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This is what I think I watched.

Just looking at the OP image alone, you'd know what came into my mind when I first watched K-ON! Along with its resemblance to that show is the usual Kyoto Animation trimmings that you'd come to expect although I personally felt the animation was above average animation at best and that most of the jokes were rather bland in nature. And damn it, 4:3 in this time and age?

For a show that is supposedly revolving around music, there isn't much here going for it, other than the references to real life musicians, with the odd mention of Detroit Metal City's Krauser(seems like the trend these days is to include random anime/manga/video game/real life references and pass them off humor devices)That said, it is commendable that the producers base some of the jokes on this theme, although unfortunately it is hard for someone like me to appreciate them. Other than that we're treated to the standard tsukkomi-bokke interaction between the characters, but I guess that's all to be expected from something based on a four panel comic strip. It's for this very reason why I find myself being amused by their facial expressions more than the jokes itself.

And since we're on the topic, the characters themselves are nothing to write home about, other than they are your cookie cutter anime archetypes, but I guess that's hardly a bad thing, since audiences can identify them easily and find their favorites. Also, for a bunch of no-namers, the cast does a rather decent job voicing their individual characters.

So, onto the music itself. There was actual BGM to speak of, which is too bad, since it would have made some of the jokes funnier, as it was in the case for Lucky Star. I didn't care for the OP, but the ED while didn't exact fit with the nature of the show, was a good listen(I thought I was listening to Aya Hirano for a brief moment there). Again, nothing to shout about, but I guess it was because I was hoping for a funny dance.

But enough of my thinly veiled attempt to critique the show in order to give my impressions post have any form of impartiality. Any trace of that got thrown out of the window the minute I laid my eyes on this one girl. She is the sole reason why I can't help but love this show to bits even though I just watched a rather mediocre first episode. Everytime she graces my fifteen inch screen, I can't help but be swooned by her. She is mai new waifu. She is Mio Akimiya. As far as 2D crushes go, I tend to be rather loyal to girl I like and this remains the case for at least a cycle of four seasons, and while I fell in love with Mariya back in Winter, he's mai husbando, so he doesn't count.

To sum it all up, this show is what I had hoped for and then some more, though I fear for it, as it being yet another a potential Kyo Ani hit, it's going to be trolled to death, as did its spiritual ancestor, even though I think even they can agree that Mio is awesome. Now if you'd excuse me, I have Mio fanart to hunt down. Bass Mio? More like BEST MIO AMIRITE?

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  1. Remember kids, the more you troll K-On, the bigger your penis will be.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..BECAUSE I FELL ASLEEP YESTERDAY

  2. As Kaze says, dat bass.

  3. It was better than I was expecting, though to be honest I think my expectations were set somewhere around the comedic genius of Lucky Star ep. 1… :roll:

    Yeah, it was kind of bland and predictable and the ED is all sorts of out-of-place (and misses a huge opportunity for more VIRAL DANCIN ANIMU), but at the same time it’s a cutely animated slice of life moefest. And I am a sucker for those.

    A good 30% of that is the lolfaces (´・ω・)

    KyoAni is awesome at that, so I am soooold

  4. I hope my brother has at least the first ep downloaded so I can check it out once I get back to Sydney… I’m actually at least 2 months behind on anime already, first ’cause I was working and then March/April I’m in Chile u_u;; I’m expecting to have a marathon the first week back xD;;

    Thanks for the twitter follow, you are now being stalked- er, followed too :3

    Koshiko’s last blog post..Where on earth is Koshiko!?

  5. Ritsu is love. :kiss: :kiss:

    That said, the first episode turned out exactly as i thought it would, a Kyoani moe overdose. I’m completely sold. :roll:

  6. “And damn it, 4:3 in this time and age?”

    Yeah, whats your problem with 4:3 ? 16:9 is a pretty dumb idea for home entertainment anyway.

  7. I liked the song they were playing and my favourite character would be the one on the drums.


    Not only does Mio possess the tsukommi of Kagamin, she also has the looks of Yomi (of Ga-Rei Zero), that just adds to her charm.

  9. I like Yui because she is a retard like me, except she has friends. Oh god I wish I had friends too :cry:

    Yui also likes music and she is moei. And there are lesbians in the show and that’s good because I like lesbians and I will never have a girlfriend. Why am I such a loser?! :cry: :cry:

    Yui is like my dreamgirl she has popping hair I love that. She is also nice why aren’t real girls nice!? I got beaten up a lot of times but I love Yui and she wouldn’t beat me up because she’s so retarded just like me. :cry: :cry:

    We would learn to play instruments all day and listen to Linkin Park and other cool bands, and I would have sex with her because sex is so good. I wish I could have sex with a girl. :cry: :cry:

  10. I shall label this as F-off. I would rather die watching Ichigo Lolimaru.. I mean mashimaro.

  11. Yes, Mio is love.

    Zeroblade’s last blog post..K-ON! 01

  12. Okay. We should stop comparing Lucky Star to K-ON!. They have their similarities but we cant help but comparing them right? One reason is the two shows made by the same animation studio which is Kyoto Animation. And you know where this is going already right? Then Im done here.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..What? A New Blog Name?

  13. Mio is awesome~ :kiss:

    kanzeon’s last blog post..New Banner: K-On!

  14. I am gonna tell Ranka about your infidelity.

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..April Fools’ Day Posts Are Silly

  15. Their seikaku is fun, interesting, and full of moe, I don’t like dojikko moe protagonist, it’ll be better if it is Mio, the first episode is still a so-so. So, I leave it on the upcoming episodes of this mini series.

    tflops’s last blog post..“Shangri-la” Anime Previews Opening

  16. Yui’s more-than-moeblobness seals the deal for me.

    fangzhao’s last blog post..Another look at K-ON! 01: The darker side of KyoAni’s new anime

  17. So, yet another blogger falls before the might of KyoAni moe. :D

  18. You can have your Mio… as long as I have my Ein! :razz:

    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..Spring 2009 Impressions: Part 1

  19. She reminds you a lot of your former waifu Nagi.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Happy April Fool’s Day!

  20. Mio <3.

    Rule 34 should have applied by now. XD

    Stifler’s last blog post..The Most Anticipated Movie Since Kara no Kyoukai!!

  21. UN-TA! UN-TA! UN-TA!

    I don’t know whether I love or hate Yui. Really, I can’t decide.

    Aeromax’s last blog post..Thinking, eating, sleeping

  22. Osaka + Moe = Yui <3

  23. Noooo. I am still loyal to Ranka, I just took Mio in as a mistress :cool:

  24. : Eek:: Sonrisa: K-on! gnil linda me encanta demas hijo muy
    me encanta Mio: kiss:
    espero q halla una nueva temporada: twisted:

  25. Mio <3 she looks so much like my ! :smile: Yaay ! Is very Moe :grin:

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