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Tears to Tiara 01: Resurrection for Dummies.

10 ridiculously simple steps to resurrect a Demon King. Try it out at your nearest mausoleum for shit and giggles.

1. Prepare a suitable sacrifice, preferably a virgin priestess. FABULOUS HAT is a must.

2. Note that a Demon King can only be summoned by an old prune who is preferably a megalomaniac with fantasies of worldly domination.

3. Always have an army at hand in case restless natives interfere with the summoning.

4. Acquire an ominous looking cauldron filled with suitably sinister looking, viscous and bubbling liquid.

5. Location, location, location. A crypt with a ridiculous number of steps is recommended.

6. The summoning ritual must be performed by priests/sorcerers wearing FABULOUS GOLDEN MASKS.

7. Proclaim for the four walls to hear once more why you would want to summon a Demon King. ( Damn, that old fool looks idiotic. You would have thought that a priest would look more saintly.)

8. Take extreme care in measuring the tension in the air during the summoning. If you can’t cut it with a knife, it isn’t tense enough. Promptly increase the tension by turning out the lights.

9. Timing is EVERYTHING

10. GREAT SUCCESS!! You have now completed the ritual of summoning and may now have your wish granted by the Demon King! Don't just stop at world domination, ask for your more debased wishes to be granted! Wishes such as lolis, traps, shoutas, waifus, and husbandos are all perfectly fine and would come in unlimited quantities.

P.S. Sure feels great to be back from exile due to Real Life.

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  1. You forgot to add that the army needs armor that can be cut through by swords easily!

    fangzhao’s last blog post..Ristorante Paradiso 01 – 02: Old men with glasses

  2. Animax was all hyper about their “simulcast” Tears to Tiara at a ridiculous time of 12.35am. Pity those Japs who have to stay up for this. :???:

  3. I don’t pity anyone who stays up to watch this. I’ve never had a pilot episode put me to sleep on multiple occasions. Seriously, this is about the blandest rip-off of the western cannon I’ve ever seen, it’s like they weren’t even trying. The hero’s name is Arthur? They live in Gaul?? Maybe they don’t realise just how worn-out this shit is. :mad:

  4. This had me raging… I sat through all that for little payback… nothing really happened except he was summoned which we knew was going to happen anyways. I feel so cock blocked.

    Anyways, this better outdo Utawarerumono or else I would have wasted my time on this. In other news, lol.

    Deranged’s last blog post..Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 01 – Tis the Season of the Sequel/Remake

  5. I think the FABULOUS HAT works for the priest as well. His hat is more FABULOUSLY TINY though.

  6. Kit, the otaku in Japan have been staying up till 2.00AM to watch their late night anime for ages now, this is routine stuff for them.

    This show is shown 1:35am local time, meaning 12:35am over here. I purposely stayed up just to watch how Animax is going to show this, and wow, they actually have instantaneous subtitles. Though I’ll give this show a pass, as it’s not my cup of tea.

    Animax Asia is also going to show Fullmetal Alchemist a few days after its original airing in Japan, though a Hong Kong station has beaten Animax for the rights to show FMA locally. Though they won’t be showing the first episode till the 24th, 2 and a half weeks later, which will give them plenty of time to do any subbing, dubbing (they provide you with two audio choices), as well as any censoring (ugh). :evil:

    Before, there was bidding wars to broadcast sports tournaments like the UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup, etc, now we have bidding wars for top anime titles. :shock:

  7. Gotta hate those steps XD

    ETERNAL’s last blog post..Thoughts on Darker than Black 01-06: A Matter of Presentation

  8. @fangzhao – I always wondered about the QC on their armour. :roll:

    @Kit – my my aren’t you an early sleeper. :lol:

    @Precious Roy – They are the tribe of Gael. Gaels and Gauls are different mind you. :mad:

    @Cokematic:roll: :roll: :roll:

    @taka – Due to technicalities i think that should be a FABULOUSLY TINY Crown. :lol:

    @Kinny Riddle – Your loss. I’m going to stick with this one. :razz:

    @ETERNAL – A damned inconvenience indeed. Reminds me of the steps on the Great Wall of China which i had a hell of a time climbing. :evil:

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