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Bousou Shojo

How far are you willing to go to safeguard your chastity? While not being much of an issue for individuals such as myself due to obvious reasons that I am too depressed to disclose, this is a rather real and serious issue that concerns the youth of today. No, really.

Swearing to abstain from sexual intercourse until adulthood, Makino Yayoi's resolve to stay a virgin would probably put a nun's to shame, as she pulls absolutely no punches at ensuring that her cherry never gets popped before hitting twenty.

So far, she's been able to accomplish just that with simple abstinence, through some shlicking in between, I'd reckon, although things start getting complicated when she gets meets Suzuki Yuuta, the class delinquent for the perennial summer school outing courage test.

Her oath of celibacy takes its toll on her mentally,(or you could argue that she really does want it) causing her to have all sorts of delusions of being raped by Yuuta, though seeing as how he is your generic male lead, Yuuta's sex drive is pretty much contained. This however, is where the central premise of the entire manga kicks in. Paranoid that Yuuta may attempt to violate her one way or another, Yayoi strikes preemptively, by reverse raping him....

You might wonder why someone so adamant on staying a virgin might resort to something as drastic and absurd like that, but Yayoi puts it best when she lives by the British Special Air Service's motto of Who Dares Wins, which involves her daring to subdue her oppressor's sexual desires through any means necessary to avoid getting defiled, thus subsequently winning the battle. She ingeniously pulls this off by seducing Yuuta to get him off guard, following up with a handjob that is executed with such skill and finesse that it mimics penetrative sex, causing him to climax much faster, thus nullifying his beastly urges. Girls, take note: When prevention no longer serves as cure, consider alternatives to ward off potential rapists!

Wow, I've read quite a number of ecchi manga in my time involving assertive female characters but Bousou Shojo takes it to a whole new dimension. On the exterior, Yayoi clearly does not want to have sex just yet, but has zero qualms on employing just about every technique in the foreplay manual on the hapless Yuuta, who, in consolation, is getting serviced by an attractive young female. Who knows, Makino might just fall in love with Yuuta for real and perhaps let him stick it in. The butt, of course. I can see it now.

And the real reason why Yayoi does not even dare consider having sex before hitting 20?

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Bricks were infinitely shat.

Posted by Shin

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  1. Wait what?
    …You grow a what if you…?
    I’m not sure, but I think I just died inside.

  2. Okay, that advice won’t work on girls who are into sex changes… Aw yeah…

  3. So that is how all those doujinshi happen! Mom knows best.

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..WordPress 2.8

  4. n-n-no traps this time? GOOD! schlickschlickschlickschlick

    Jesus159159159’s last blog post..K-ON! 10

  5. At first I thought his penis was some weird-ass dildo and she had jammed it up his ass because it was described as ‘reverse rape’. I’m trying to decide if I find it disappointing or not that this was not the case…

  6. If I were in that manga I would double reverse quadruple rape that girl :neutral:

  7. @Kabitzin – Totally one of the better rationales I’ve seen for stories like that. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Bamboo Blade manga v1

  8. So that’s why there are so many futa doujins around. I thought it was odd that girls can grow Johnnies, it makes perfect sense now. :roll:

  9. This is awesome. What a dimwit. They make a good couple though.

  10. [Magical Ferret]

    I do not even have to hunt for these kinds of manga. I just have to go to Atarashii Prelude for recommendations! ww

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..[Magical Ferret] Hello there! I am a new blogger!

  11. A classic example of how people try to balance two conflicting desires.

  12. That looks like a hilarious premise. Will look up.

    Omisyth’s last blog post..Summer ‘09 Is Shaping Up Quite Nicely

  13. That.. was definitely a shocker.. x_x

    Quite interesting indeed. Will look up someday. =w=

  14. I pity the guy. Really pity him.

  15. I think I’ve just found the almost-perfect heroine in my book. Oh yeah. I love chicks who would go all out, but are really feisty to the very end. And I didn’t mean that from the prospective of a rapist.

    @Setsuna-san: Watch Bible Black.

  16. My nutbladder exploded.

  17. @Gin – True story :cool:

    @Misha – Guess it just depends on how badly they want a p0n0s on them and not in them :lol:

    @Jesus159159159 – shlick< :shock:

    @A Day Without Me – Sorry, that is just his magical cock transforming itself at will


    @lolercauster – You lost me, good sir :???:

    @Setsuna-san@TheBigN@Kabitzin – Kabitzin just solved one of the greatest mysteries of life :shock:

    @Amon – I’d hate to see Yuuta’s face when he finds out the truth :razz:

    @The Sojourner – I’m glad I was able to partake in your process of becoming a deviant :cool:

    @moritheil – Story of my life :cry:

    @OmisythAfter you read Prunus Girl :cool:

    @bgsm – I agree. Read Prunus Girl first.

    @Kurogane – I’m too envious to pity someone who gets insane HJs every other day :lol:

    @Rakuen – What archetype would someone like her be then? I honestly am not sure myself.

    @Seisha – The way Yayoi gives a handjob, I’d think so too :roll:

  18. Now that is a most inventive way of ensuring chastity that or a chastity belt.

  19. “shlick”

    oh wow, so I was doing it wrong all this time! No wonder it hurt… :arrow:

    Jesus159159159’s last blog post..K-ON! 11

  20. lol after finishing my balls im stopping manga 100%

    heck in the first place ive stopped manga for quite a long time ago until being too poisoned by my balls and end up reading it.

    this, does seem extremely tempting. however, just hand jobs and no thing more? i dont know. still, damn tempting.

    oh ya shinn, update ur comment luv :P
    (or WP 2.8 XD)

  21. A proactive…virgin. Now that’s something new. Hurray for new fetish (sort of…).

    Lehq’s last blog post..[manga] No longer M.I.A

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