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A Game Of Pretend

I have been grieving for the past week over Australia's decision to deny the nice things that define my raison d'être to the point of disillusionment. What is left for a broken man who has nothing else to lose but to take action? Oh no, I don't mean protesting in the streets or even launching an all out cyber attack against the government - I have neither the capability nor impetus to pull something off at such scale.

Despite my many preferences, I am generally a law abiding citizen - I have yet to be charged for commit an offense till this date. Fancy that! With no intention of sullying my good reputation and jeopardising my bright future, the only way for me to circumvent Australia's ethical inflexibilty is through my own homo flexibilty.

Folks, you know me, I don't discriminate; As long it is pretty, I would hit it. Hard. That is why my only salvation lies in traps. Who knew? "But Shin, you've always been gay for traps, how is this any different?" True, but what you people didn't know that behind my flamboyantly depraved nature, I was struggling in the limbo between straight and gay, whereby, more often than not, after fapping to traps, I would just reassure myself that what I just did was in no way, at all, gay. Not that it stops the crying and shame afterwards, of course.

No more, I say, as there is no better time set myself loose from the chains of denial . After the latest episode of Baka to Test to Shokanju, I have reached an ultimatum  to turn this game of pretend, so to speak, up by a couple of notches. From today onwards, I will dedicate myself exclusively to two dimensional trap smut.

And to make sure I am not flouting any Australian legislations whatsoever, I am going to address the following:

The ban on small breasts

The beauty of traps is that they are eternally flat chested(even if Otoboku broke this rule), and because traps are still genetically male, they do not possess small breasts(manboobs don't count) to speak of, and therefore remain immune to this ruling.

The ban on female ejaculation

Quite peculiar this one, but no matter. The only possible outcome arising from traps like Hideyoshi reaching an orgasm is the thick, viscous reproductive fluids which symbolizes the joy of me taking his rear end :roll: Again, this is different from female squirting and is of course exempted.

Incidentally, while Australia has given the reason that depicitions of small breasts elicits paedophilia, no mention has been brought up regarding small penises, to which I would safely assume that it is okay for a trap like Hideyoshi to bare his healthy, throbbing manhood, as it only elicits pederasty, which I last checked is almost similar to paedophilia, but let's not give the government any bright ideas, shall we?

With all said and done, I will now begin the painstaking task of systematically filtering my fap fodder with Australian Approved℠ content, lest I be criminally indicted when I return to Sydney. Let it be known that I did not make this life altering decision out of my own free will, no. I am but a matryr of the oppression where I am left with no choice but to cast aside the League of Lolicons and along with it, my principles and beliefs. Hopefully I am able to appease my brethren with the images accompanying this post, for there is no other way I can seek forgiveness.

P.S This is a serious post, and not an excuse to post Hideyoshi fanservice.

P.P.S There won't be foam covering Hideyoshi's chest in the DVD/Blu Ray edition right? Oh god.

Posted by Shin

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  1. Th—that’s not fair…

    I was NOT ready for all these pics. :oops:

  2. Now…to see how they will top this :roll:

  3. You’re a hero, Shin.

  4. I can see how ep6 would break you – my condolences to your heterosexuality :razz:

    Inner Yaoi Fangirl however, is thrilled for you! :grin:

  5. You have now left me sexually confused. Congrats.

    Also, it seems Encyclopedia Dramatica has served you well :roll: kudos.

  6. Legal loophole or is the government up to something even stinkier. Either one works in your favor anyhow. Just as planned? :p

  7. Hmm… I think you made an error in logic, Shin.
    While most traps are as delicious as lolis, most of them are also as underage and thus as illegal.
    And while The ban on small breasts probably refers to the female breast, flat chested individuals are likely considered “small breasted”.
    Nevertheless, good hunting.


    A hero you are!

  9. I didn’t read a word. *o*
    (Well, kidding, but still.)

  10. I approve.
    All who claim not to enjoy Hideyoshi are just lying to themselves.

  11. Keepin’ it Nasty eh? Maybe if you’re this committed to trappish dreams you should seek study under Matthew the Sage. The power of Hideyoshii XD

    As for me, I’ll keep my subscription to sgcx. ^^

    Cheers are your journey.

  12. Hmm, based on what you say you are in a loophole. Though the government might say something against it, sounds like they can’t criminally indite you based on their new laws. Its hard to imagine that the government would go so far as to “serve and protect.” But I can see where they’re coming from if I don’t take a bias stand on it :P.

  13. As someone who draws figures, I can say that from these pictures, Hideyoshi is actually a girl. The shoulders are too slender and the hips are too wide to be a male, but that’s coming from an perspective of looking that the figure.

    Basically, this is a great loophole for people who want the slam their cocks in between desk drawers (that’s how you masturbate, right? I mean, I’m not alone, right?) to loli character types. Of course, I fit none of these since I stay in the realm of 3D, but hey, good loophole find.

    On a side note, TD Homers (bar) is giving out FREE BURGERS for no reason. I need to get mine now.

  14. I am glad you found your true calling!!

  15. Is it even gay to fap to these pics? I mean, there isn’t even a hint of any penis in any view so it should be ok for the straight man. Out of sight, out of mind.

  16. Just think of your Australian exile as a temporary thing, it is a test of fortitude for your love of loli things. Then there is always the option of encrypting what you already have… or drawing it yourself.

