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The Site

As you might have noticed from visiting the blog in the last couple of days, I finally took the initiative, got down on my ass and upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. And by latest, I really mean 2.6.5, since the entire process was all handled by my server hosts. Yes, because I screwed up the last three attempts, I managed to solve my upgrade woes by asking the most obvious bunch of people. That said, the Comvatars plugin is still messed up, and I've taken it off until I find a fix for it, so you'll have to make do with Gravatars for the time being. I miss my nagitsurupettan.gif already... Also, thanks to otou-san and Kabitzin for guiding me through with the process, putting up with my incessant queries and whatnot. Still not too used to the new dashboard, considering I've been on 2.3.3 the whole time until only recently, but I think I'll manage just in time before I ask my hosts to upgrade again to 2.7.

Because the site is currently running on a much newer platform, I've decided to add certain functionalities, such as the very convenient Quicktags, which allows you to format your text with the click of a button, along with a spoiler tag. Also, added the sweet Shadowbox plugin which enlarges thumbnails seamlessly without having the user to navigate away, similiar to the one you see on Sankaku Complex. Retouched the Useless Info page a little bit since Setsuna's officially on board, though I'm not quite done with the descriptions, with changes done to the Contact page as well.

All I need now is a decent image uploader plugin thingamajig to handle all my screenshots, since I find the new one a little too slow for my tastes. Suggestions anyone?

Real Life Stuff

Bought a new notebook during the Malaysian PC Fair last Sunday, and I'm quite happy with it so far, though this series apparently tends to randomly freeze, which can be annoying, though it's only happened once so far. I expect this to be a recurring issue and there still isn't a real fix to it, with Asus not providing a real solution, and ignoring most of the posts at their support forums. :oops: Well, I'm putting this machine through strenuous tests and would probably head over to their service centre in town if any major failures occur, but for now, it's running just fine, but I tend to speak too soon, so yeah. :roll: Well, other than that, it's pretty good laptop for its price.

Pre-occupied with an arubaito of sorts, to pay off the laptop and for allowance, since I'm no longer funded by my old folks since there aren't any classes, so I can't slack as much I would like to :( Either way, it's a relatively easy job that allows me to sit at the computer for most of the day, so it evens out.

It gets a little less mundane over the weekend since there will be the annual Comic Fiesta, which, for the uninitiated, is a small scale Comiket(or at least that was its original intention) but is rather big deal for us Malaysians, not to mention the fact they're going all out this year, judging from the event location. For cosplay, they've always had the biggest turnout among all the local events as well, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Expect a half decent convention coverage yet again, and as usual, with pretty pictures to boot.

I leave you now with this awesome Kannagi scan turned wallpaper cleaned by hoshi. Laters.

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  1. All I need now is a decent image uploader plugin thingamajig to handle all my screenshots, since I find the new one a little too slow for my tastes. Suggestions anyone?

    I normally just bulk upload via FTP :/

    ps. I miss my shana-tan gif :(

    Cokematic’s last blog post..Twelve Moments in Anime 2008 – #12 : Hidamari Sketch x365 11

  2. Wow fancy pants comments box :wink:
    Freezing laptops! Sounds like my piece of shit sitting in the closet :lol:
    Once I get my mini netbook (hate big notebook yuck) I dunno if I’ll use the old thing as a paperweight or attempt to sell it some suckah on Ebay. :cool:
    Hinano’s last blog post..kurokami on imaginasian, and how cable tv works

  3. Foshizzles. I refuse to update to 2.7. Afraid of it borking my plugins too, and I have Comvatars.

    Panther’s last blog post..Ano Sora wo, Ike~!

  4. BTW, you should code your spoiler quicktag to use BRACKETspoilerBRACKET instead of the less-than, greater-than signs. The reason is that non-admin users will not be allowed to use this tag without you modifying core files (ks.php) and this is a PITA.

