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My Blogger Harem

Hinano delighted many with her eroge, which featured a number of female anibloggers, including herself, mainly because it pandered to the perversions inquisitive minds of the community, but above all else, the idea of portraying the people behind their online handles in two dimensions was a novel one, taking into consideration the subject matter which these people took interest in. Every now and then, related fan designs are released by bloggers to service that interest, and today, I jump on that bandwagon because I have nothing else better to do.

Always on the lookout for nifty software, I chanced upon this anime character generator which gave artistically impaired people like me a chance to flesh out our ideas through a simple menu driven interface, where you're bound only by the limits of your imagination.... and sadly the number of presets as well. Nevertheless, it was sufficient for me, as I decided to take the opportunity to create my very own harem, consisting of, as the title suggests, female bloggers. At least I hope all of them are. Not that it matters.

Obviously, these designs are based on my own intuition as to how the person in question would look like in 2D, with me drawing ideas and inspiration from various sources, including, and not limited to, their blogging styles and perceived personalities.

Each of these characters are presented as according to their position on my blogroll, with everyone having an alternate costume for omake's sake(my tendency as a gamer in need of bonus material). I designed them so that they would look as believable as possible(as believable as 2D characters can be anyway)  which hopefully mirrors their real life counterparts in some ways. The alternate versions on the other hand, serves as more or less, fanservice material. Also, everyone comes with a short description as to how I came about designing them.

tl;dr My Blogger Harem!

CJ Blackwing - Borderline Hikkikomori

With Hinano's renai serving as a guide, this and couple of other designs were fairly simple to make, so I just had to retain as much as I can of the original look. No dear, of course I don't expect you to play volleyball in a skirt.

Caitlin -

I think I've seen a picture of Caitlin posted on her own blog many moons ago, though I could very well be wrong. In any case, Caitlin used to teach English in an elementary school in Japan, so that's how I wanted to portray her ― as a sensei. Added glasses and that shy look for some meganekko appeal. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Hoshi - Calamitous Intent

Hoshi's one of the more "unique" designs, so to speak, because I was unable to gather any useful data that would contribute to the final outcome, so I just modeled her after Mizunashi Akari of Aria, as per her About page.  (¯ロ¯) ~hahii

A Day Without Me - GAR GAR Stegosauras

I know almost nothing about A Day Without Me, but that sure didn't stop me from attempting to design her. This is ultimately how I imagined her, though I have no idea why.

biankita - hikkomori-chan

Again, due to insufficient data, I randomly strung together a character using the presets. Sorry. :swt:

Hynavian - Hynavian World

I had the pleasure of meeting Hyn in real life late last year when I went to Singapore. Sadly, we hardly spoke to one another, so I pretty much squandered my flag triggering opportunities :roll: Still, I think of her as a nice girl-next-door type of person, hence the end result.

issa-sa - Incredible Nothing

In my books, a gender unspecified person is as good as being female, and ever since the announcement of the all female round robin, I've decided to just go with the fact that issa-sa is indeed one. Her character outcome reflects this very notion of mine, so you have a tomboy who prefers to dress up as a male, but is feminine enough to look good in a dress as well.

Hinano - 見ないで! ひとり言

Hinano was my first..... design. :P With her 2D self representation as reference, this (self professed) Tsundere was fun to create, the latter being one of my favorite anime archetypes. Unfortunately unlike 2D Tsunderes, it's probably not possible to get Hinano dere-dere enough to put on that nekomimi seifuku combo. :oops: :swt:

koda - serious fucking business

Funny story: I remember there was this one thread in /a/ where Anons were posting photos of fansubbers, one of them apparently being koda..... Okay, so that sounds as ridiculous as it is, but hey, she's on my blogroll, so she qualifies. Design of both normal and omake versions inspired by the Shizuka of Princess Waltz. On an unrelated note, the latter is a rather nice game, which is basically Fate/Stay Night Lite with some card battle elements.

usagijen - The Scrumptious Anime Blog

Again, I resorted to using the renai as a guide when it came to usagijen. I don't know why I portrayed her as a pastry chef, though it's probably due to her blog's name and the way she presents her posts and its authors which carried that culinary connotation. :lol:

blissmo - Yukan Blog!

