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Brb, going to Daicon.

Brb, going to an AWSM event.

Daicon as some of you guys already know is a major anime and manga event held in Malaysia and is the first (I think) event which will feature a concert performed by a seiyuu/idol in Malaysia. The star attraction in question is none other than Chihara Minori which I think I highlighted in a post some months ago. I already got myself an AWSM ticket to go for her signature session too but sadly due to the usual Japanese stance on photography I won't be allowed to take photos of her (think AFA 08).

Apart from attending the concert I will of course be on the prowl for cosplayers and merchandise as usual so you could expect a barrage of photos after the event. KKnM will also be setting up shop at the event which will most definitely be a health hazard to my wallet.

Other than that I will also be taking part in the Weiss Schwarz card battle organized by the folks at WS@NK-DS in the hope of winning myself some nice prizes.

Thats it for now. Will be back with loot and pics after the event.

P.S. Going to events just won't feel the same anymore without Shin.

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  1. They really go all out :mad:

  2. I wish I could be in Malaysia for the next 2 days.

  3. I was originally going to go.. but plane tickets and the flight schedule from HK wasn’t working for me. :( Have fun!

    Cokematic’s last blog post..Super Driver = Haruhigasm

  4. A message from Minori. :lol:

  5. Make sure to take lots of Hamster pics, and of course those lovely Malaysian ba-dunk-a-dunks =3

    Going to events just won’t feel the
    same anymore without Shin.

    Hmm, with his loli tendencies, is this really a bad thing? :cool:

    Jesus159159159’s last blog post..K-ON! 12

  6. Poor Shin. He’s tied up in his apartment in Australia with a cat groping his nuts.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..I Felt Wrong Watching Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 1

  7. Why can’t Chihara Minori come to the conventions here in the Philippines!? :(

  8. @Jesus159159159 – Minorin’s well above my age requirements so I foresee no problems!

    @Rakuen – Groping each other’s nuts to keep warm :roll:

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