    Kabitzin’s last blog post..Michiko to Hatchin 08

  5. haha wut, 2.3 WP? Kinda funny that you finally got to upgrade ur site to 2.6.5, 2.7 is out. my site is still 2.6.5 and im lazy to upgrade T_T
    you know, standard backing up and all… and the previous upgrades were done by my friend so im STILL kinda clueless XD

    anyways for image uploader, i believe WP has a default uploader thingy? or thats my plugin. i basically got an auto gallery thingy plugin, perfect for lazy busy people like me XD

    Quazacolt’s last blog post..Comic Fiesta 2008 Updates

  6. Ooh new stuff – looks nice :wink:

    Thanks for the Kannagi scan/wallpaper thingy – tis now gracing my desktop :smile:

  7. Download WPAU and upgrade yourself :) I never wait for my host, they’re way too slow….

    Tom Smith’s last blog post..Coco Bidet – 6035R

  8. Unfortunately, I just use FTP/SCP to upload my images so I can’t help you on that. I’ve hated WordPress’ image uploader because it generates multiples of images I don’t use, eating up space.

  9. lol, you “finally” decided to upgrade

    It’s not fair that there’s so many conventions where ever you are. Over here … it’s, like, empty.

    blissmo’s last blog post..Skip Beat! 06-10: Dead Man Walking

  10. it all looks great and thanks for the wallpaper :wink:

  11. @blissmo:
    not to hate, but Australia is a country that sends people to jail for loving 2D lolis. In animu world, thats complete sacrilege.

    btw you can check out Malaysia’s CF2008 as well, and AFAIK aus trip to msia isnt too expensive :P :P

    Quazacolt’s last blog post..Comic Fiesta 2008 Updates

  12. Bah I can’t update my wordpress. The last time I did, I had problem with the new 3 cookies thingy. I had to login again after closing my browser, even though the cookies were supposed to be stored.

    double’s last blog post..Anime Goods In Fukuoka

  13. Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your version! You have no idea how frustrated I was when my upgrades failed previously and my blog went offline. Upgrade to WP 2.7 and you’ll get an awesome interface. For me, all my plugins are working but I don’t use Comvatar so you shouldn’t take my word for it. Do a plugin check before upgrading. Everything’s looking great for your blog so far. (:

    Hynavian’s last blog post..My Insignificant Suggestions That Won’t Make A Difference in the Anime Industry

  14. Well. I don´t know what plugins you´re using, but check by the and see how many of them are compatible with 2.7.

    It never hurts to have the latest stuff installed. I´ve installed it on my blog and it feels and works great.

    For images, I upload em all by ftp. It´s easier that way instead of having to get everything thrown into the “wp-content/uploads/” folder. I want it a bit more organized.

    Otherwise, congrats to the new notebook. Hope it´ll serve you well.

    manga’s last blog post..Christmas Time

  15. Glad you guys found use for the wallpaper. And yeah, I’m now just uploading images through the FTP method, though I want some sort of gallery option so I can just drag and drop or something. :razz:


    Duly noted!

  16. Loving the update.
    I can change my avatar now :wink:

    Our blog has been updated to 2.7 recently, and I’m still trying to get used to it.
    Kind of different.

    Oh yea, and thx for teh wallpaper :thx:
    Setsukyie’s last blog post..The Banzai! Effect Updates Part I- Sub domain hosting, Looking for writers, etc

  17. Goddamn, my WordPress is still stuck at 2.3.3. I feel like upgrading, but probably not up to 2.6, cuz’ my favourite Cutline theme that I’m using now isn’t supported. I’m too nervous to make any upgrades though. My larger-than-life social outcast status depends on my blog’s existence. ;_;

    Hangmen’s last blog post..RETIREMENT FOR LIFE

  18. Hangdude>> Go straight to 2.7, find yourself another theme. DASVIDALNYA, COMRADE!

    Cocks… i am not hax at editing my CSS though i’ve already got the training for it.

    Aoshi’s last blog post..ComicFiesta2008 Commercial

  19. oo, new interface~ :roll: :wink:

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