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My Valentine Hideyoshi

"Shin, I-I know... you might be a little lonely on Valentine's... s-so I made you some chocolate to make you feel better. Y-you don't mind if it's from a guy, do you?"

Not at all, Hideyoshi, not at all  :kiss: Happy Chinese New Year to my fellow Chinese readers and Valentine's to my ronery bros and sisters. Those with dates, I hate you all.

Posted by Shin

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  1. I totally saw this coming. ^ ^

  2. Hideyoshi is the best.

  3. You are now manually pushing the scroll wheel down.

  4. Th-this is….i mean….dear god.
    If only this was real life. :cry:

  5. I could totally see this as a daikamura :roll:

  6. Slipping down the slippery slope of 2D polygamy, are we now?

  7. The apron is the killing blow.
    I’m not ronery at all! Look at all these figures and games that are the subjects of my affections! WAHAHAHahaha…

  8. You know hideyoshi it would have been nicer if u weren’t wearing clothes under that apron (eyebrow wiggle) :kiss:
    happy V-day all

  9. Hiyedoshi: Curing Pedophilia by storm.

  10. Knowing him though, the valentine would be for a girl though. You can still dream. :kiss:

  11. Banzai for us who don’t have Valentine dates!

  12. this is why laws against polygamy needs to be enforced!

  13. How about those of us without dates, but still have a 3d girlfriend?

  14. I love you Shin.
    I want to have ass-babies with you.
    Actually I want to have ass babies with Hideyoshi, but he’s just a little too imaginary to buttsecks with.

  15. That was a very ronely Sunday I had. Damn you couples.

  16. Hahahaha wow. I came here only to get a post of you saying something about Hideyoshi to link to, and what luck, a new one has been birthed. Never failing to disappoint. I could see it coming from a mile away.

  17. I’d turn into a guy just to be able to get chocolate from Hideyoshi.

    …and get mansecks.

  18. I don’t know what’s to hate. You don’t get chocolate mind you, but at least you’re not getting fat AND if the alternative is this kind of 2D guy giving me candy, well I wouldn’t envy people with dates at all.

  19. Happy Chinese New Year to you Shin? Get lots of red envelopes? I got a decent share this year, though not telling how much :oops: . Hope you find your Hideyoshi one day to spend time with him on Valentine’s day.

  20. Happy CNY and Valentine… for us roney ppl… lets hate those with dates… hate them alll T___T

    ya.. hope u have fun and get lots of red money bags… =p

  21. Are you in prison right now?

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