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Canaan 01: Mystic Adaptation Of Familiar Plot

The most unfortunate thing about this show is that they're both girls.

A TYPE-MOON anime involving magical eyes? I sure didn't see that coming! Thankfully, unlike the awful pun I just made which has fallen flat on its face, Canaan stands strong on its feet and has left the biggest impression on me so far this season with its exhilarating pace and memorable moments, leaving me breathless and yearning for more.

First off, I really have to express my disappointment over Canaan's gender. More often than not, DFC characters tend to throw me off when it comes to determining their sexual identity and with the oddly shaped breasts which I noticed in Kabitzin's summer preview, I jumped the gun and claimed Canaan as my summer husbando. What used to be appeal associated with gender ambiguity dissipates with that revelation, although Miyuki Sawashiro at the helm means that Canaan's character is still equally as alluring despite her otherwise plain design.

A wasted opportunity for a franchise tie-in! Who else thought that this stuffed toy should have been Neko Arc? You all know by now that I'm a total referencing buff who look for little details like these to gaga over. This also has really got me pondering whether Canaan is at all related to the rest of the Nasuverse, or it an independent story seeing as how it was based on a game not made by TYPE-MOON despite its influence here.

Unlike her peers of similar endowment, and if the show's explanations are of any indication, Canaan's powers can be explained through Science™, and is, from what I inferred, really just her five senses being heightened beyond ordinary human boundaries, not so much as she being able to slow time down or see through solid objects and only seem that way to her and viewers. In a way, it is still retains that trademark TYPE-MOON hax, though considering its pedigree, I had hoped for those powers to be a lot more spectacular than what has been shown so far; Those that allow users to trace weapons, terminate origins and kill off gods :cool:

At first, it struck me as a bit odd for the random people in the show to be unperturbed by the commotion such as people undergoing seizures more intense than your usual party hard variety and guns a blazing, let alone the death surrounding them. Then I realized that these were Chinese people who probably inhaled too much smog to think straight :lol: Of course, the show did touch on this, but I found the whole see no evil premise rather weak, when considering the already outrageous nature of the episode thus far.

From a quick glance, Canaan to me was sort of like a palette swap of Ryougi Shiki, which was why I was surprised that it wasn't Maaya Sakamoto voicing the former. As mentioned above, this isn't that big an issue though it does cement the fact that all TYPE-MOON anime adaptations require her to be handling a lead role, and I definitely can't wait to see what this smug looking character is capable of. Speaking of obligatory seiyuus, I've await with glee for the token Nakata Jouji-voiced character, if there is one at all.

To wrap it up, I must commend P.A. Works for once again delivering a brilliant piece of work in terms of animation, particularly during Canaan's firefight sequence, which is quite an accomplishment, when you consider the fact that it easily rivals what ufotable has achieved with Kara no Kyoukai, with a presumably smaller budget. Perhaps at the end of the season, they will finally mature as a production company, where I too can also then move on with my life, having scorned them for making me cry true tears of rage. As for the story, it's typical TYPE-MOON convoluted fare, which basically translates into "I don't really know what the hell just happened, so I'll stop pretending I actually do", and with so many characters being introduced simultaneously, it's difficult for me to see how they all relate to the story other than the fact it revolves around the whole Synesthesia phenomenon.

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  1. “I don’t really know what the hell just happened, so I’ll stop pretending I actually do because it’s fucking awesome!”
    ^ Fixed

  2. 1. The most unfortunate thing about this show is that they’re both girls.


    “The most FORTUNATE thing about this show is that they’re both girls.”

    2. Science™ really had to be trademarked.

    3. Your eyes are still focused over her gender? My eyes are all focused on her CUP A’s!

  3. I am surprised that you didn’t mention the bathroom or the helicopter scene Shin.

    @Rakuen – Absolutely agreed. Notice that deliciously flat chest.

  4. I think you meant SCIENCE. Also, crazy naked secretary <3.

    Omisyth’s last blog post..A Rant In Defense Of The Umineko Adaptation

  5. More TYPE-MOON deliciousness. I’ll wait for the end before I start downloading it or I’ll simply self-destruct due to withdrawal issues.

  6. @Rakuen
    wth is the point of having 2 girls do as mains if all they are gonna do is act like 2 girls, and not anymore. its like watching all those slice of life about girls again.

  7. They’re not manboobs? :cry:

  8. So Canaan is a girl? Good.

    Not sure what really went on in the episode, but it was the most impressive debut I watched for this season

    TJ’s last blog post..Amanchu! 08

  9. @Omisyth: She’s not really a secretary. It’s just cover up for her assassin stature. But she IS crazy, so that’s plus points for me.

    @TJ: I think the series used “In medias res”.
    Rakuen’s last blog post..I Felt Wrong Watching Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 1

  10. @Rakuen’s point 1 is something that I was going to say to. It’s fun stuffs. :3

    TheBigN’s last blog post..My Delusions As A Fanboy: If Moe Is A Cancer…

  11. The show’s got my Action Johnny in the heat.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..PARENTS ATTENDING SPORTS DAY ARE PEDOS

  12. Girl+White Hair+Awesomeness+A Cups+Byakugan+some stunt training+a few years in sarajevo=CANAAN

  13. Also, this animu is pure awesome gun porn and Parkour wank.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..PARENTS ATTENDING SPORTS DAY ARE PEDOS

  14. “1. The most unfortunate thing about this show is that they’re both girls.


    “The most FORTUNATE thing about this show is that they’re both girls.””


    This anime needs moar yuri with more plots too!!! :lol:

    There should be more yuri anime to spread its love even MOAR!!! :cool:

  15. Also… I had enough of straight pairs anyways so I need something new like yuri and yaoi! :lol:
    (Open-minded here :neutral: )

  16. I, for one, do not recognize this as a “TYPE-MOON animu.”

    Guess why.

    Honoo’s last blog post..Anime 2009 Summer Season: Watchlists and stuff.

  17. the awful pun I just made which has fallen flat on its face

    there’s nothing wrong with that… :kiss:

    Jesus159159159’s last blog post..K-ON! 12

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