Went for that indifferent look due to her inactivity in the blogosphere, which also explains the pajamas. It's okay, we still love you, blissmo. :kiss:

kanzeon - [:mEtaNoRn:]

I wish I made banners as nice as hers! Bearing that sentiment in mind, I decided that kanzeon would be a flamboyant artist which a penchant for dressing up, inspired by her Anime's Next Top Model posts.

Natsuko(nyachan)- ちっぽけな世界なのに。。。

She was my favorite character in Hinano's game for specific reasons which I rather not disclose. Still can't wait for her to grow up!

Impz - THAT Animeblog

Come on, you didn't actually think I would end this post without mentioning the best of the lot, did you? Sorry ladies, but I love me trap more than anyone else. I fulfilled my lifelong (wet)dream of rubbing shoulders with the one and only last year and wished I had rubbed a lot more.... Enthralled by his black, frilly dress and emerald green locks I was overwhelmed with a beastly urge to violate Impz right on the spot, but was held back, since it would have been better to win him over instead for future tender lovings. Not pictured here is the bulge around nether regions that one would come to expect.

Well, that sure was fun and disturbing, since I'm tying real people to my 2D fantasies :roll: If you think you would like to give it a shot, please do so! It also doubles of a mascot creation tool for the enterprising. Thanks to the Anon who made the effort to translate some of the descriptions and the developer for releasing it as freeware.

Imouto of the season?

  • Tachibana Miya (44%, 90 Votes)
  • Kousaka Kirino (32%, 65 Votes)
  • Kasugano Sora (24%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 206

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Posted by Shin

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  1. Hahahaha nice xDDDD :lol:
    I like cats and all, but the whole catgirl thing just doesn’t work for me.
    Also you are not the first one who wanted me to wear nekomimi :mad:

    Hinano’s last blog post..Clannad After Story 16

  2. :eek: :eek: :mrgreen:
    Kanzeon gets the thumbs up because of slightly angled hat win.

    Omisyth’s last blog post..Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou 2: Ahh, The Springtime Of Youth.

  3. Nekomimi!

    Yes Impz gets the vote if only because he can. I just rofl’ed at that one.

    Panther’s last blog post..Whispered Shoujo – Chidori Kaname

  4. Nekomimi…. Hinano… Too cute… Diabeetus level 100000…. IMPENDING IMPLOSION!

  5. Damn, I was sold with the lo…the blond {with glasses}, so why you had to throw a trap in there WHO LOOKS CUTER THAN THE REST OF THEM!!! >_<

    But still, vote goes to the lo…the blond {with glasses}! ;)

    53RG10’s last blog post..[Random] Naked Apron Fanservice

  6. Pretty neat program! I like the explanations for why everyone looks the way they do. How come no trap Shin image?

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..White Album 02

  7. Wow they’re all so cute!
    My first outfit is so cute!!! …and I look absolutely cool on the second one!!! They’re so awesome :smile:
    I miss my long hair though, since I had it cut a while back T_T.

    kanzeon’s last blog post..Persona 4: Ch 1-2 – We are living our lives~~~

  8. This is an interesting (and probably disturbing) concept.

    But then again, Impz all the way, baby. :roll:

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Fandom is doomed

  9. Is it wrong for me to be keen on trying my own route T_T?

  10. Where the hell am I? I’m going to become a trap soon enough!

  11. I fell over LOLing at your “squandered my flag triggering opportunities” for Hynavian. Dude, I’ve known her for almost seven years, and I’m still trying to figure out what triggers her flags. :p

    Ascaloth’s last blog post..[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 15

  12. Whoa, Hinano’s VN was an eroge? Guess I didn’t finish 100% then. Let me get my tissues …

    Sorry, someone had to catch you on that use of terminology. :D Don’t worry about correcting it, it’s funnier this way.

    And that character-generating program is pretty cool. Thanks for the link.

    CCY’s last blog post..Speculating on the Spectacle of the Bespectacled Girl

  13. Being the egocentric bastard that I am I wonder: Where is my character? Make it a trap if it has to be but for all that is holy make it :)

    Nice and well done characters.

