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Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 – Random Thoughts (SPOILERS)

EVA-01 and Lance of Longinus

Just saw the second part of Rebuild of Evangelion in the cinema yesterday.

If you ever had any negative impressions concerning how gloomy and pessimistic (as well as mindf*ckingly confusing) the original TV series was, you can throw that all away now.

For Anno Hideaki has kept true to his word and delivered a totally different and satisfying "reimagining" of the Evangelion story.

For starters, Shinji is actually less wimpy and more GAR. He seemed more in control of things than his pathetic TV counterpart ever could.

Rei is now showing more humanity and is assertive than before (arguably even more than Nagato Yuki, bar Yuki in Disappearance of course :cool:   ).

And Asuka (now Shikinami Asuka Langley) is less angsty, making her less annoying and more likable.

And the new girl, Makinami Mari Illustrious, she's pretty much won over me now. (Being voiced by Sakamoto Maaya helped) Though her screentime was shorter than thought. Hopefully it'll increase next episode.

Pardon me on my random mumblings below as I try to recall what I just saw. Needless to say, IT'S FULL OF F*CKING SPOILERS.

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I now declare myself a "Born Again Evangelion-ist". :mrgreen:

Needless to say, some basic knowledge of Evangelion is still needed before watching this, at the very least, watch Rebuild 1.0. Or else you'll most certainly end up like a blind nun in a fish market. (Whatever that meant, but I know this blogger that liked using these ridiculously nonsensical metaphors :lol:   )

For you guys in North America and Europe, when the DVD comes out, GET IT. 8)

Posted by Kinny Riddle

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  1. I just think Gainax is milking it because they have run out of ideas. Must like how Star Trek got rebooted.

  2. I think with the introduction of new characters and different presonalities this time was a good choice.

  3. Technically, it’s not Gainax anymore, at least not the main studio. The four Rebuild movies are now mainly produced by Studio Khara, another company Anno founded. (He left Gainax many moons ago for personal reasons. )

    While I agree this is another shameless attempt by Anno to rob us of our cash, I find it quite condescending to have Evangelion compared with Star Trek. But that’s just me. :razz:

    If he can remake something which fans find even more satisfying than the original, than that cash is gladly parted with.

    It was speculated that the depressing outlook of the original series was based on Anno’s personal 4-year depression and his views on life. Though now, it seems that over 10 years of making quite a fortune on the series must have made Anno a much happier man, to compel him to want to give Shinji & Co a happy ending after all. :lol:

    (Even George Orwell once said that if he weren’t so ill when writing 1984, the ending would have certainly been more optimistic. )

    • @Kinny Riddle@Kinny Riddle

      Okay, comparison with Star Trek is condescending, though you have to admit, it IS a reboot of the franchise. This is more like… say Battlestar Galactica – The re-imagining. Or Batman – rebooted.

      The original stuff is what started my anisong addiction but not what captured my anime fandom (which incidentally is dying a horrible death for the past 2 years+). That honour goes to something else which did indeed result from webcrawler’ing EVANGELION.

      If people want to part with their cash for it is fine. Afterall it is their cash to do as they please. So all you fans out there, remember – don’t download it!

      • My order for the R1 English dub for Rebuild 1.0 pretty much arrived as expected, and the return of the English VAs pretty much sealed the deal for me (as it’s really the only way to get the rest of the family to watch too), so yeah, I’m willing to put down money for the subsequent iterations. My only real complaint with it is the fact that Funimation used 1.01, which was dark as heck.

        It’s pretty annoying that there’s not even a word on the DVD/BluRay releases for Rebuild 2.0.

      • My “condescending” remark was meant as a jestful remark, not as a malicious retort. So I apologize for any misunderstanding. :eek:

        But seriously, you really have issues with reboots, don’t you? XD (Just kidding)

        Surely you must recognize that there’s good reboots and there’s bad reboots. And after watching Rebuild 2.0, I can say it’s heading for the “good” rating.

        As for DVDs, I’m waiting for all four parts to come out so I can get the boxset in one go. (Maybe I’ll even be patient and wait for Blu-Ray. )

  4. Hrmm.. while I was originally against the addition of Marie, she does kinda rub off on you (though they can never, ever, replace my Asuka). I actually kinda like it when Asuka was more of a bitch too, but that’s just me.

    In therms of the movie itself, I don’t really think its milking like Di Gi is saying, since the original honestly didn’t feel complete to me. Of course I’m totally biased because the original Evangelion was what really pulled me into the Anime fandom, so 2.0 not only revitalized my love for the series, it totally re-energized my passion for anime.

    How big was this movie for me? I watched it three times (twice w/ Eng subs and once with Canto subs that I can’t read) with plans to watch it one more time later this week….

    • Yes Cokematic-jiji, your name rings out from fansubbing years past. It’s not you only that prefers Asuka to be more of a bitch. Her personality is the result of her traumatic life experiences.

