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Ever played a game that pretty much consumed you whole for days on end? I now completely understand the reason why people like Kentaro Miura can subjugate themselves to reclusion just to have a go at Idolmaster. The one game that I felt Xbots could claim as their own over Sonyfriends has finally made its way to the PSP, though limited bandwidth and Namco's asshattery prevented me from getting a hold on this earlier, though the wait was more than worth it.

As usual, I'm playing these games equipped only with weeaboo level Elevenese,  so whatever I post here is based on my own playing experience and general assumptions :razz:

Best described as the holy matrimony between a rhythm game and a dating sim, comes the most revolutionary :roll: title ever conceived for otakus. Unfortunately for me and unlike past titles, Idolmaster is especially difficult to navigate if you do not understand moonrunes(more on that later).

In order to milk the most money out of paying fans, Namco Bandai ingeniously released three versions of the game with three Idols on each, although Wandering Star provides you with an additional one free of charge. What a great deal! That said, I've only tried Perfect Sun so far, seeing as how I got this one first, not to mention that one of my favorite idols is on it.

The Idols

Of course, you could easily look these up on Wikipedia, but I'm pretty confident that I have more authority and expertise on the subject regarding prepubescent girls.

Ami and Mami Futami

Living examples of the age old proverb "That Which Is Better Than One Loli", these twelve year olds are the youngest of the lot, which automatically propels them to the top of my list for reasons known only to you and me.

Yukiho Hagiwara

I barely recall Yukiho in the forgettable anime adaptation as the background character who cries a lot. Pass.

Iori Minase

If I could only pick one idol to produce, it would most definitely be her, as Iori is the culmination of a lot of my favorite fetishes in one petite package. And god, that forehead! Also, she's voiced by Rie Kugimiya, which alone is a merit.

Makoto Kikuchi

Don't be fooled by her outgoing appearance, as I suspect Makoto packs a lot more than just talent underneath... Probably one of the more intriguing idols, Makoto is by far the most masculine of the lot, as she both look and sound the part of a boy, though she aims to rid of that image by becoming an idol. Pity really. If Mankoto over here has a penis, I would have been all over him.

Yayoi Takatsuki

Compensating lack of talent with boundless energy and optimism, Yayoi won me over by virtue of being the underdog, which in a way reflects my playing style, since I know virtually nothing of the gameplay mechanics and is struggling to get by. So in a way, her journey to becoming top idol and mine to become an uber producer is one big lesson for the both of us :oops:

Haruka Amami

Haruka's what you'd call the beginner all rounder, a character with balanced stats, perfect for first timers, who also serve as the main heroine of sorts(at least that was the case in the anime). This sadly also makes Haruka the most generic choice, which is why I overlooked her.

Asuza Miura

I like big breasted older sister types. At least I think that's what I would say in a parellel universe. And so, taking into account her physical attributes and age, it's safe to say I won't be considering Asuza anytime soon.

Ritsuko Akizuki

Haughty twin-tailed meganekko perfectionist. And handful to say, which is also all I want to, really.

Chihaya Kisaragi

There's something erotic about a girl who's seemingly so self conscious about her delicious flat chests(again, fanart), even if she doesn't realize it's a blessing. Still, ignoring that fact, Chihaya has little to offer me.


Explaining this in detail would take up too much time, so I'll just run you through a typical day at the office to give you a brief idea of what it's like:

It's important to have a good start early in the morning, so your choice of greetings count in determining her mood, in which case I have the option of wishing Yayoi-chan 「Good Morning! Yayoi!」 Of course her response differs each day, so there's no way of telling which outcome is the best. In my case, Yayoi either replied me in English as well 「Good Morning, Producer! How are you?」 or at least attempt to do so. In the worse case scenario, she loses you altogether.

With that out of the way, it's time to check your emails, where they may contain the following:

  1. Appointment with the Stylist
  2. Appointment with a Reporter
  3. Invitation from rival
  4. Fanmail

After a short briefing from the President, you can review your stats as well as the popular genre of the week.