    Where is the true ending route with all of them? I want to try that one :p

    manga’s last blog post..First Impressions: Ar Tonelico 2 – Melody of Metafalica

  14. Oh those are very cute representations of me. Special thanks for the cute kimono and cute girl-next-door outfit. :grin:
    For this round, my vote goes to Impz and Impz alone. :eek:

    What? It has already been 7 years? :roll:

    Hynavian’s last blog post..Perceptions of Tattoo in Real Life Vs in Anime & Manga

  15. Ahh I’m a megane Rin cosplayer. :lol:

  16. Hynavian is cute, but I think I’d still go for NyaChan, probably thanks to her awesome Natsuko route. It isn’t pedo as long as I’m under 18 :3

    ETERNAL’s last blog post..Maria†Holic OP – Of Yuri, Sadistic Traps, and a whole lot of paint

  17. It would have been better if you had genderswapped all the male bloggers! I know it’s futile to ask, but why are all the girls loli?

    Also, I am obligated to vote Day to stay on her good side. H-scenes, here I come!

    Yamcha’s last blog post..Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 03 – Leopard’s Fabulous Gold Balls

  18. you actually got me done pretty well. but… why do i look so evil and scheming on the second image??? – lol i love it! :roll: :roll:

    biankita’s last blog post..I can’t think of a title for this. It’s just something random anyway.

  19. Hi, i’m writing this to ask permission to use this images in a Ragnarok server :razz:

  20. LOL I still do teach at the elementary and JHS levels…at least for another week. I look more like the image on the left, actually, except I wear pants. Little kids and skirts are a huge kancho invitation. T-T Thanks for adding me and giving me the evil look but I have to vote for Impz. Just cause. :P

  21. @Hynavian,

    Lessee…..1 year in JC, 2 years while I was in the army, and 2 years so far in uni….okay, maybe more like 5 or 6 years, but still.

    Oh and Shin, if there’s anything I’ve learned about Hynavian from knowing her for 5-6 years, it’s that she doesn’t do dresses. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. :roll:

    I wonder if Hinano WOULD dress up in nekomimi meido/seifuku for THAT one guy, though. :lol:

    And Shin, you’ve pretty much captured the look that I imagined Koda to have. :cool:

    Ascaloth’s last blog post..[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 15

  22. Even before I scrolled down to see the name of the last girl, I knew it was a trap. The bulge explains a lot.

    This is really quite done well. I love thee!

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Are-Are: The Hiatus

  23. I voted for usagijen because I need a kitchen slave for the Super Bowl. Besides I’d never have to tell her to go back to the kitchen. :roll:

  24. Can i has them all? Yes, i am a greedy bastard. :grin:

    But if i could only pick one i guess i would go for Caitlin. Love the sophisticated meganekko look. :roll:

  25. Impz gets my vote. \o/

    Crap, it appears I’m following the majority opinion.

    TheFuzzy’s last blog post..Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Twins Tamiya Mini-Itasha Open for Reservation

  26. Is it just me or is my character even more of a [reverse] trap than issa? :P

    And of course, Impz reigns as the most FABULOUS of all XD

    usagijen’s last blog post..[White Album] MANLY by Proxy, and Prediction of Things to Come

  27. by the way, why are there people who voted for me??? what a waste of your democratic right… give them to IMPZ!!!

    biankita’s last blog post..I can’t think of a title for this. It’s just something random anyway.

  28. If I had that much cleavage in real life, I’d be terribly, terribly amused.

    I’m wondering if “This is ultimately how I imagined her, though I have no idea why.” should concern me based on the second picture. Haha, oh well.

    This calls for me getting my own harem.

    A Day Without Me’s last blog post..Third Person Orientalism in Kuroshitsuji

  29. Gotta vote for Impz… everyone else is cute too but…

    TJ’s last blog post..Tenjou Tenge 121

  30. No harem is complete without Impz eh?

    The Sojourner’s last blog post..Saotome Taichi

  31. I dare you to make a kurogane one….. :roll:

  32. Impz gets my vote…because it’s Impz!

    ‘Nuff said (and I’m a sucker for green-haired pigtails)!

    jusuchin85’s last blog post..10 Best Anime Wallpapers – Week 3, 2009

  33. Do one for townberry, LOL.

  34. So does that make biankita and A Day without me moeblobs?

    That aside, lulz were had :roll:

    C.I.’s last blog post..AnimeSuki’s ‘08 Choice Awards

  35. LOL LOOKIT ME IN MY FREAKING…. wait, are they called ‘jumpers’ still? :roll:

    also, why am I the first one listed? :grin: I FEEL SPECIAL.

