Atarashii Prelude


Since Then….

An accurate depiction of what I've yet to do since arriving in Australia.

The Aftermath


That was pretty much my previous landlord's reaction to finding out that I was the one responsible for raping his bandwidth. Yes, Nigel's my real name, and yes, he was a tad peeved(to put it lightly).  Strangely enough, his main concern was whether or not loli(to which he equates to being CP) was involved more than anything else, since I did tell him where my interests lie(otaku stuff and the like), but hey, even I'm not that crazy to risk the New South Wales cops knocking down the door in their party v&s.... I've since moved to a new place, although it's pretty sad that I had to leave on a sour note (´;ω;`)

Oh, in case you were wondering how I capped his bandwidth(of 10 gb, according to him) within three days of arriving, I was actually downloading the Fear 2, which is about 11 gigs, so yeah. And the worst part? It wasn't even a good game.

Better Safe Than Sorry

I've grown fond of my new place, even if it's nowhere as fancy as the one I stayed prior to this. Situated in the commercial area with everything close by, including both the Uni and Kinokuniya, I probably could not ask for more. Other than good internets of course. The package my new landlord's signed up allows for 50 gigs of bandwidth a month, split into peak and off peak hours, which while isn't a lot, is theoretically sufficient with proper usage management,  ignoring the fact I have to share it with another six people including him. I however do not appreciate the constant timeouts caused by the landlord's incessant downloading of porn through torrents, compounded by the fact he bought a shitty modem.

I tried reasoning with him regarding the issue and even offered him alternatives such as direct download links, but to no avail. Employing methods that I will not disclose, I managed to access the router, with a password he practically uses everything for; e-mails, forums, you name it. While I'm very tempted to abuse QOS feature and block the ports which I helped forward in the first place, I didn't want to be such an asshole.  There's also the alternative of the uTorrent Web UI and Remote PC software which I can install on his rig for shits and giggles :lol: For now, I'm just monitoring the situation, and hopefully he'll heed my advice on getting a better modem for his torrenting needs. Also, as of this post, my allocated bandwidth for peak hours have been used up and the ISP blatantly cuts us off moments before off peak time. Why you do this, TPG? (´A`。)

P.S I can't fap because the doors here cannot be locked, and there's always someone at home (ﺧ益ﺨ) Who knows what will happen with all this pent up sexual frustration within me....Lolis beware!

Three Dimensional Disgust

Being the only opportunity for me to ever see real boobies :cry: , I agreed to my new landlord's invitation of heading over to a strip club down situated at Sydney's red light district. Admittedly, I was somewhat intimidated by the crowd when I got there, since even back home, I've never really set foot in the seedier parts of the city, and had to keep my guard up at all times, as I've heard stories about how volatile they tend to get. In my case, it turned out the only concern I had was to choose the best joint to go to :lol:

One thing I noticed about these places were that that the bouncers are a lot more pro-active in reeling in customers than most others and can be pretty adamant about it. After paying a one time entry fee of 15 AUD, we're led to a bar cum lounge, with a podium of sorts smacked right in the middle.

The procedure's pretty much how I expected it to be like, girls on rotation working the poles. However, little did I realize that in order to get them to bare it all, you're required to tip these ladies, and by all, I actually mean just the top ┐( ´ー`)┌ Fortunately, there were some pretty generous customers around, so I got to see some teetees, as cousin Roman puts it, although I'm not sure if it's due to the mental conditioning of having seen so much more hentai as compared to real life pornography, the novelty of seeing breasts in front of me wore out rather quickly. I guess 3D has truly become pig disgusting for me щ(゚Д゚щ)

Otakus Down Under

Mingling with the otakus here proved to be quite a handful for me so far. While it certainly is a lot easier to communicate with them due to the relative homogeneity in interests and tastes when it comes to anime, I find myself having to be mindful of the things I say to them, since the bunch here are a lot more close minded than I would come to expect of those who also frequent the likes of 4chan and such sites, even if not on a regular basis which I do. For some reason or another, my preferences, particularly the more disturbing ones aren't taking too kindly by these people, who also seem to take offense in the language that I use on IRC. Mind you, it's not expletives we're talking about here(heck, I can't even remember the last time I flamed someone), but rather my sexually crude vocabulary and random one line statements/copy pastes(IRC guys know what I'm talking about) which I suppose might startle the average person, even on the Internet. I'll be honest, I really thought that the western mindset would be more open regarding such things

I guess there's the underlying issue at hand is that I've probably not acquainted myself well enough with this bunch to be able to just be Shin, something which I had taken for granted, considering how I got along with the ones back home rather easily. It doesn't help that I've yet to attend any of their outings or screenings... That said, I'm pretty optimistic that once we do get to know each other, I should be able to just creep then out, not as total strangers, but as comrades, which I have incidentally found, in the form of a fellow Malaysian student who's been here two years before me. He also so happens to be a reader of the blog, so the comradery naturally manifested itself, since he already knows how I roll :roll: :lol: I'm not even going to go into how these otakus can be so hypocritical and condescending about their hobbies, as far as first imperessions go, since I believe that they're not actually like that in real life, and that we'd get along if I just put in more effort into at least surpressing my power levels for the time being :razz:

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  1. Quite an adventure you have there! The notion of having cops bust through your door, unsatisfying teetees and what nots…you’re literally living the life of GTA IV! Well, except the Otaku part.

