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HK CityU AkiFest 2008 Cosplays – Shana


Well, this doujin market took place back in early October, but I was too lazy to bother writing a post.

In terms of scale, it was much smaller than the one I went to earlier, so there wasn't actually much interesting doujin which I haven't already seen in the other one. Besides, I came mainly to take photos of the cosplayers. (Not to mention I tried to find a website for this event, but it's already taken down. )

In Setsuna's last post concerning AFA08, seeing that so-called "Shana cosplayer" photo Setsuna took the pain to take, I just have to put up my own collection of another Shana cosplayer, whom I believe to be much, much better, no disrespect intended to that guy (or was it girl?).

So here you go. (If you happen to know this Shana or are indeed this Shana, and wish to be credited or taken down or whatever, please contact either Shin or me ASAP and we'll do it right away, or you could leave a comment about how my photography skills sucks. :lol: )


Isn't she adorable munching her melon pan?



This Shana tried to draw her Nietono no Shana out from her woolen sheath, but somehow she couldn't get it out. So she had to do some more poses while her Tsubasa cosplaying buddies sitting by the side (especially Fye) painstakingly undo the nods for her.



Finally, we have the blade.








Well, I guess that's it for now. I mostly took her and the Last Emperor of a certain Britannian Empire. So stay tuned for some juicy Suzaku x Lelouche cosplay action, or maybe not.  :cool:

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  1. nice shots… Hong Kong needs more cosplayers :)

    (oh and the first photo with Shana and her sword… her arm looks… strange)

    Cokematic’s last blog post..Nendoroids have invaded my apartment

  2. That flaming red hair is a little unsettling…

    I hope you’ve asked Shana the save-the-world-important question: where do you get Meron pan in HK!?

    Teeif’s last blog post..Vampire Knight G1: Vellcome Bakku

  3. If you have Suzaku x Lelouch cosplay action, I will view and re-view that post sixty times.

    A Day Without Me’s last blog post..If Captain Ahab were an anime character…

  4. This Shana>>>>>MANSHANA :wink:
    I want my LuluxSuzu PLS!

  5. All she needs is a talking Alastor… but melon pan makes up for it. :smile:
    FFVIIKnight’s last blog post..History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – Chapter 188 (extra)

  6. Too old for me.

    Also, thirding Lulu x Suzu. :thx:

  7. Looks good but I don’t watch Shana so can’t really appreciate it. And yea, setsuna-san took a picture of malay Man-shana.

    P.S. Nakajima Megumi has a sweet voice but I guess Macross Frontier really wanted to market May’N with her powerful vocals in the first voice. Next year duet Lion? Aha…one can hope.

    Loba’s last blog post..Anime Festival Asia May’N Concert in Singapore

  8. Teeif, I don’t need to ask, they sell melon-pan in every bakery you find in Hong Kong, or Japan and East Asia, for that matter, though they call it pineapple bun here. You can try your luck in your local Chinatown bakery if you seek to find one.

    The Japanese ones are larger in size with clearer lines and doesn’t flake easily, so I reckon this Shana must have bought hers from a Japanese department store.

  9. Ehh! SuzakuXLulu action!? I’m fourthing that! :oops: (is fourthing even a word? :???: )

    Mini’s last blog post..Going to jump on the figma bandwagon soon

  10. We need real loli to cosplay as shana. This one is too mature for her, and her flame hair look…weird.

    Silent Minstrel’s last blog post..这本轻小说真厉害!2009年结果揭晓

  11. It would be cuter if the cosplayer was smaller. Small like Shana. :evil:
    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Yoroshiku! Turns 3-month-old!

  12. You’ll need a real loli to do that job.

    Rakuen’s last blog post..About Damn Time. Ef – A Tale of Melodies Episodes 4 to 6

  13. A bit tall to be Shana

  14. But a bit short for a stormtrooper

  15. And the wrong gender to be her brother.

  16. Aw you guys are too picky XD She can’t help how tall or old she is, even though I don’t think she seems very tall or old O.o
    I think her cosplay is great :grin:

  17. I agree with silent minstrel.
    No offense, however the cosplayer seems to be too old for her role as shana.
    It would be better if the cosplayer was somehow younger and cuter.
    the red hair also seems to be weird.
    but generally it’s okay :neutral:

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