    CJ’s last blog post..Maria Holic episode 4

  36. @CJ: its called bloomers

    963’s last blog post..“Others”

  37. You seem to have forgotten me. I must be the hidden shy girl that opens up when you finish the heroine and the some other secondary girl.

  38. @Hinano – You hear that? That’s the sound of the dreams of fans wanting to see you in that getup shattering. :oops:

    @Baka-Raptor – After that fling with Raptor-ko, she never called me anymore, so out of spite, I excluded her. :evil:

    @Omisyth – Yeah, I like the mafia hat too. :cool:

    @Panther – One could say that this post had Impz in mind right from the start…. :twisted:

    @Di Gi Kazune – Yet another felled by the power of moe. :lol:

    @53RG10 – You have such a strong will. I really did expect Impz to get your vote too. :lol:

    @Kabitzin – There’s only one room for a trap, and I decided to give it to the best one. :oops:

    @kanzeon – So that makes my designs inaccurate? :(

    @TheBigN – Disturbing? More like enticing! :lol:

    @Impz – As do virtually everyone. :twisted:

    @IcyStorm – But can you beat Impz? :razz:

    @CCY – Ah ha, but it was intentional…. :twisted: Hope you found use for the program!

    @manga – I’m replying from the bottom down, and the more I do so, the more I’m tempted to make a guy’s version…

    @Hynavian – Glad you liked it. :oops:

    @miasmacloud – Rin is inferior to you. :oops:

    @ETERNAL – Holy shit, you’re shota!?

    @Yamcha – That’s actually a novel idea, but Impz will only win the poll again if I did. :lol:

    @Hsilamot – While I would rather you use the program instead, by all means. :lol:

    @Caitlin – Oh dear, guess I was misinformed. There are sadly no option for pants in this program. Slanted eyes are moe, not evil :oops:

    @Ascaloth – So many years already? Does that make you my rival then? :mad: Oh snap, no dresses? Well, judging from Hinano’s reply, it could be. :twisted: Haha, thanks. Then again, I had a “photo” to work with too, so eh. :razz:

    @Rakuen – Your foresight is commendable!

    @Crusader – By proxy, any girl you pick would probably eventually cook for you. With nothing but an apron. :twisted:

    @Jeka – Yet another fanboy. :oops:

    @Setsuna-san – Funny, I thought you’d go for Hoshi, but Caitlin’s nice too. :lol:

    @TheFuzzy – As with everyone.

    @usagijen – I guess it’s because of the clothes. Most of them have the characters wearing it look flat, and with your short hair…. :lol:

    @biankita – Well, I made every girl(and one trap) to each have their own sets of appeal, and I’m glad you like yours. Those are originally Tsun-Tsun eyes, though I don’t feel they look evil at all. :lol:

    @A Day Without Me – I wanted to go for a bunny suit, but the DFC version wasn’t nice to look at, and coming from me, it means a lot. :lol:

    @TJ – It’s okay, I made this poll knowing Impz would win. :oops:

    @The Sojourner – Obligatory.

    @wolfx – No orange checkered shirt/dress option. :roll:

    @jusuchin85 – As do I. :oops:

    @Kurogane – I would then owe j1m0ne one too. :/

    @C.I. – Why yes, yes they would be.

    @CJ – Yes, those are indeed jumpers. :razz: You’re first because of your spot on the blogroll. :razz:

    @Koji Oe – Maybe in the omake disc. :lol:

  39. Impz wins. Hands down.

    Netto’s last blog post..Clannad ~After Story~ — Episode 16!

  40. Wht th- I finally get access to the internet and find myself in a gakuran -_-” (Though I have always wanted to try one…)

    issa-sa’s last blog post..NANA MIZUKI LIVE FEVER 2009 (Nagoya)

  41. @Shin: Yeah, great. Oh by the way, I tried 2D Custom Girl 2 days ago and I’m still playing with it. Where did you get more clothes? I was trying to find seifukus like that in Haruhi.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..Oh Hell No: Haruhi Season 2

  42. Gar! Kanzeon belongs to MY HAREM! LOLz…

    7’s last blog post..Gundam 00 S2 – Episode 17: Bigass shooting gallery

  43. I´d love to see a male version of this topic actually. Don´t know how many more agree with me though.

    manga’s last blog post..A Challange? I accept

  44. hahaha, verrryyy cuuute!! though the only thing right about me in the picture is that i have black hair :D

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