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Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden Of Sinners Chapter Four

More Type-Moon public service message shenanigans! It addresses yet another annoyance cinema patrons tend to face; The slurping and munching sounds from sodas and snacks. Oddly enough, Shiki goes not after the perpetrators, but rather the physical embodiment of the sound itself. If you have to ask what that means, just know that if it exists, Shiki can erase it. :eek:


Shiki survives the car accident which left her gravely wounded, leaving her in a state of comatose for nearly two years. Despite nearly losing his own life at the hands of the latter, Kokutou dutifully visits her frequently for that duration, until Shiki one day miraculously regains consciousness.


Ryougi Shiki

Waking up from a long and terrible nightmare to once again join the living, Shiki does not immediately realize that her other self has died as she struggles to adjust to the void left by it. Adding to Shiki's chagrin is a mysterious alteration to her vision that juxtaposes multicolored shapes on both living and inanimate objects. Under Touko's guidance, Shiki must come to terms with herself and embrace her newfound gift.

Aozaki Touko

As a "new" character, Touko introduces herself to both Kokutou and Shiki as a congenial and upbeat professional which belies her more serious persona as a Magus. As the only person who is aware of the nature of Shiki's fearsome power, Touko's daily conversations with the latter reveal that having a profoundly close encounter with Death itself for the past two years has led to Shiki attaining an innate comprehension of its very concept, being able to interact with it as well.

Mikiya Kokutou

Taking a backseat this time around, Kokutou feels zero animosity towards Shiki despite her past aggressions towards him prior to the accident. His devotion towards her earned him a nickname from the nurses at the hospital where Shiki was being admitted as the forlorn "puppy" as he would drop by every now to check up on her, bearing flowers. Kokutou's only wish is for her well being and that she would still remember him.


Well, talk about dying a little inside. I've always thought what Shiki was experiencing was just a mere split personality disorder but this chapter left me a little confused as to the complexity behind her condition, since Touko claims they're one of the same and exist simulataneously on the same plane taking the same action, yet having their own individual experiences. Now that SHIKI is gone, this probably explains why Shiki doesn't remember Kokutou at first nor regarding the homicides that took place. I initially assumed this was similar to Tsukihime, but I guess I was wrong. Since we're on the subject, it's interesting to note that Touko herself has another side to her as well, though whether this is a part of a facade, I don't know, although she does explicitly tell Shiki about it, not to mention it being evident when Touko does not have her glasses on. Overall, a nice conclusion to chapter 2, and it sort of chills me down to the spine knowing that despite her ordeal, Shiki's bloodlust had never once subsided, as she agrees to work under Touko with that one morbid condition of allowing her to kill at will. Touko on the other hand didn't do much to impress, as her powers seem relatively weak compared to Aoko's, though I might be missing something here. Either way, I guess the story really starts in the next chapter, with the introduction of a certain Araya Souren who's been approaching at least two of Shiki's nemesis, probably instigating them or something to that effect. Pretty sure he's the true villain here, and the fact I spoiled myself ahead of time finding out that he Show ▼

simply makes me want the next installment even more badly.

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  1. Hmmm…. I kinda think that Shiki and SHIKI were something more like two souls sharing a body…

    beanbrew’s last blog post..Animation to Watch For

  2. she cuts sound waves nao? www :lol:
    also.. is that Makoto Shishio? :shock:

  3. I think Shiki’s bloodlust is sexy instead of chilling. -laughs- I agree with beanbrew..Touko mentioned something about composite dual personality, wasn’t it?

    I think it could be more a case of multiple personality (or Dissociative Identity Disorder) rather than split personality (“The term “split personality,” denoting schizophrenia, refers to an unrelated disorder in which the split (separation) is between thought and feeling.” –> but some people defined it as another way of saying MPD, so they stopped using it after a while cos they might have gotten confused. XD). ._. The very fact they are ‘split’ allows for different experiences — and this is often a coping mechanism. Or so the two books I’d read about the topic said…

    jenn’s last blog post..Kara no Kyoukai 4 – Awakening

  4. Oh cock… now i need to update as well.

    Long haired Shiki = moe
    Short-haired Shiki = tsundere

    Think so?

    Aoshi’s last blog post..ComicFiesta2008 Commercial

  5. There’s something about the charm of Kara no Kyoukai (TYPE-Moon’s style, more specifically): despite being a movie which is dialogue driven, with 30+ min spent on talking rather than action, this movie got me glued on the screen.
    The scene where she fought was just so elegant.

  6. Okie, thanks for the reminder Shin, I’m gonna catch it.
    And the photo shot of Shiki (is it Shiki?) on the chair looks sexy yet dangerous. Stunning. :eek:
    Hynavian’s last blog post..Otaku-ism is Only A Phase in Life But How Long Will Yours Be?

  7. Dude, I’ll be watching chapter 5 just for Jouji Nakata’s voice alone. :P

    TheBigN’s last blog post..Unfulfilled Expectations or a Drastic My Anime Blog 2008 Primer

  8. Hynavian: That’s a doll made by Touko.

    Shin: I don’t know if it’s in the movies or not, but in one of the earlier chapters of Kara no Kyoukai (before chapter 4, at least), Touko gives some business cards to either Shiki or Kokutou (can’t remember which) and, I think, says that they were made by Araya Souren, one of her associates.

    So…unless your spoiler was more specific than that, it wasn’t really a spoiler after all at this point.

  9. …Er, wait, they weren’t business cards. They were some other type of cards (security cards, maybe? I don’t quite remember).

  10. @hoshi

    Watch it.

    @beanbrew, jenn

    It makes more sense now I guess, since I always thought it was a Jekyll/Hyde kind of thing, where one wouldn’t be aware of the other’s actions and experiences.


    What can’t she cut?


    Sounds about right.


    I still preferred Movie 1′s fight scene; Somehow, fighting a mindless zombie didn’t really impress, though I like how she cut those lines with only her finger(subsequently breaking it too)


    What Cat Megex said. :lol: Though I wonder if there’s more to it than just the resemblance?


    Is he anyway as cool as Kotomine? :P

    @Cat Megex

    Ah, didn’t know that. Just dug up that bit on Araya on the Type Moon wiki, and I even heard rumors of Touko and Araya Show ▼

  11. @Shin
    yeah, the fight in Movie 1 is definitely the best so far :)

  12. Well, overall, good movie, though I think it could be better in terms of content and context.
    The novel itself did this much better, so I suggest giving that a read.

    On another note, Shin, the explaination for Touko’s ‘uselessness’, really, is that she can’t use magic.
    This was twisted in Kara no Kyoukai, as seen in her different appearance of the red hair, and it is displayed in a manner that makes us think she can use magic.
    Though…quite frankly, it’s impossible, because she has no Circuits.
    ANYWHO, boring crap out of the way:
    Touko can’t use magic.

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