      @shin – if we took away all your lolis and ranka and lolipr0n etc2 and instead replaced them with say, bishounen and shotas looking for your ass, wouldn’t you turn into a twisted and demented person like Asuka? :cool:

  5. Revisiting Evangelion is always welcomed for me as long as it does not ruin the original series. As far as I’ve seen, this rebuilding seems to be doing great.

  6. Holy shit, I understood the metaphor. Very fitting one too.

    Implying my soul is ruined.


  7. I’m waiting for the DVD for Rebuild 2.0 to be released, though I’m hoping that it won’t be as GODDAWFULLY DARK as Rebuild 1.0, which forced me to buy the BluRay of 1.11.

    That said, the Rebuild movies are an awesome addition to the franchise, and it indeed has had the positive effect of bringing back old fans. It didn’t feel like Studio Khara was milking it at all, really… It’s more like looking at the story with a newer — and more positive — perspective. Looking forward to Rebuild 3.0, then onward to the new ending in Rebuild 4.0!

  8. @Di Gi Kazune – Fuck you. I hate you for a long time now.
    though I agree Gainax is shitty.

    • If you’re going to be angry (which I don’t see any reason for), then get things right. Studio Khara. It is GAINAX’s franchise though.

    • Yes, give in to your anger and hate. Then your journey to the Dark Side will be complete! :cool:

      I stand corrected. Hideki Anno and Gainax wants to milk your cash just like Kadokawa. Let’s put it this way, is there any need to have seethrough buttplugs, I mean plugsuits apart from the fanservice factor? Why not have NO plugsuits and shaved heads instead which will increase the conductivity in LCL.

      FYI, I used to watch it religiously on SBS when it aired in the early 2000s. 25 & 26 supposedly ended up like that because some people exhausted their budget early on. Hence the movie with clarified things.

  9. “For starters, Shinji is actually less wimpy and more GAR. He seemed more in control of things than his pathetic TV counterpart ever could.”

    I was never a fan of Eva because of Shinji. Actually, I was not just not a fan; I hated the whole franchise because of him.
    If 2.0 did indeed fix that terrible annoying personality of his, I will watch this.

    • Do note Rebuild 2.0 is where the movies completely diverge from the timeline. While some stuff are still familiar enough for people who watched the TV series, on some levels it’s quite different.

      Rebuild’s Shinji is less of a wuss (and more emotionally stable), but it still took EVA-00 getting EATEN by Zeruel for him to man up completely.

    • Well, same here actually.

      I originally paid to watch just for the sake of the hype and the promise of a different ending, fully expecting Shinji to act the wimp that he is infamous for. :lol:

      So I was delightfully surprised Anno actually manned him up big time. (OK, he’s still many miles away from the GARness of many badass characters out there, but still, an improvement. )

  10. 26 supposedly ended up like that because some people exhausted their budget early on. Hence the movie with clarified things.

    Do recall, two of the studio’s founders were actually charged with both fraud and tax evasion afterwards… And EoE was still done with Anno hip-deep in his depression, aggravated by the negative reaction to the TV series ending.

  11. BTW, just bought the OST to Rebuild 2.0, and just like it’s movie counterpart, the tracks just sounded even better. (I took the trouble to listening the the OST of Rebuild 1.0 back to back with 2.0 on my iPod just to compare. )

    Two songs sung by Hayashibara Megumi (Rei) stands out. Both are very gentle lullabies, and when you think of the context of the movie when those songs were played, it forms a great contrast… I’ll not spoil anymore than I have in my post above.

    The reason the credits theme song is an acoustic remix of Beautiful World (not that I’m complaining) was because Utada Hikaru had an illness just prior to recording any new song, and couldn’t make it in time for the deadline, so they had to make do with a remix for now. Hopefully it’ll be a brand new song next movie.

  12. And I thought it’ll just be a plain remake, but how can I say that with Anno?!!!! It’s GAINAX goddamnit! I should’ve seen this coming. Anyway, I’ll try to watch Eva 1.0 and 2.0 later when I get home. Darn, my schedule’s a shitfest!

    • I’d suggest Rebuild 1.11 if you’re planning on watching the first movie, as the initial DVD (1.00) was as dark as heck. Which is kind of sad, as Funimation’s English-dub release (with almost all of the original TV-series VAs back!) was based on it.

  13. @Di Gi Kazune – You’d watch the ending first? Where’s the fun in that?

    Not a knock at you, but you must have serious issues with GAINAX. :) Or maybe just burnt out from anime in general? Or did you take the Colony Drop review at face value? :D

    Either way, it’s too negative a mindset. The Rebuild movies are fun, so forget the financial context behind them.

  14. Great stuff dude!

    As for EVA, great to know how it all ends.

    As an Asuka fan I was kinda pissed at the first poilers I read.

    But these facts made be a re-borner as well!

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    Again, great blog man!

  15. Just a thought

    Show ▼

    If this were true, The Whole Rebuild of Evangelion could infact be a sequel!! Mind is blown.

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