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Relative Value Of Anime Fan Opinions From The Producer’s Perspective

I just realized this? :oops:

Posted by Shin

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  1. You acutlaly burn them on discs? I leave everything on my hard drive. :)

  2. Well, at least I have an external HDD full of em.

    and still growing :roll: Btw, do figures count? :lol:

  3. 1+ TB HDDs FTW?


  4. And in which category does the average Singaporean fall into?

  5. yikes! no purchases? come on… you cant be that cheapskate right?…..

  6. I’m a cheapskate and I usually buy my DVDs either secondhand or whenever I visit China. Then again…those are most definitely bootlegged. :???:

    Of course, I still think you own a lot more than that. :roll:

  7. Go buy some merchandise. Nao.
    At least a figma.

  8. Di Gi Charat! I make sure Dejiko has a place to stay. :3

  9. i like how all those shots were taken on the same box, lol

  10. What? Only one box of DVD-ROMs? You disappoint me Shin. I was expecting packets of DVD-ROMs. :cool:

  11. We Malaysians are cheapskates. It’s no use to feel guilty. Live with it and enjoy.

    In before serious moral debates being sparked due to the nature of my comments.

  12. I have an external HDD with about 800 gigs of anime and no legal DVDs or anything.

    Guess I’m as cheap as you are. :roll:

  13. If you had to pay to watch anime in TV stations broadcast in Japan, I can’t think about buying stuff except for manga and figurines.

  14. hmm…. not quite sure where i fall in the list. :?:

  15. I fall on the unmentioned category: Fans that are too damn broke

    I’ll get back to you after 6 years…

  16. This is why every show now is complete and utter shit. After all they must please those that actually spend the money? Although this doesn’t explain why Gonzo went down the shitter…perhaps they had more tits & ass than actual moe. :roll:

  17. I’m going broke buying figyas, so either way, them Jew-Japanese still managed to rip me off of my Rapedollars.

  18. I give back to the industry whenever I go to Akiba which isn’t often, obviously.

    Even so, I always end up buying the moe stuff.

    Would that mean I’m contributing to the moe “cancer” everyone hates?

    • You’re missing the point, Anonymous, you have to support the industry of non-moe cancer by buying merch that isn’t moe, like Gundam model kits and figures of women who are well above the legal age of consent. Those figures go out of print because everyone buys the moe schoolgirl figures, so it’s YOUR fault we won’t see another Yomiko Readman figure for a very long time, or ever!

      Support figmacation of classy, over age of consent ladies, people. Or you’ll get nothin’ but moe cancer. Cancer killed Patrick Swayze, so moe cancer is TWICE as evil now as it was yesterday LOL

  19. What happened to that figurine of yours…?

  20. I fall into the great HDD and DVD category.
    …now where’s my TB’sof external HDD allready? :cool:

  21. Holy crap! I have that plastic box!


    disregard that I have about 1TB HDD and have never bought a single actual dvd :roll:
    wait… I spend money on a lil bit of figurines, light novels and manga- that count?

  23. So are the H series on the DVDs or on the HD? :roll:
    I fall in the first category because I’m just that rich. :razz:

  24. I have never purchased anything Anime related other than a wrist sweatband that had an L on it and ‘deathnote’ written on the back….this is why i don’t let myself out much, id buy your poop if you sold it to me right.

    I know i have downloaded and watched 50+ anime series though.

  25. Haha. Yours resemble my DVD collection. I do have a couple figures though and 1 bought DVD. So I guess I’m actually in the average category.

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