    If all else fails maybe you can flee to New Zealand where things might be better…failing that Guam…

  17. I think I fap to your post, or to Hideyoshi. I… I dunno anything anymore…. =\



  19. Boy in name only. Seriously the whole trap thing is just…WHY U DO DIS?

    • What I wonder is why people are so unwilling to accept it or thrive in it. :(

    • Japan is currently the most homosexual country on Earth. This is not immature name-calling. It’s a scientific fact. Nowhere else do you see trannies–pre-op, no less–in the mainstream media working as fashion models. The vast majority of young Japanese males have very feminine appearances, and homosexuality is not met with immediate revulsion there like elsewhere.

      I love Japan.

  20. Oh, Hell NO! Stop corrupting my mind!

  21. All’s fine until puberty strikes…

  22. This just in: Anonymous is planning a REAL LIFE peaceful protest in Australia. No, seriously.

    (i apologize in advance for the language used in the link)

    Shin, if your reading this, its decision time. Are you going to sit fapping to Hideyoshi (totally understandable) or will you stand and defend what you believe is true? (you can fap later as well)

    Either way, Good Luck. I’m going back to firing teh lazerz.

  23. You need to spend more time with Jun Watarase, sir. Also, just you wait – Australia will ban traps and your love for males as well, which will leave you with no recourse.

  24. It’s okay. Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi.

    So, it wouldn’t really make you a homo if you fap to him errr it.

  25. Brilliant! AU will have no freaking way to ban traps even if they divide their laws by zero. What, they will ban topless guys from now on?

    I feel the trend coming. Yesterday, “I look loli but my age is 18+” disclaimers. Today, “I’m not even female!” WIN.

  26. Since Hideyoshi has his own changing rooms and public baths, its okay to cry NO HOMO

  27. People who deny traps are just in the closet. Embrace omnisexuality. Captain Jack has it right.

  28. LOL, I really want to see how the AU with deal with this!

  29. You ARE giving Emperor Rudd funny ideas.


    I think I can hear him fapping furiously at your post.

  30. This post has left me speechless. You sir are an inspiration to us all. :cry: :cry:

  31. @TheBigN – I mean people will be heterosexual and stick with it. I don’t find that a bad thing. Or perhaps you’re thinking of ‘oh why can’t people just accept that it’s a trap and fap anyway?’ 6 to 1 half dozen the other.

  32. I am Lolicon, and I am here to ask you a question: Is a lolicon not entitled to fap to lolis?
    No, says the man in Washington. It is against the law.
    No, says the man in the Vatican. It is against the will of God.
    No, says the man in Moscow. In Soviet Russia, loli rapes YOU!
    I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose…

  33. @Tetradact – There’s only so much my nutbladder can take!

    @Caraniel – There will come a time before we would require your help, o’ Sister of the Church of Boys Love.

    @Solarius – Thank you kind sir, for the notice!

    @zzeroparticle – I wish it didn’t have to boil down to this, I swear.

    @HikariNiwa@53RG10 – For the brethrenhood!

    @Jack – Don’t go off telling the government now, you hear?

    @mefloraine – It’s alright, just save the Hideyoshi images. Don’t tell anyone, but that’s the reason behind this post :razz:

    @Yi – Say Yes to Hidesexuality!

    @Ryan A – I do what I must!

    @AS – I sometimes fear my “loophole” is but a brief respite, but we shall see.

    @Glo – That’s what those in denial say! :razz: I fap by sliding the tip of my shaft across a thin sheet of sandpaper to simulate intercourse.

    @DFC – I have no regrets!

    @TheBigN – Doori as Planned.

    @Crusader – New Zealand, from what I gathered from a senior studying there, is a lot more backwater than even Malaysia in terms of internet infrastructure. DO NOT WANT.

    @paparaharaha@kluxorious – You’re not gay. Just Hidesexual.

    @EvilDevil – Hello friend, long time no see~

    @Doriinatrix – I will always love Hideyoshi even he starts growing a neckbear and sporting a beer belly.

    @sakura – Nice things!

    @Haesslich – Jun is inferior. Also, Australia is all for homosexuals, believe it or not, so it’s going to take a lot of work for them to start laying the b&hammer.

    @bluemist – And there’s not much they can do about it, lest they wish to ban Mardi Gras.

    @namelissis@anon – So I’m a.. Hidesexual?

    @Amon – Fuck Year!

    @Canne – Let’s see who has the greater resolve…

    @Di Gi Kazune – Admitting you’re shotacon now, Di Gi? :razz:

    @foshizzel – I try :razz:

    @Hangmen – It is High Priest Stephen Conroy whom I must defeat

    @Setsuna-san – My martyrdom shall lit the path!

  34. Australia, I’m sorry my old adults tits are small enough to be considered pedo-material (not to mention the sole idea being chauvinist to the nth proportion).

    As a fujoshi, I fully support your change of preferences Shin, even though reluctant and having to sacrifice something as delicious as high school girls.

    PS: just to let you know I’ll start thinking of you as a bishounen getting it on with Hideyoshi, thank you.

  35. Aha, this is Australia’s version of population control! Make draconian laws that impinge on their citizen’s liberty to the point of turning them gay for traps, thus preventing more births and avoiding the pressures of population growth. It’s like the One Child Policy except that it compromises a different set of freedoms. Well, considering how your Minister of Communications actually compared his internet censorship to Chinese controls on internet freedom, he might actually take that comparison as a compliment.

    Well, there’s always other English speaking countries. US or Canada is probably your best bet, they seem the most reasonable about civil liberties. Plenty of idiots who want to ban this and that here in the US too, but it always makes my day to see them run into the brick wall that is the US Constitution.

  36. ahaha…. i like P.P.S… i so cant wait for the DVD/BD release…

    and yes… the Hideyoshi sex… this is the last resort for human kinds…

  37. how would you get past the ballbag smell? On a hot day Hideyoshi would definitely be making soup. :lol:

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