Clever time management is imperative to the growth of your idol, so plan your activities carefully. You can either send your idol to attend lessons that improve overall stats or out to promotions for a breather and a chance to gain new fans. If you think you're ready, you can also send your idol for an audition.

Before setting out, take some time to pick out a song which your idol will perform to at an audition, where your choice affects her stats as well. You may want to also consider using the popular ones, though you can only pick out 5 for her entire career.  If the repertoire here isn't enough, there's always the online shop where you can purchase more.

My collection of both costumes and accessories is rather pathetic at the moment as you can see, though again, DLC is your answer to more selections. Other than for aesthetic purposes, clothes also affect idol stats.

Namco Bandai probably took so long to release a version for Sony's machine solely to take advantage of the Playstation Store as a means of sucking otaku semen and money dry. Be prepared to fork out close to 6,800 yen or so for a complete set of items for a specific idol. Yet, you know someone out there has already bought everything there is for all 10 idols.

More so than anywhere else, you'll find yourself spending time here, deciding what aspects of your idol to improve. Concentrate on one or spread out evenly; It's entirely up to you. Occasionally your idol might request for a specific lesson, so be prepared to to grant it, lest her mood turns sour.

Lessons consist of minigames that vary in difficulty, although you may skip this process altogether by returning at a later date, after putting your PSP to sleep mode. Convenient, but unreliable, since punctuality determines the results, where being late by even a couple of seconds could determine between a good and bad outcome.

As you might imagine, PR pretty much makes or breaks an idol, so spend some time to mingle with the fans, where you'll also ease the tension of your idol and get to know her better. Moonrune comprehension is vital, since it's all too easy to screw this part up, ruining her mood in the process.

Probably the best part of the interactions occurs when things get physical. You're then allowed to touch your idol when prompted, and in case you're wondering, yes you can actually cope a feel, although be prepared to face the consequences. For the most part, Yayoi doesn't seem to mind having her delicious flat chests kneaded (´・ω・)つ(・(・ other than just being flustered. I just got an erection typing that out.

Once in a while, you'll bump into other idols, namely rivals from another production company. For Perfect Sun, your rival is the girl on the left, Hibiki. In this situation however, because Yayoi is younger than her, Hibiki treats her as a cute little sister, and is rather nice for a competitor. If she catches your fancy, she'll be all yours once you clear the game.

Depending on your idol rank, you're free to choose from a number of auditions to compete in, where coming in first place nets you a whooping number of fans. Second and third place still has its rewards though failure is not an option.

There are three judges in total, each awarding points on how well your idol do for each criteria. The higher the number of stars, the more points they award you for coming in either one of the top three spots, whereby a penalty is imposed for being last.

Do well enough and you get to see a "televised" version of the same performance your idol just went through, which I reckon is the kind of stuff you see on Nico Nico Douga. On the fly commemorative photoshoots are also available for you to capture your idol's finest moments.

The reverse may also occur, though unlike the performance videos on Moontube, you'll be seeing fuckups like these occuring should your idol be lacking in a specific area of skil.

At the end of a long day, you're graded accordingly on how well you did, with the numbers signifying the number of fans you've obtained for the course of the week.

That's pretty much the gist of the game broken down into a single day, and you'll be repeating this process for the a span of 52 weeks, which hopefully by then your idol would have made it to the highest rank possible, which is the S rank. As for me, I'm past the half way point and still am at a lowly D rank, so I pretty much screwed the rest of Yayoi's career Holy shit! A little while after this post was made, I carried in playing for another 2 in game weeks only to find out I gamed over. I'm so sorry, Yayoicchi, I flopped during your birthday ಥ_ಥ