    7’s last blog post..Gundam 00 S2 – Episode 22: This kind of OWNAGE disappoints me

  2. I hope your new landord doesnt read your blog :D

    Cokematic’s last blog post..Whate Album 7 confuses me – which side of the road do they drive on!?

  3. Ha so your old landlord did end up kicking you out for your internet usage lol.

    Yes agree with Cokematic. You had better hope your new landloard doesn’t read your blog Shin.

    TJ’s last blog post..ToraDora! 23


    I like it. Keep it up for 200 more episodes and we may have a guaranteed hit on our hands.

    Real-life otaku tend to have hit or miss personalities, for some reason. But I do hope you get along with these folks. A good otaku friend is a valuable find!

    Also, on the subject of teetees: seeing them is easily the novelty part. Take it from someone who spends hours staring at various pairs every week. (It’s called studio life drawing! No, having a class about naked people not as cool as you think!) Some day, Shin, you may perhaps get to feel these mystical three-dee teetees, and then you might understand what all the fuss is about.

  5. I still think getting your own dedicated line is a better idea. Sharing with 6 lolipr0n downloaders isn’t exactly a good idea.

  6. Limited bandwith usage? Cap stuff/crap? WTF!? Man, I don’t want to live there! I’m happy with my unlimited bandwith, even if it is 2Mbps :lol:

    Captain Arepa’s last blog post..Maria†Holic ep. 7 & 8

  7. I shudder to think of the consequences if somehow I deprived you of your internets :grin:

    Omisyth’s last blog post..The Path Of The Anime Fan: Exposure Without The Gateway Drugs.

  8. Australia is basically the U.S., but worse. We have actual wildlife that wants to kill you (compared to Europe and Japan), they have way more. We have sucky broadband (again, compared to Europe and Nipppon), they add download caps. We have conservative assholes, they have more and no 1st amendment. We’re immigrant unfriendly (at least in policy) and they’re positively xenophobic. Australia is even shaped similarly to the U.S.
    The U.S.: We may suck, but at least we aren’t Australia :razz: “Note to Australians: if you are the type to come here, obviously you aren’t the type that I’m talking about- and I recognize even your country at large is not quite as I stated, so please don’t get angry”. But yeah, Australia is not quite indicative of western mores in general.

    And yeah, strippers are pretty much a hit or miss. I have no idea what the appeal is of having a hottie right in front of you that you can’t touch. It’s like going to a candy store and paying to stare at lollipops- the rainbow of colors may look good, but there’s no point if you can’t taste them. Or suck them. Or fondle them lovingly as you tongue the tip… :razz: :wink: :twisted: :eek: :arrow: :cool: :evil: :oops: Woo, emoticon splurge :lol:

    And woo, new avatar.

  9. The West? I thought Australia was “Down Under”? :razz: And last i heard, they considered themselves “Asian Pacific”. :roll:

  10. You could barricade the door if you are desperate enough… :razz:

    At least you are having fun down there.

  11. Yeah, what Crusader said… Or wait till everyone is asleep… And when I say asleep I mean hibernating sleep, the type that won’t wake up even in middle of a nuclear test site. Not the type that gets up on the sound of a feather hitting the carpet… :razz:

    Don’t worry. Once the pent-up urge reaches a certain point, you’ll be able to “see” places that people can’t find you fapping, ala Gundam SEED… :wink: Its like a saying, “If you need a jack, you’ll find a shack.”…. Ok, fine. I made that up, but its true in an odd kind of way… :mrgreen:

  12. Wow, you survived? At least you’ve learned stuff the hard way and will be a wiser otaku from now on. I’m quite “in the closet” when it comes to showing off my knowledge of anime and manga in public, as that saves a lot of embarrassment and exasperation at the ignorance of these “muggles”. When I’m overseas, I’m even more “in the closet”, even in Japan, except when I’m in Akiba. :cool:

    And JEEZ F*ING CHRIST, SHIN! Do you have to stick that NSFW right smack in the open like that? I’m glad I wasn’t reading this post while at work! Are you trying to get most of us fired here? :mad:

  13. You’ll be forced to photoshop all teh loli pics with disgusting boobies just to stay safe. Otherwise, zip the loli folder everytime you’re away from the computer.

    PS: Real-life stripper is pig disgusting.

    Hangmen’s last blog post..3DCG: SABER LILY

  14. Sounds like you´re having fun.

    Striping in general is boring. It isn´t something new or fresh, you´ve seen it before. It´s like if in a porn movie before every set of clothes is removed you´d have to pay a certain amount of money.

