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Queen’s Blade Episode One In Four Panels

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Okay, so I sort of knew what to expect already from reading a couple of impression posts, but it turned out a lot more worse than I had anticipated. While I am perfectly fine with gratuitous fanservice, the exposure to bare breasts that were of cancerous proportions left me nauseated. I mean come on, at least provide me with the token deliciously flat chested loli character to fawn over(which Ikkitousen had the courtesy of including). Whether this will change later on or not no longer matters, as I am unlikely to watch any further(though having Airi will seriously make me reconsider), especially when taking into account how precious Australian bandwidth is(I streamed the first episode online) The only consolation so far was watching Leina pissing herself twice(or did she cum?), Rie Kugimiya employing her Nena Trinity voiceover and having that character's breasts literally explode.

I don't hate this show, but excess boobage makes baby Shin cry.

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  1. Why do you even bother watching shows you know won’t be to your tastes? Goddamn worthless fansub watching bloggers. Quit wasting the internet’s time.

  2. :lol: Yes, but being the masochist, I did finish shows like Kanakon(okay, so it did have that token loli) and want to like this since I have taken an interest in that scythe wielding goth maid and I was wondering if she’d show up at all, but there wasn’t enough going in the first episode to justify watching any more of this, especially since bandwidth is so precious :cry:

  3. Well, in terms of Queen’s Blade DFC, either the cute loli-gnome Ymir or the evil almost nude not-quite-loli Aldra might suit your tastes, but given the sheer number of characters and short running time of the series, they might not be getting that much… “exposure.”

  4. The moment I read that I went to the main site to see the character lineup, but it seems neither one that fit your description was on the list, although this Nowa girl does seem to meet my requirements :razz:

  5. OH SHIT!

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..It Is Time For…

  6. Second time I’ve posted this; I’m not actually, spam.
    The Queen’s Blade TV site is pretty annoying; after clicking the character page there will be an arrow on the right side by Shizuka; that will take you to the chestless Ymir and Aldra, who might have been given another 1/2 cup by the anime staff. Oh well, at least she’s got no underwear, although that thing does look painful…

    If that doesn’t work, here are the illustrations from the books’ site:
    My knowledge of moonrunes is sparce, but it looks like Ymir also has an alternate (pretty much topless) outfit here:

  7. Also, Shin, in (one of) the manga(s), Melona comes back as a loli.

  8. Hmm, when I saw you mentioning bandwidth on your Twitter, I went…eh…wait a minute, that sounds familiar…XD

    Bloody Australia. -wry-

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  9. It’s funny how Queen’s Blade is the show everybody hates, but everybody is watching it anyways. I guess Boobage is just too much of selling point one way or another lol.

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  10. WHUT!?

    Not what I was expecting! ^_^

    I’ll still watch the first episode though…

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  11. Gonna avoid this like the plague. :oops:

  12. LMAO, I never knew breast milk can be that deadly.

    The only reason I can imagine Shin blogging this episode is because of the show’s “so bad that it’s good” trope. I mean, everybody’s blogging the first episode just to see how ridiculous it is. Just look at how “successful” the DBZ movie is, in box office sales, that is.

  13. DB-E = success :roll:

    lol, still havent watch this and im still having dillemas if i should or not

  14. @TJ
    just remember DB-E lol

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  15. I promise to never watch this show. Ever. There is absolutely no temptation to do so, and I feel as if I would rather test my luck against Naruto filler.

    …That said, I wouldn’t mind reading episodic coverage somewhere just for the lulz xD

    ETERNAL’s last blog post..Thoughts on Darker than Black 01-06: A Matter of Presentation

  16. Wow. This is pretty depressing. Goddamn pedophiles

    I mean, goddamn. Guys like you are what keep 90% of the retarded “moe” shows alive. People like you should be strewn up and shot in front of a firing squad, you flaming shitfaced pedo

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