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Maestro's house got foreclosed earlier in the week and in order to help him sustain himself for coming days, I offered monetary assistance in exchange for one of his hosted blogs. After browsing through the catalogue, I decided to go for Kurogane's. While I'm its brand new owner, I'm having trouble coming up with a name for it, so that's where you guys come in! Help me come up with an awesome name that reflects my blogging style! Yes, something that has me written all over it! And in case you're wondering, yes, I'm letting Kurogane guest blog on it from time to time, so you'll have your Negima and Hayate updates :roll:

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  1. Oh you….what did u do this time. :roll:

  2. On 9/11 no less. Well played.

  3. As per our conversation earlier:

    [23:30] <@Ci> cat blog
    [23:30] <@Ci> DO EET
    [23:34] <@Cokematic> and i second “Cat blog”

    Cat blog please.

  4. derp, someone is back derp

  5. Hah! Serves Maestro right for not letting me on Antenna Blog.

  6. CP Gallery… oh boy :oops:

  7. Today isn’t April Fool’s is it?

  8. Lolicon Inc. sounds good.

  9. Statutory Rape?
    Pedo Predator?
    I Love Jailbait?

    Just kidding! Kind of… :???:

  10. Deliciously Flat Chest.

    DO EET.

  11. Uh wut… oh it’s a hoax. nvm.

  12. Is this the new form of Napoleon Complex?!!!

    You better name that Loliconnoisseur’s Romance then.

    @Baka-Raptor: If you weren’t chosen, then I can never be chosen.

  13. “Kurogane’s special pets.”

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