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So Mio I’m Gonna Die!

Colour me surprised! Just when I thought I had Mio's personality down to pat as a straight-man coodere of sorts, her unexpectedly introverted nature threw me off. Heck, even Yui acknowledges the latter's ℳℴℯ❤ levels , as she senses her popularity rating taking a dive, now that Mio not only takes the crown for hottest character but also the cutest. Search your soul, you know this to be true.

It was this scene that triggered a chain reaction of nutbladder implosions within me. I mean, yeah, I did expect the dere-dere side to surface itself eventually, but Mio's reason for not wanting to become the guitar lead led to the revelation of her in reality being a very shy person.

And if you were to take into account these various scenes of Mio giving it her best, it is pretty clear that the producers have every intention of turning Mio into their flagship character, where these blemishes to her character actually serve to only accentuate it further. Nothing excites (me) more than finding out that the perfect girl you thought you knew, is someone who's flawed and down to earth, just like you. ℳℴℯ❤

I'm so glad I decided not to go ahead with reading the manga, as this was one heck of a sweet surprise that further cements Mio as mai waifu of the season; That said, it doesn't change the fact the show itself isn't that special, where the girls spend thousands of dollars to play only elevator music :razz: :lol: And really, Tsumugi. Couldn't you have said that your family owned the instruments shop right from the very beginning to save time? But sigh, no matter how much I criticize it, I can't find myself to hate this show. I haven't been this in love with a female character since Ranka :oops:

Edit: Well, well, for a bunch of people who are said to hardly leave the house, it seems the otakus in moonland have already found the real life counterparts of the locations featured in K-ON!

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  1. From the first episode, I thought she was going to be Kagamintsunderex2, so it was quite a sho [Yui is awesome] ck to see this shy Mio (and wow, did this episode emphasize her shyness…).

    What subliminal message?

    fangzhao’s last blog post..K-ON! 02: Failure art and some strange clothes

  2. From the first episode, sure she was hot but I didn’t understand everyone getting in a huff about her. The second episode has thoroughly convinced me she is the best character of the show!

    Deranged’s last blog post..Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 01 – Tis the Season of the Sequel/Remake

  3. Mio retains Kagami’s pragmatism and bashfulness. Now for the twin tails…

    lelangir’s last blog post..[in]complete phrasings

  4. Can I just kill you to put you out of your misery early on? :3

  5. I like Yui better because have much more in common. Like our obsession with Mio. Good choice, Yui. Very good choice.

  6. @fangzhao – Charles, get out of my mind!

    @Deranged – As long you have seen the light. :wink:

    @lelangir – Who knows, just to pander to fans, they might actually do it :cool:

    @Di Gi Kazune – If you’re moe enough. Definitely :twisted:

    @Roy Mustang – Funny, I would have thought that Ritsu would be the one having an obsession towards Mio :lol:

  7. I’m so in love with Yomi, sorry I mean, Mio now.

  8. Funny, I would have thought that Ritsu would be the one having an obsession towards Mio

    Ritsu seems to hit Mio a lot (and vice versa). I don’t think it is a healthy relationship for either. Whereas Yui just hugs Mio because she’s just so darn cute.

    Is K-ON actually a reverse harem series?

  9. @Roy Mustang – “Ritsu seems to hit Mio a lot (and vice versa). I don’t think it is a healthy relationship for either.” Unhealthy? What could you possibly mean? :roll: :roll:


    Omisyth’s last blog post..Moe’s Not Enough Anymore

  11. She really is a pot of gold. I’ll be waiting for those doujins to pour in.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Rakuen at the Con: Ozine Fest ‘09 [Pretty Late] + Meat Again!

  12. Did I mention that Mio is MAI waifu?

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