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CF08: Sheryl Omake


While i am not a Sheryl fanatic I do believe that skye's cosplay is good enough to warrant a post of its own and the fact she won the cosplay competition and performed a few songs of Sheryl's songs on stage is a testament to her ability. More photos right after the fold.


We in Malaysia could not possibly afford to bring in May'N so we had Sheryl herself come instead. 


And for those of you who are wondering, yes i did cry when she sang Diamond Crevasse. But then again i cry every time i hear that song (almost every time).  

A few of skye's moves on stage reminded me of May'N's performance in Singapore. Being in the Diamond VIP seat must have helped her learn a few tricks from May'N. 

The Lion duet/group karaoke finale.


2 Sheryls, a Ranka, a Ranshe, and another someone whom i have absolutely no clue as to her identity. Yeap, it was a great day indeed.


For more photos of the cosplayers and like please visit my album.

If you see yourselves in any of the photos and would like to have the high res versions of them please do contact me at myredknight [at] hotmail [dot] com.  [COSPLAYERS ONLY]

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  1. Who cares about their looks!!

    Give me links to their performances :p the voice is everything, looks is nothing when we´re talking singers.

    Yeah, I´m joking. But I do think that in the artist and idol thingy is to focused on looks and not on ability.

    This Sheryl did look good and from the looks of it, she can sing as well. But that is up to proof, I´m a very strict reviewer.

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  2. :lol: That “I’m Ranka’s Mum” sign is great.

  3. No offense but has anyone told her about the miracles of weight watchers? :roll:
    Hinano’s last blog post..Kannagi – 13 (Finale)

  4. Armpit-fail x.x

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  5. @Hinano

    Oh no you le didn’t :P

  6. Also, Ranka never actually sung. She was dubbed by that yukata lady. :evil:

  7. Did I mention I saw something I shouldn’t when she suddenly came to the stage lips where I was sitting taking pictars. Needless to say I was left bloody nosed and stunned

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