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Ga-Rei Yuri Cosplay

Pardon my crap photography skillz.

Today I went to another doujinshi convention.

God, these doujin events just keep getting more frequent. I'm gonna have to cut down on going to too many, or my bank account will die before the economy even recovers, lol.

Maybe it's something to do with convention fatigue, there weren't that many cosplayers that really caught my eye, save these two lovely girls above.

As you can see, it's none other than Kagura and Yomi-onee-chan from Yuri-gore anime Ga-Rei Zero. I assure you these girls are far cuter than my crappy photos would reveal. So if you've got any problem with how they look, blame it on my skillz.

Enough talk and on with the photos.











Group photo







Pocky moment

At first I made the suggestion, "How about you girls share a Pocky stick?"
After taking the stick out, they then realized they're actually quite uncomfortable with that, and understandably so.
So I said it's fine to snap the stick in half first.

If you're these two lovely girls, my most sincere apologies for putting you through such embarrassment. And my deepest gratitude for granting my requests for such shots.

In Chinese for good measure:



That's about it.

PS I came across this circle whose art is so impressive, I decided to buy their character posters. Coincidentally, as all their posters contained my favourite girls, I bought the whole lot.


Haruhi girls (including Kyonko)

Clannad girls

Speaking of cosplay, I actually saw someone cosplaying as Mio from K-On!, but by the time I got my camera ready, she was gone. Hopefully next time we'll see more K-On! cosplayers. So until then.

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  1. Hentai jiji Kinny forcing the otomes to fulfill his perverted yuri fantasies :oops:

  2. Hajimaru Destiny!

    Baka-Raptor’s last blog post..I Endorse Queen’s Blade

  3. That Yomi looks like a dude.

    lelangir’s last blog post..[in]complete phrasings

  4. @lelangir
    I was thinking the same thing.

    TJ’s last blog post..Queen’s Blade 02

  5. @lelangir – Took the words right out of my mouth. :roll:

  6. why the hell do i keep missing these conventions :(

    @lelangir : agreed

  7. You know you’d still hit. At least I know I would :roll:

  8. She does? Hmm. :???: Must be something wrong with your tastes, for she looked perfectly normal to me. Probably something to do with the angle I took her in. And Shin has completely hammered the nail, despite saying that, you guys would still hit her.

    And Shin, it’s nii-san, not jiji. I know my birthday was last week, but I’m not that old. :evil:

  9. The makeups kind of too thick. >.<” Make them looks so pale.. :neutral:

    Shinky’s last blog post..The Trishawman

  10. OMG! That is some cosplay! The funny thing was that I was just searching for some Ga-rei merchandise before coming here. Ga-rei Zero is such an awesome show that indeed deserves more attention. Yomi really needs a cuter looking girl, but Kagura looks awesome!

    I am really in love with the characters and would have loved to attend this event. Can’t wait for my prop Shishiou Katana to arrive! :)

    Oh, where was this event held?

    Actar’s last blog post..Review: 1/8 Suzumiya Haruhi by Alter + Updates

  11. Darn, they really suit their respective characters, I think. Yomi looks a little manly, but still very Yomi-like. Great find! :grin: I recently marathoned Ga-rei zero and began reading the manga, so I’m still in super Yomi-Kagura-fangirl-mode!

    And I wish I had enough money to print out posters of my own art. I envy that circle. D:

  12. Yomi must have been a man. If they were both girls, they’d have no problem kissing each other.

    Baka-Raptor’s last blog post..I Endorse Queen’s Blade

  13. Originally Posted By Baka-RaptorYomi must have been a man. If they were both girls, they’d have no problem kissing each other.

    Baka-Raptor�s last blog post..I Endorse Queen�s Blade


  14. You guys are so mean. To the Yomi cosplayer, it wasn’t me that said mean things about you. My deepest apologies for their insolence. :mad:

  15. Even the first comment in is similar to lelangir’s :lol:

    @Actar – Hong Kong!

  16. Nice photos. Is it just my imagination or the girl in the white serafuku cries in the last picture? O_o

    Those posters look great. I understand you couldn’t resist buying them.

    Matteas’s last blog post..Kagami strolls in Prague

  17. Um, I think the two cosplayers look pretty good! I do think you need a new camera though, the low light performance of it is atrocious! However, the Kagura cosplayer is definitely a step above the Yomi one.

    I want those posters!

    Fumika’s last blog post..Tokoname Matsuri~

  18. @Fumika

    It’s more to do with my photography skills. And I’m certainly not a pro, as I’m just using your typical flat camera, while I’m being flanked by seasoned cosplay photographers with their state-of-the-art equipment. I’m too lazy and stingy to be bothered with that. But still, what do you recommend?

  19. At first I thought Shin wrote this post, and I was wondering why he would care about cute 3d girls until I thought Yomi looked a bit ‘off’. But then it’s not Shin who wrote this and now I’m just confused.

    Epi’s last blog post..K-ON! First impressions

  20. Yomi cosplay looks like a gay dude. Oh wait, he is?

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Hatsukoi Limited Episode 1: Desperate Schoolgirls

  21. @Kinny Riddle

    I’m not a great photographer myself :neutral: , but I use a Nikon D60 DSLR. If you’re not really hurting on budget, a low end SLR like mine is a great choice. If you are, you can always try one of those Canon Powershots. They are almost as good as DSLRs for only a portion of the price. O and great blog. I think I will keep coming back :)

    Fumika’s last blog post..Tokoname Matsuri~

  22. Oh man, Kagura look cute. But, the one cosplaying yomi……….mmmmm… looks sorta like a dude.

    rangerroh’s last blog post..Valkyria Chronicles

  23. 黃泉&神樂, OMG, exactly the point~

  24. I know what’s wrong with the Yomi cosplayer. Her face is a bit long, and the hairstyle doesn’t fit her facial features. Long, straight hair sorta pulls your face down, so it’s better to have a roundish face if you’re going to wear Yomi’s hair. The cosplay itself is pretty good, but the Yomi cosplayer has a naturally long face, so when she wears Yomi’s hair, it gives a less-than-perfect effect. And Kagura could do without the damn lip gloss =.=

  25. Both girls are really pretty, i wonder where they got their costumes. :???:

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