With that said and done, I have every intention of playing through Idolmaster at least several times, even if my poor level of Japanese does get in the way. That or I could persuade my friend into translating snapshots I take of critical dialogue options :lol: No end review score since I have yet to properly savor the game for what it is, though I wholly recommend it to anyone who has a penchant for cute girls and good music :razz:

P.S I'm now in my second playthrough with Iori, who's probably one of the most demanding characters there is. Hopefully I'll last longer this time around :swt:

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  1. I think I wanna play this! Yayoi is so moeee

  2. They’re all moe, maybe except for Ritsuko.

  3. This game will rox if is english language! :mrgreen:

  4. Awesome game!

    Hell yea, Ami and Mami!! :kiss:

  5. Uwa~ I want a domestic release of this… but they’re all cuter in the anime.

    A Day Without Me’s last blog post..Eleven Canon Couples I Cannot Support

  6. Once I complete JLPT1, the first thing I’m going to do is get an IDOLM@STER game!

    53RG10’s last blog post..[Filler] I Hate Trap Fan-Art…

  7. Im a huge Idolmaster fan!!
    I would love to play that SP game!! XD

    – First comment here btw ^^

    phossil’s last blog post..Learning Japanese

  8. The Lolim@ster

  9. the forgettable anime adaptation

    It’s the only anime I know of that has a giant mecha fall in love with its pilot (and have its feelings requited, at that). Hell, it even had a love triangle involving said mecha (with the third member of the triangle pretty much being a yandere).

  10. Ah, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to play this game! Sadly, this game requires a firmware update that’s not available with the ISO…

    Actar’s last blog post..Review: 1/8 Suzumiya Haruhi by Alter + Updates

  11. I so want to play this but I can’t understand Japanese really well. Is there no english patch for this?

    SanguineRose’s last blog post..Toradora! – 25 [Final]

  12. I’d love this game if I could understand Japanese, but I think I’ll do the opposite – try to use it as a fun practice method to keep my skills in check. This is after I start learning, of course >_>

    ETERNAL’s last blog post..Moé and the Land of Escapism: The Reality Factor

  13. @S | o N – Wait forever :lol:

    @Fishz – Third playthrough with them now :mrgreen:

    @A Day Without Me – Wait forever :lol:

    @53RG10 – If you want to play it now, there are guides to help you through :razz:

    @phossil – Go get it? :razz:

    @Di Gi Kazune – Spot on.

    @Cat Megex – Oh god, don’t remind me! I’m tolerant towards weird things but even that was crazy back when I first saw it.

    @Actar – Get the open source version :roll:

    @SanguineRose – Good news. It’s in the works, but it’ll be a while before we see anything.

    @Hangmen – I almost considered skipping classes to play this!

    @ETERNAL – If you’re serious, then there’s no real need to know Japanese to play it, now that there’s a walkthrough for the entire thing, although granted you won’t be able to thoroughly enjoy it :lol:

  14. “maybe except for Ritsuko.”

    D< loves Ricchan

    Anyways, I’ve finished lesse… Ami/Mami, Yukiho (Sorta-Speed run, took 3 days of 4 hour sessions + a bit at the end), Ritsuko. Currently working on Iori and Azusa. Sadly I don’t have Perfect Sun yet. D: Though I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of it. If you do hit a game over (As in, run out of weeks for the Rank Limit) you CAN bump back to the start of the rank. I forget what option it was (I think it’s the square button?). You also get 5 memories if I recall right (I only did this when I played Ami/Mami since I was kinda unsure of how to play).

    As for communications, there’s iCommu-Master, which has a good count of communications and the options to pick for Perfect Commu, as well as translation. There’s also apparently an in-progress translation of the game since the PSP files are easier to edit (Basically, the text would be in English).

    Sadly Namco’s already stated iM@S will never reach state side. D: But hey, it’s not that hard to get what’s going on after a couple ‘a play throughs. xD

    NyaChan’s last blog post..Game Reveiw — Persona 3 FES: The Journey

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