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Umineko no Naku Koro ni 05: Successful Troll Is Successful

I think Beatrice is a pretty cool witch. She kills people endlessly and doesn't afraid of anything!

Ignoring the fact that she's about a millennium older than what I'd go for(taking the form of an adult woman no less!), I have to say that I'm very attracted to this elegant troll of a witch. Beatrice's scheme truly epitomizes the devil's workshop resulting from an idle mind, as her intention for inciting mass murder was derived from sheer boredom. It's been a while since I've rooted for the antagonist, and all the more reason to as well, since Battler has yet to leave an impression on me :???:

As a prelude to this epic battle of wits, Battler has, so far, taken the somewhat asinine approach, as his refusal to believe in the existence of witchcraft and magic can be likened to that of a child plugging his ears, going "LALALA WITCHES DON'T EXIST LALALA", made even more hilarious with everyone else gibbing around him :lol:

Taking its predecessor into account, I'm somewhat concerned over the ratio of logically unraveled discrepancies is to plain deus ex machina. While it would be interesting if Battler manages to solve everything through, as he puts it, humans means, I do acknowledge the fact that it will detract from the otherwise intended mystical nature of the show :swt: However, it is the level of compromise in this aspect, in my opinion, that will dictate whether or not Umineko ends up being nothing more than a mediocre whodunit series with a couple of clever set pieces.

Don't get me wrong though; I still appreciate some down to earth absurdity :roll: , and was especially amused by the tea party sequence which reminded me a lot of Taiga's Dojo, a familiar scene for atrocious players following a game over, where you're provided advice and hints for your next playthrough :lol:

Joining the fray, we have NPC Frederica Bernkastel(henceforth known as Fancy Rika), who's taken your side, the player for the time being. And those dead eyes? Not only is Fancy Rika a tsundere, she's also one hell of a kinky minx. I mean, the only way of achieving that erotic, blank look is for a female to fornicate to the extent when most of the central nervous system has shut down due to excessive carnal pleasure.

I've even been informed that Fancy Rika will utter Nipah~ sometime later in the second arc.....

It's as if Rika's sex appeal has been magnified over a thousand times...

....Is it too late for me to change waifus? :swt:

Posted by Shin

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  1. Can’t change waifus unless you get a divorsu

  2. I had… never thought that way to explain Bernkastel’s lifeless eyes, I hope there’ll be doujinshi about that at this coming comiket :3

  3. Nothing prevents you from having multiple imaginary waifus other than your own conscience, but I guess that’s not too much a concern :lol:

    On an unrelated note, for some reason McFee (yeah i know it’s junk, but i don’t own that computer) thinks your site has virus/trojan.

  4. Why not be polygamous? :wink:

    I have to say I’m on Battler’s side because I’ve taken a liking to him and his smartass unmagical ways, even though I know it’s going to end up having supernatural explanations. I’m usually on the antagonist’s side though.

  5. Multiple waifus are always ok.

  6. Is polygamy legal in Malaysia?

    Certainly those dead-eyes of which you speak got my dick up.

  7. Well Beatrice has a very moe side to her as well… just have to wait…. not even conflicting her sadistic murder-plans and way to tread people ^^

    And guess why Battler has this echii gags associated to him…
    Let’s say later on there are some sinful girls who despairedly want to play with him. (And you don’t know what I mean :D )

    > …I do acknowledge the fact that it will detract from the otherwise intended mystical nature of the show…

    Or is the magic distracting from the detective side of the story… well that the question in this game… no… thats actually the topic. ^^

    > …in my opinion, that will dictate whether or not Umineko ends up being nothing more than a mediocre whodunit series with a couple of clever set pieces.

    There is so much crazy shit going on later that there is no way of seeing it as a run-of-the-mill whodunit mystery…
    Somebody already mentioned bunny girl….. killing people? XD

    Regarding Bern-chan:
    Actually she’s more of the Nagato of the witches… emotionless, mysterious ….. and she said she’s the cruelest of the pack.
    Did you see that evil smile in the end? Better reconsider your choice of for waifu or you might regret it ;P Never bore a being who’s powers you don’t understand :)

  8. Bern looks pretty cute in the anime, although they clearly removed her breasts from her original character sprite… Er, is that a good thing?

  9. @Taiyaki: Of course it’s a good thing. IT’S AWESOME!!!

    There will be bunny girls, there will be goatmen, there will be dolls, there will be more witches, and more cool stuff, so it will get better and better.


  11. @Omisyth – And it still makes sense in the end… ^^

  12. There are no witches and magic in chess.
    I’m playing this by flipping the chess board.
    Therefore, there is no witch.

  13. Trollkastel is a far superior Troll.

    You’ll find out eventually Shiiiiin~! *cackle*

  14. bernkettle is a bitch and lambdadyke-a is a whoring tsundere tranny.

    Die in a fire Beatrice, I bet she’s actually a violin or some shit.

  15. @Baka-Raptor – What if I have a haremu!?

    @nyoronyolo – Just me and my deduction prowess :twisted:

    @TJ – I got it as well, but had the host resolve it. Hopefully there aren’t any more issues.

    @Mika – I guess I’m banking too much on Battler being my Hajime Kindaichi replacement :lol:

    @Seinime@Rakuen – Once I convert into a Muslim, yes.

    @Digdri – Killer bunny girl? That’s it, I’m not even going to try to take this seriously anymore! Not that it’s a bad thing of course! Whatever her character turns to be out, I’ll always prioritize her being a loli, or at least looking the part :roll:

    @Taiyaki – They improved her character. Immensely! Let’s face it, Bern’s popularity if at all, would be because of her resemblance to Rika. Giving her anything less than DFC would be heresay!

    @Omisyth@Lehq – Battler logic.

    @Anonymous@karasu – u mad? All this talk about Bern-chan is making me hot and bothered. Must I succumb and play the game!?

  16. This comment section is both horrifying and hilarious. Keep up the good work!

  17. i usually root for the antagonists… as im jaded with the whole good guy wins all thingy. this however, im sorta siding with both. initially i side with battler, you know, so he can shoot maria in the face. then after beatrice being an awesome troll, you know where the balance shifted :wink:

  18. Frederica Bernkastel



    Remember this, there’s a reason why she lost a lot of fans after the sound novel’s Episode 4. Too bad the most defining story for this won’t be animated.

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