    But then again, I wasn´t interested in girls(nor men) when I saw the striping so that could be the reason. Got in for free as well. Good times back then but oh well.

    Just looking is never good, what you want to do is feel and massage and give the girl pleasure. Not just simply look at them.

    And I think I haven´t fapped for a bit longer than you have boy. But that is just my guess. Doesn´t matter to me.

    Hope I will have some stories to tell if/when I move this comming autumn.

    Keep up the fun and be carefull so that the guys in blue don´t pay you a visit.

    manga’s last blog post..First Impressions: Street Fighter IV

  15. Anime = Cartoon porn ?

    Oh wait. It does equate!

  16. Three words: Onani Master Kurosawa. I’ve done it before. Plan it out and you’ll be fine.

    Baka-Raptor’s last blog post..Robots Still Don’t Have Feelings

  17. LOL you and your misadventures really brightens up my day. :wink:

    Also, if you really do have the will to fap a few bothersome housemates wont be an obstacle. JUST FAP IT.

  18. @7 – But I can’t go around catching lolis :lol:

    @Cokematic – New landlord’s one heck of an I.T incompetent :cool:

    @TJ – Even if he didn’t kick me I would have felt bad to actually stay on :lol:

    @Scypher – I think they’re just too shy to show their true colors to me just yet, but I’ll make them shed their inhibitions and more eventually :cool: But I’ll never be able to feel life like texture ;_;

    @Panther – Shi~n

    @Di Gi Kazune – But I can’t afford it :cry:

    @Captain Arepa – I know, right :cry:

    @Czero – Nay :mad:

    @Omisyth – Brace for pre emptive rectal penetration :twisted:

    @westrim – The only thing I find better about America than Australia right now is that the former hasn’t gone implementing some tough anti lolicon laws just yet. I hope…

    @wolfx – Just as the Gwai Lous here can’t tell me apart from an Eleven, I just lumped them in the same category :lol:

    @Crusader – Spending 2/3 of the month throttled to 64k is not fun :cry:

    @SinSnakeZ – You’ve seen the place for yourself man. I sleep on a bunkbed; The person below me is bound to take notice somehow :razz:

    @Kinny Riddle – The things you brought up just reminded me that I really need to practice being more tact :oops:

    @Hangmen – Boobs on my loli? D:

    @manga – I don’t know how much longer I’ll last without expunging semen!

    @Kairu Ishimaru – RAGE.

    @Baka-Raptor – I need material right in front of me. I do not possess the kind of imagination needed to keep an erection that long :swt:

    @issa-sa – Hello.

    @Setsuna-san – Interestingly, other than my roommate and landlord, the rest of the tenants are women. Pretty latino women in fact. Perhaps I’ll post a picture soon.

  19. There is a market for shotas… Wait… That’s for shotali.

  20. @Setsuna-san – I can vouch for the pretty latino women statement… :twisted:

    BTW my response to people taking notice… :idea: Well, that’s what sleeping pills are for… :lol:

  21. On the topic of disturbing preferences, I think Australia may not be a good place to have them anymore… A top secret blacklist of sites have been leaked onto the net and, I quote, “half of the sites on the list are not related to child porn and include a slew of online poker sites, YouTube links, regular gay and straight porn sites, Wikipedia entries, euthanasia sites, websites of fringe religions such as satanic sites, fetish sites, Christian sites, the website of a tour operator and even a Queensland dentist.” :shock: This would be an interesting topic to talk about…

    I wonder where does our “preferences” lie… :???:

    PS: here’s the link to the news

    Have fun…

  22. Havent set my foot into a striptease bar yet and probably wont.Seems like a waste of money to me….If someone else would invite me would be a whole different thing :roll:
    I didnt know that AUS has such crappy connection!

    So what kinda porn is your landlord downloading? ^^

    Blowfish’s last blog post..Gift Saber Outdoor Shoot

  23. Not hard to get in the damn toilet and let it all out :cool:

    oh and typically most western culture mindset are indeed more open minded. by that i think you can just exclude australia. i mean, they are the ones for jailing someone 20 years for having loli manga :roll:

    heck, ive been hanging out with many westerners (MMORPG, you get the idea) and even had 2 friends from US flew ALL the way to msia for a visit. guess what, even had another australian friend doing the same (but he was sorta having a family vacation, just that he joined us instead of full time with his family once he got to malaysia) and he was pretty kewl with otaku culture and all.

  24. @Blowfish – was wondering the same lol

    Quazacolt’s last blog post..TFM Gathering at Valho’s, my belated Birthday

  25. the novelty of seeing breasts in front
    of me wore out rather quickly. I guess
    3D has truly become pig disgusting for

    Actually, that’s pretty much the standard strip club experience I think.

    otou-san’s last blog post..Invasion of the Geeks from Akihabara

  26. He’s into Japanese porn mostly, so at least he has some tastes, even though I no longer have interest in real women.

    @otou-san – It all seems all so awesome at first to a virgin otaku like myself :cry:


    Annnnnd, my internet is TPG as well! Welcome to the club!

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