.

  14. Are people still playing Love Plus? I stopped caring about it in December. A waste of money if you ask me. I dunno, it’s not as great as I thought it would be.

    If they ever would make a 2, that would probably be great since they would have so much stuff from the first game and then input new stuff. But then the DS would probably need to get better hardware…

  15. Settle down with a real guy and quit it with the lusting for 2D. ;)

  16. Indeed. And it should be easier to defend those in love plus, for they are more… tangible? I have a lot less to work with when constructing and delivering my argumentative points. Fortunately/unfortunately, not many even know of Meiling, so I can’t find a good fight even if I wanted to. Not that any of those fewls stand a chance against me, ohohohohohoho :cool:

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