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Eden of the East 04: 1-800-JUIZISSEX

Oh dear, I think I'm also smitten by Juiz. She's like your very own personal 24 hour cybersex hotline where you can just dial and go "Emm, talk dirtaay to meeh, Juiz....", where she'll then proceed to oblige your noblesse if you know what I mean.... I think I just pre-leaked. That's right, even for a disemboweled voice, there's just something about her titillatingly flirtatious nature that is uncommon for her role, to the point she may as well sound too convincingly human. Which is why, even if she was just an A.I, I would still jam it in her Universal Serial Bus and Network ports or whatever other orifices a computer might have :twisted: I'd be terribly disappointed if that wasn't a key feature in NEC's offering.

But back to serious business. Speaking of voices, it struck me as rather odd that Akira can be so trusting of a fellow Seleção despite Kondou's warnings and his untimely death at the hands of a Supporter in the previous episode. What's even more hilarious is that the voice in question casually asked if Akira was an assassin out to get him. Also, for the most part, I honestly felt the story carried itself pretty well despite our hero being seperated from Saki, who at this point serves no real purpose to the story, unless of course she was a Supporter herself and I won't be surprised if she proves to be more trouble than she's worth and in the worse case scenario, lead to his downfall. If movies of a similar genre have thought of us anything, having a female around will only bog the hero down :razz: And those homosexual white humanoids? I don't even...

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  1. brilliant post right up until ‘disemboweled voice’. That’s just weird to think about.

  2. Saki is the Supporter. No doubt about it!

    And Juiz is the “supporter”, if you get what I mean.

    Panther’s last blog post..Soniko Valentine

  3. all those selecao must have spent all their cash on phone sex with Juiz. :roll:

  4. i thought there’s only one supporter :|

  5. @digitalboy – How does that changes anything? :lol:

    @Panther – I’m still wondering how she was able to use Akira’s phone when Kondou couldn’t…..

    @Setsuna-san – Mr Outside is truly a demon.

    @karasu – True, but it’d really give Saki a lot more purpose if she was :razz:

  6. If I had the 120 billion that Mr Outside had… :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Omisyth’s last blog post..K-On Moe Moe Mio Meido Laser!

  7. I’ll fund a doujinshi for this idea of your anytime. :razz:

    Lehq’s last blog post..[Eden of the East] Impressions

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