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K-ON! 09: Goodbye Mio…

Hello Azu-nyan~


My prayers, they have been answered! Asuza is the embodiment of the Mio that I had always wanted from the very start; all the looks and all the characteristics, minus the boobies. And as an added bonus, they even shrunk Asuza down to size and gave her twin tails to boot! There's only so much damage my nutbladder can take.

Asuza's reactions towards the laid back nature of the club mirrors that of Mio, although she isn't nearly as hesistant as her senior when it comes to voicing her opinions. That said, her ease in being tamed, much like that of a cat which one can't help but want to cuddle and pet, gives her an edge over Mio by kicking the moe levels up a few notches without looking as forced (*´Д`)ハァハァ

Easily my favorite scene in this episode. Much like Yui, I found myself repeating this bait and switch(?) scene several times just to see Asuza's reaction, simply because it was so catatonically adorable. Before someone actually succumbs to death by moe, a study on the correlation between levels of cuteness and heightened  cardiac activity. HNNNNNNNNGHHH

"Ah, tengoku no okasama!" Tell me I was not the only person to have thought of Kanako during this scene. And to her credit, Sawako's a lot more efficient in fulfilling her cosplay fetishes than her homosexual counterpart could ever hope to be. Show ▼

I don't know what to make of Mio's monologue; Because the of the fact subservient females like her enjoyed being subjected to the sexual whims of others, I felt a tinge of guilt during this scene, since I thought I'd never love another girl on this show. I guess at the end of the day, I'm still an unrepentant, rotten lolicon. Feels good bad man.

While moe taking center stage yet again this episode, the odd injection of drama was awkward but not entirely unjustified.  It is these sort of moments where minor characters like Ritsu tend to shine, and for once, it has nothing to do with her giant forehead.

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    Anyways, this ep was great! The whole bait-cake scene with Yui and Azu was sweet (hyuk), although I learned in real life that you should never do this to a real pet… they bite when they’re angry =( (but in this case, I guess Azu biting wouldn’t be much of a problem AMIRIGHT GUYS?! cricketsleaves

    btw, are you by any chance gonna change all your Mio pics to Azu-nyan now? =/

    Jesus159159159’s last blog post..Site Update: Fan Sketches

  2. I blinked when I saw a very emotional Azusa…..
    The manga wasn’t that emotional. :smile:

    I’m still going to keep my Mio pics, Azusa, she’s my 3rd fav char in the K-On list, but Mio’s still the no. 1 for obvious reasons. :oops:
    But I’m also gonna add some Azusa pics too. :smile:

  3. You say it – Azusa is everything Mio is done right. Harr harr. I wonder how far her popularity will climb with the general otaku audience though…

    Sasa’s last blog post..Subtitles please?

  4. What!? Im not in b4 those who thinks that Azusa-san is theirs but truly she really is my waifu?

    Oh what the fuck, shes still my waifu.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Spring Anime ‘09 Update

  5. Last pic proves that Ritsu is still the heart of the band that keeps it going. :roll:

    The taming of Azu-nyan was also quite a sight to behold, i don’t think i’ve seen a character that embodies the cat quite as well as she does. Sawako certainly does have an eye for cosplay.

    An emotional Azu-nyan was fine as it added flavor to the show but i question the necessity of it as it really feels odd in a lighthearted show like K-on!

  6. praise the heavens the mio bandwagon is departing.

    i was always sick of how much attention mio got over the other characters. that’s right. we need someone like asu-nyan to save this mio-craving world before we all die. :mrgreen:

  7. “I don’t know what to make of Mio’s monologue; Because the of the fact subservient females like her enjoyed being subjected to the sexual whims of others, I felt a tinge of guilt during this scene”

    Granted, you do know that all of that specific monologue was done by Ritsu, right? :P

    I think I’m concerned with how people have suddenly switched focus to Azusa. She didn’t really grab me that much except when Yui was involved. :v

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Shangri-la 8: Rube Goldberg, not MacGuyver

  8. @Jesus159159159 – Go back to worshipping your healthy girls and leave my underaged waifu alone! But you’re spot on, once the official art for Azu-nyan pours in, I’m likely to phase Mio out.

    Sorry Mio, got to have the superior version, and your service pack 2 just arrived! Smaller and better! :kiss:

    @Trace – Restraining myself from reading the manga for the time being, but considering it’s 4 panels, there’s probably no room for emo, I reckon!

    @Sasa – She’s going to take 2nd place for sure, if not first place. We’ll see.

    @Kairu Ishimaru – I BANGED YOU’RE WAIFU

    @Setsuna-san – I have to give Ritsu that much at least. Forced melodrama made my hair stand on end~

    @desho? – Mio’s insane popularity is a given I suppose, but indeed, Asuza’s set to dethrone her soon enough :lol:

    @TheBigN – G’day mate, didn’t know you came down under. Indeed, I realized that only when a friend came over and told me. That said, with Mio almost an open book for Ritsu, it may well have been what she was really thinking, right? :roll:

    That’s because for people like me, Asuza has everything and much more. Or less, if we’re talking about her busts :twisted:

  9. How come I’m not a a bit surprised by Shin’s decision to jump ship?

    TJ’s last blog post..Naruto 449

  10. I KNEW this episode would draw you out of your Aussie-induced LiteBlogging™.

    Much to my surprise, as of episode 9 there isn’t a single character in K-ON that I don’t like. I KNOW THEY’RE JUST PANDERING MOEBLOBS BUT THEY GO FOR THE JUGULAR DAMMIT


  11. Asuza is the embodiment of the Mio that I had always wanted

    Who the hell is that?

    fangzhao’s last blog post..K-ON! 09

  12. @fangzhao – a loli DFC version of Mio

  13. I was expecting this sort of blog post when I saw K-ON 9. xD

  14. @TJ – I usually don’t switch to another girl during the course of the show, let alone during the middle of the season, but to me, Kyo Ani really did keep the best for last :twisted:

    @Scypher – Has my obsession with little girls made me so predictable?! I actually shouldn’t even be watching this week’s episode, but I knew I just had to put everything aside to see Azusa. Well worth it.


    @fangzhao – The Mio I thought I was in love with :kiss:

    @shaoron – A loli twintail(this alone is worth 10 points) DFC version of Mio!

    @bgsm – I honestly tried my best to stay loyal!

  15. Yeah, the drama didn’t really creep to me, because I was just too distracted with the whole Yui-Azusa thing.

    You bastard, you already have your Mio. Oh well, at least I still have my Ritsu, hehe…

    Man, you gotta love that forehead! Damn you.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..There Has To Be A Loli: A K-On! Episode 9 New Character Arrival

  16. Yet again we see how unfaithful the fickle minded otaku are. Dumping one girl for another without a thought. Ranka will send her vajra to punish you. Dejiko is still #1.

  17. Wahahahahaha :lol: Figured this would happen :roll:

    And I confess to replaying the happy-sad Azusa baiting scene too, Orz

    Jason’s last blog post..K-ON 09 ~ The Moe Strikes Back

  18. “…for once, it has nothing to do with her giant forehead.”

    forehead? don’t you mean a fivehead?

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